so good

i love kfc krushers, specifically rockin' road (rocky road on the receipt but in the posters it's rocky road).  i must say it's not consistent though.  sometimes it's really good, as in so chocolatey yummy.  other times, it's too watery. (standardize your prep, please, kfc.)

discounts, too, i love.

now they're together.  kfc has a Snacks Rollback promo 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.  they're rolling back the price of certain items, the krushers, from P69 to P49.  every chance i get i've been dropping by kfc to avail myself of the discounted krushers.  P20 and i am overjoyed.  wahaha...  so shallow...  ;"p

last time though, i ordered krushers handing the cashier P50.  was i surprised when i got my krushers, it was small!  ' turns out it was still several minutes shy of 2:00 p.m. so 'twas the P49 mini krushers instead of the P69 krushers classic i got for P49.  awww!!!  i was crushed...  toinks!!!  ; p

today, however, was a rollercoaster ride.  i thought it was already close to 6:00 p.m. and the two ladies in front of me on the queue were taking forever to order.  they were already in front of the cashier and they were still thinking about and discussing what to order.  you'd hear them go for this item and then change their mind and consider something else.  what if we get this?  how 'bout that instead?  no, maybe this one.  no, the other one.  they were going on and on oblivious to the fact that they were holding the line...  :'(

there i was behind them and i was fidgety thinking if they take much longer i will overshoot the promo window, huhuhu.  finally they completed their order.  whew!  i asked the crew whether 'twas still promo time.  it was a yes.  yessss!!!  i was overjoyed, hahaha...

i had my krushers and i had my discount.  i was doubly happy...  i am immensely thankful...  so good...  yea!!!  : D

center of my universe

cousin's friend telling me that they've been seeing me since they were young...

me:  'oh?  how come i didn't see you?  i came to know you only as adults...'

cousin's friend:  'you were preoccupied with your boyfriend...'



watched 'shrek, the musical' (i loved the movie!  and now the play, too   <3 <3 <3 )...

"beautiful ain't always pretty..."

and the other way around...



dad:  'you and <sister> eat now...  mom and i are full...'

me:  'later...  she's still watching 'true love'...'

sister:  ''pure love'!'

oh...  hehe...  close...  ; )


guy asking for my number...

i declined by mailing back from my phone...

when i clicked send, gmail attached my default signature which had not just one but two of my numbers...  aaarrrggghhhh!!!  :O

domino effect

parallel street parking...  the car in front of the sole remaining slot i was going to take was protruding through the dividing line...

me to friend:  'why did he occupy that space?  so inconsiderate...'

i'm not good at parallel parking and having a smaller space in which to fit my car definitely didn't make it any easier for me...

ok...  forward, angle, back up, forward, reverse, forward, reverse, whew!  : }

we got off the car...  then i saw that the car in front of the car in front of mine (hehe...  that's right) was also occupying part of the slot for the car behind it...

me:  'oh...  so that's why that car was too far back...'

walking some more, we saw that the car in front of the previous also occupied part of the space supposedly for the car behind it...  it went on down the line up to the very first car in the row...  yup, a long line of cars, all of them except for the last two (the second to the last was mine, ehem!) were parked beyond the dividing line!

and you know why the first one went beyond its space?  someone put this movable hip-high post on the front end of the first slot (to indicate that the slot is reserved?)...  you could

1.  move that thing for your car to fit in the slot

2.  park behind it and occupy part of another slot

3.  skip the slot and park on the next (assuming it's free)

the first driver chose the second...

one man's choice but it had an effect on the rest of us...

ripple effect

i was at the bank this afternoon.  i made an appointment through the web for 1:30 to 2:00 p.m.  normally, the queue numbers would just be displayed onscreen.  for some reason, however, this time they were displaying one set on the monitor for teller 1 and calling out another set for teller 2.

they've displayed and called out so many numbers already but mine was not among them.  i asked the lady beside me what time it was.  she said 2:00 p.m.  hmmm...  if it was already 2:00 p.m. and my appointment ends at 2:00, i don't think they'd still be calling my number.

i therefore went to the kiosk and made another appointment for 2:00 to 2:30 p.m.  ok.  i waited and waited and waited.  again, they were displaying and calling out queue numbers and again mine was not among them.  hmmm...  i was a developer and an administrator before.  i'm thinking if my appointment is between 2:00 and 2:30, the system would display that in the queue as soon as or not long after the system time hits the appointed time.

i asked one of the bank personnel whether their electronic appointment is not working.

she said it is.

i told her my number was not being called.

she said maybe it was but i wasn't around.

i said i've just been there all along pointing out that i made the appointment right at their very kiosk.

she asked for my number and went to the second teller.

a while later, the teller called out, 'electronic!'

no number.  just 'electronic.'

no one approached the counter so i did.  i asked whether she was referring to electronic appointment.

she said yes.

she asked for my account number.

me:  'didn't my appointment show up?  it's there...'

the teller said no.

me:  'if my queue number didn't show up, why did you call me?'

teller:  'because the girl (the bank personnel i asked earlier) told me...'

me:  'oh...  so the electronic queue numbers really don't appear in your queue?'

teller:  'it did not, ma'am...'

me:  'hmmm...  so something's not working in your system?  i made two appointments...  both of them didn't appear?'

teller:  'maybe it did at the other teller, ma'am...'

the other teller is the one whose queue numbers are displayed onscreen.

me:  'i didn't see them on the screen...'

teller:  'they're not here, ma'am...'

me:  'really?  hmmm...  where did my numbers go?  did you skip calling out any numbers?'

teller:  'no, ma'am...  maybe i just did not notice...'

hmmm...  twice?  all the other numbers were being called out sequentially.  either there is something wrong with the system or there is something not right with what the teller is saying.

and because of that, i was stranded in front of the bank for 45 minutes (!) after my transaction was processed (yes, i have my deposit slip and pictures outside the bank to prove it).  i was just supposed to proceed to the supermarket across the bank!  so near!!!  it rained that's why.  and i had to wait it out because i didn't have my umbrella (♩ ♪  ella, ella, eh, eh, eh  ♫ ♬  ; ) ).  the rain fell during my second appointment.  had i been called earlier, i would have been through while it was still dry...


mea culpa

going to libis from sm city marikina...  i'm not really familiar with the route...

i asked the guard for directions...


ok...  thanks...

drive, drive, drive...  so i'm supposed to turn right somewhere...

me:  'is this two-way?'

passenger:  'yes...'

i climbed the ramp...  ooops...  there's a car going in my direction!

we both stopped at what i thought was my lane...  i was waiting for him to transfer lanes, he wouldn't budge!  i was thinking the driver is so stubborn and inconsiderate  ->  and then it occurred to me it must be one-way...  aw!  sorry!!!  reverse, reverse...  :"}

my most profuse apologies to that maroon van...  :'(

man and machine

in the car on a hot sunny day...

me to friend:  'there's juice in my bag...  drink it...'

i was referring to canned pineapple juice...  was i surprised therefore when i saw my friend drinking from a plastic bottle...

me:  'aw!  not that!!!'

friend:  'this is mine!'

me:  'aw!  hehe...  sorry...  i thought 'twas the one for my car...'



'momhead' by johanna stein in the news...  leaving my parents' house, i echoed 4-year-old sadie and jokingly asked my mom:  'are you gonna make yourself pretty today or are you gonna look like you always do?'

mom's retort:  'you're old...  that's not cute...'



mom:  'what time did you get home?'

me:  'before 12?  or after 12?  around midnight...'

mom:  'i thought that was lunch...'

me:  'and dinner, too...'

; )

wrong turn

on the road last night...

me:  'ei, <toot> and i have passed this way!'

friend:  'going to?'

me:  'home...'

friend:  'where'd you come from?'

me:  'quirky bacon...'

friend:  'where is that?'

me:  'san juan...'

friend:  'where in san juan?'

me:  'greenhills...  wilson...  aw, no...  we came from guevarra's not quirky bacon...'

friend:  'how did you end up here?!'

me:  'that is how epically we get lost...'



friend checking comments and likers of his pic from my facebook account on my phone...

me:  'ei, be careful clicking anything there, ok...  don't make any comments...  that's my account, not yours...'

friend:  'ok...'

a short while later...

me:  'don't make any comments there...  that's my account...  my friends might wonder what i'm talking about...  don't click anything...'

friend:  'ok...'


me:  'be careful...  don't click anything...'

friend:  'ok...'

i kept on repeating the reminder...

when the guy returned my phone to me, i tapped it intending to return to the newsfeed but instead accidentally clicked a colleague of his sending the person a friend request.  aaaarrrggghhhh!!!  :O

practice what you preach...  : }