boys' talk

i was with someone yesterday and messages were coming in through his phone.  he didn't want to bother with them so, with his go signal, i was the one who read the messages  ->  aloud so he could hear.

guess what, one of the messages went, 'andyan na chix mo?'
(is your chix already there?)

what the...???!!!  i'm the chick being referred to here!
(clarification, not other woman, ok.  the guy is single, not married.)

i went into mean-girl-mode and, amidst the intended recipient's objections, replied with, 'oo.  nakapulupot.'
(yup.  arms around me.)

the succeeding exchange sent me into bursts of laughter.  the texter's language was direct and, uhm, for-the-boys.

i pretended to ask for tips on how i could get ahead.  (ahahaha...  pun not intended...  ; p )

the guy at the other end, thinking he was exchanging messages with his cousin, spouted advice that was a combination analytical and raunchy...  my, my, my...  actually, i'd say the advice was sound.  the guy is a pro!  : O

my companion was at times laughing, most of the time cringing in embarrassment.

he earlier wanted to introduce me to this cousin of his.  now i'm the one looking forward to the meeting.  i'd like to see the guy's reaction when he finds out the chix he was strategizing about was the one actually exchanging messages with him.  hah!  \m/