someone told me before she was annoyed
at all these "middle of the sea" venues
and said she wanted to delete them.

aw!  i like to save check-ins...
these people just didn't know the body of water they're in
so they named it "middle of the sea."

i went over the pins and the history
and boom!  was able to supply the names.

thank you, google...

appropriate action

so someone finally got his comeuppance
and i was surprised and touched to get a message
thanking me "for standing up."

uhm...  i stood up
but nothing really came out
of the things i said.
the guy just once again
got away scot-free.

i put forth what i objectively know to be sound arguments
but the response i got was so frustratingly lame.

it is this other group
that was able to make a penalty materialize.

they did what was in their power to do
and by their quick and decisive action
was able to put in effect what was long overdue.

i was just an unintended beneficiary
but i'm no less thankful.

power in the right hands delivers justice.


i haven't even finished telling my stories yet
and a verdict has been handed
->  in my favor.

yes, even that little was already too much.



sometimes even when you think something won't happen
because it is not in your power to make it happen
it still materializes because others will do it themselves.



so someone who's been using unnecessary prepositions
actually said he's been doing so
because it was what was common practice before.


i dunno which is more shocking,
that someone could so publicly proclaim such falsehood
if true, that a company could actually tolerate such nonsense.

i can't wait for the moment of truth.


we have a riddle in the philippines:

"Nagtago si Pedro, nakalabas ang ulo."

peter hid but his head is showing.

i dunno whether intentional or an oversight
but this someone who so publicly denied something before
just made a move that's one step closer to totally exposing himself.

finally being good
again being foolish?


at mass yesterday,
the priest was saying
we should focus on kindness and goodness.

me:  'ooops...  is that a message for me?'
(ahahaha...  i am not being kind to this guy
who has so brazenly been spreading falsehoods.)

then the priest proceeded,
we should put a stop to lies, pretensions and...
wah!  i forgot the third!

he said in tagalog,
plus the third i can't recall.
(i'll ask him next sunday then update this blog, hehe)

upon hearing those i chuckled.
that is definitely a message for the greAT pretender, ahahaha.

for me, i take it to mean to continue to expose these things.
it might not be kind and good to the one you're exposing
but it's kind and good to those he's been fooling.


honesty is the best policy

our priest related this story
of a time he was invited
to celebrate mass at a town feast day.

he asked and was told
the patron saint of the town
was Our Lady of the Pillar.
he therefore prepared a sermon
based on the Lady.

on the way to the town, however,
his companion told him the patron saint
was Saint Martin de Porres.
while driving therefore
he came up with a sermon
based on the saint.

upon reaching the town,
he saw on the arch
that the patron saint
was actually Saint Vincent Ferrer!

he wasn't familiar with the saint
and didn't anymore have time
so he just checked the image of the saint.
he saw that it had wings
so probably an angel
and he talked accordingly.

when he went to check later
he found out that none of the things he said
matched the story of the saint's life.

why did this happen?

he realized it's because he had the wrong priority.

his priority that time
was to not let people know
that he does not know.

his priority should have been
to be honest.

fade away

some people go silent
because they want to be the better person.

others go silent
because they have been exposed
and have no defense
for the things that they have done.

easy win

a lawyer was telling our group before,
they came prepared and all
but didn't have to make use of anything
because the other party missed something
and therefore lost on a technicality.

i've kept that in mind.
right now i have an airtight case.
i'm making sure it remains that way.


someone messaged me saying we should join this contest.

i read the rules.

ahahaha...  there looked to me offshoots of my,
to put it very mildly, 'disagreement'
with someone who
tried to interpret the things i said
made assumptions on what i thought
and came out way off the mark.

ripple effect.