leave well enough alone

i was checking out merchandise in this online mall when a treasure chest popped up.  oh, wow!  that Treasure Box is labeled 'Get more points' / 'Get up to 50,000 pts!' on the site.  i've encountered it before and i've won a couple of points.  i was thinking i was going to get bonus points again so i clicked Open.

guess what, i got -2 points!  yup!  negative two!  points were deducted from my account!  ugh!  whoever thought of that?!  if you're not going to make customers happy then at least don't disappoint them...  : }


sister arrived from the mall and brought home pizza for sharing plus a chocolate drink specially for me...  : )

we ate pizza together and when we were already clearing the table she was taken aback:  'you've finished your <drink>?!'

me:  'yes...'

uhm...  it was a liter pack...  :"}


i had points in this online mall expiring yesterday...  not wanting them to go to waste, i ordered something partially paying with the points...  guess what, the item was not available so they're reversing my payment as well as putting back the points  ->  this time without expiration...

blessing in disguise...  : )

follow your elders

i have colds...

my sister is telling me to drink pineapple juice downstairs...

my aunt dropped by with ice cream and is calling me to have some...

well, i'll go by the wisdom of age...  ice cream is it...  ; )


following up repair of a friend's phone line...

customer service representative:  'as of 3:20 p.m. yesterday, someone already went there, ma'am...'

me:  'they checked but they did not fix?'

customer service representative:  'it's already ok, ma'am...'

me:  'ok as in fixed?  3:20 p.m.?  as of last night it still wasn't ok...'

customer service representative:  'but someone already went there, ma'am...  it was acknowledged by <toot>...'

me:  'did she acknowledge repair or just the visit?  as of last night they still did not have outgoing...'

customer service representative:  'oh, wait...  someone made a follow up today...  ok, ma'am...  i'll just follow it up again...'

me:  'good...  thanks...'

just because people showed up doesn't mean they got things done...

on the contrary

going home from someplace near...  one way...  detour...  we had two choices:  left and right...  thrice, we made the wrong choice and circled the globe, so to speak...

me:  'ah, i know!  next time, when you say right, i'll go left and when you say left, i'll go right...'

friend:  'next time, i'll keep quiet...  i won't talk anymore...'

me:  'no...  how would i know where to go if you don't say anything?  you have to say something so i could take the opposite direction...'

; p

click that

checking out computer mice in this online mall...  i entered 'logitech mouse'...  aw!  only 3 items...  : }

i decided to go a bit generic and entered just 'mouse'...  hahaha...  all these mickey mouse items came up...  ; p

no curves

get-together with high school classmates...

<classmate 1> was recounting they won this dance contest in school before saying they were invited to dance again at some other venue after the win...

<classmate 2>:  'la jota!'

me:  'la jota?  i know i danced the la jota before...  i don't remember the contest but i know i did la jota and i was wearing a barong...'

<classmate 2>:  'yes...  you were with us...  cynthia was a guy in that dance...'

me:  'hmmm...  why was i a guy then?'

<classmate 3>:  'maybe because we had very few boys so they made you a guy...'

me:  'but there were so many girls...  why choose me to be the guy?!'

<classmate 3>:  'maybe the others could not memorize the dance so they chose you...'

me:  'oh?  or i looked like a guy?'

#flat...  ;"}

qualifying round

high school classmate 1:  'cynthia, i'm going to introduce someone to you!!!  he's single!'

me:  'aw!  i don't want single...  i'm separated and then he's single?!  i want someone who's also separated...'

high school classmate 1:  'really?!  ok...  i'll marry him off to <classmate 2> first and then after a year they'll separate...  he'll be good enough for you then...'

: }

in their shoes

i ordered shoes online  ->  they were big...  : }

i was going to have them changed but i didn't know whether i should go just one size smaller or two.  (they have 30-day free return / refund, btw.)

i've checked out the site's size chart but i'm not sure their merchants follow standard sizing.  my last order was too small...  : }

this time therefore i decided to do live chat with customer service.  i was gonna give them my foot length in inches and ask for the corresponding size i should get.  well, i was number 8 with approximate wait time of 8 minutes.  my initial reaction was, 'aw!  that is long...'

anyway, i stuck it out and just surfed around.  less than 5 minutes later and, ta-daann!

"One of our representatives will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 1 minute(s). Thank you for your patience."

joy...  : D

when it was my turn, i asked my question and the moment the customer service representative gave a reply, i immediately said thank you and goodbye.

i wanted to free up the agent asap so other customers won't be in queue too long...  : )

live happy

i never thought i'd ever quote kim kardashian (i love her bod!!!) but she said this and i practice the same...  here goes then:

= = = = =

"If I don't like something that's going on in my life, I change it, and I don't sit and complain about it for a year."

- Kim Kardashian
  'Watch What Happens Live' with Andy Cohen
  2014 August 12

= = = = =

among the things i live by:

don't sweat the small stuff.
choose your battles.
exercise your options.

: )


'pinoy big brother' on tv last night...  safe housemate supposed to choose one other housemate to save from being a nominee for eviction...

mom:  'that's a difficult choice considering that one is your friend...  but then of course you'll have to choose the deserving one...'

me:  'mom, you save your friend even if she's not deserving...  those are the things that make you friends...  let the deserving's friend save him  ->  not because he is deserving but because they're friends...'

mom looks at me funny...  : }


cousin requesting me to buy something for her online...

me:  'i'll send you a link...  you register so you can avail of the new customer discount...  that's P250...'

cousin:  'really?  just do it for me...'

me:  'i can't access your e-mail...'

cousin:  'i'll give you the password...'

me:  'for P250, you're going to give me your password?'

cousin:  'why not?'

me:  'hehe...  me, even for P1,000, i won't give you my password...  btw, you shouldn't use names of your loved ones as password...  imagine, in case of emergency and you have to divulge your password, you're going to announce, it's 'ilove<SoAndSo>'...  what if it's supposed to be a secret?'

; p

go easy

passed by some teens about to play hide-and-seek in a gated park...  they were discussing (arguing was more like it...) whether to expand the hiding area outside the park...

eh?!  that would make the coverage really wide...  you could go home there!

if it were up to me i'd say no.  the park is big enough, at least to me.  you already have buildings there.  there's a playground, a tennis court, a covered court.

outside is a residential area with a church and school and stores and all these streets.

some things you do for fun.  some you do for sublime intents.  don't complicate the former by raising the difficulty level too high.

not vice versa

sister toasting bread...

sister:  'i bought this for the mouse...'

(uhm...  she's been trying to trap one in the house..)

me:  'huh?!  what an extravagant mouse!  french baguettes?!'

from village gourmet to boot!

i was going to get some but i lost my appetite knowing the bread was bought for a mouse...  i don't mind sharing my food with one...  but somehow it feels different if it's the mouse sharing its food with me...  : }


saw a bagful of goldilocks cake slices on the dining table, among them my favorite double-licious chiffon cake slice...

i ate one...

then my sister showed up...

me:  'you bought my favorite goldilocks chiffon slice!!!  : D '

sister:  'yes...  i bought them for you...'

me:  'really?!  thank youuuuu...  : D'

i normally eat only one...  suddenly i ate two...  now i'm bursting...  :O

out of my league

wahaha...  received a "special surprise" from an online store because they miss me...  it's a 20% discount coupon!  : D

i checked their merchandise...  guess what, the dress i fancied costs P11,290.00!  huwaaaatttt???!!!

uhm...  pass...  i'm willing to spend on a dress only the amount of the discount...  : }

friendly user

saw my cousin with our normally chilly 4-year-old granddaughter...

me:  'she was so good to me this morning...  she was out of sight and i was surprised to hear her voice sweetly greeting me good morning...'

cousin:  'you know why she's good to you now?'

me:  'why?'

cousin:  'she's going to ask you to buy her something online...  for the ipad...  $3...'


starting 'em young

whoa!  kindergarten nowadays already have a heartthrob?!

this afternoon there were these little girls in school uniform who, when they saw this cute little boy, started shrieking and calling out his name.  the nannies burst out laughing and the boy was so embarrassed he covered his face.

i don't remember when i first became aware of crushes but i know i was either in second or third grade when i had my first suitor.  i thought then that was too young.  in today's standards i guess that's already late...  : }

it's not me

scrolling through my call log...  suddenly my phone rang...  i thought maybe i unintentionally pressed something so i ended the call...

it rang again...  there really is an incoming call!

aw, of course!  i wouldn't be hearing my ringtone if i were the one calling, right?

slow sometimes...  :"}


i lost my phone in tacloban so i bought a new one.  suddenly i had two chargers, two USB cables and two earphones.

now things i don't need / use / like, i post for sale online.

someone wanted to buy the charger.


and then...

buyer:  'are you a boy?'

me:  'no...  you?'

buyer:  'yes...'

me:  'oh...  i thought girl...'

buyer:  'hehe...  are you still going to sell to me even if i'm a boy?'

huh?!  of course!

aren't you going to buy from me just because i'm a girl???

equal opportunity!  \m/

zooming in

friend requesting me to share a solo pic of hers taken at this place...

me:  'why don't you share it yourself?'

friend:  'i can't...'

me:  'you can't?  you want me to share it in my timeline or yours?'

friend:  'mine...'

me:  'you want me to post from my account to your timeline or from your account on your timeline?'

friend:  'my account...  you can access it, right?'

me:  'well, yeah...  which solo?  there are so many solo pics in that album...'

friend:  'the one inside...  not the one in the lobby...'

me:  'duh!  almost all the pics in that album were taken inside...  only a handful are at the lobby...  which one?'

friend:  'the one eating...'

me:  'that was dinner, we were eating!  which particular pic?'

friend:  'the one sitting...'

me:  'aw!  practically all the pics there are sitting!  you should be more specific than that!'

friend:  'the second picture in the album...'

that's more like it...  whew!


asked my niece for a hug...

niece:  'i'm smelly, tita...'

me:  'awww!  'the secret'...  make it a habit to use positive words even when you're expressing something negative...  instead of saying you're smelly, say you don't smell good...  at least, the thought there is still about smelling good, not about being smelly...  don't say something is hard; say it's not easy...  instead of saying you're hungry, say you're not full...  little things like that...  use positive words to develop a positive mindset.

ok.  give me three examples like that.  use positive words to express a negative sentiment.'

niece:  'i'll just do it tomorrow, tita...'

: }