i dropped my portable drive!  1TB of pics...  :O

guess what, it landed on my footwear then gently slid over to a slipper on the rug...  i didn't feel any pain and i think the drive did not suffer any damage  ->  i'd say it was 'unhurt'...  ; )

they say when babies fall unscathed, their angels catch or cushion them...  hmmm...  maybe my drive has an angel, too?  or my foot?  maybe both...  : )

there's a reason you encounter things

checking out undergarments a couple of weeks ago...  i saw this nice, uhm, bra...  it's not the usual one where you put your arms through shoulder straps...  this one was similar to a necklace in that you put your head through the angled strap...

i was thinking 'twould be good for halter dresses...  i wanted to buy but then i thought i really did not have any halternecks...  i didn't want to be using that underneath my usual clothing as i'd rather have shoulder straps than a neck strap....

hmmm...  hmmmm...  hmmm...  ok...  stop buying things you won't use...  pass...

well, today i was checking out dresses and guess what, i saw a nice halterneck!  trying it on, all i could think about was:  'i should have bought that bra!  why on earth didn't i buy that bra?!  i'll have to go back to that store...'


shared secret

binagoongan by my aunt for dinner...  it's really good...  : D

she says she buys her secret ingredient from this supermarket.  hmmm...  i know someone who makes good binagoongan who buys her secret ingredient from the same supermarket, too.

maybe they buy the same ingredient?

spring chicken no more

last christmas...

guy:  'when are you available?'

me:  'tuesday...'

guy:  'tuesday?  it's only wednesday...'

me:  'i'm going out tomorrow, friday and sunday...'

guy has this weird look on his face...

me:  'you want saturday?'

guy:  'yes, saturday...  what time do you want?'

me:  'well, not morning...  afternoon...'

guy:  'ok...  afternoon...'

: }

new year's resolution:

starting 2014, i'll schedule things at most once a week...  thrice a month starting february...  twice a month come march...


among the gifts i received from my sisters this christmas was a big box of organic coffee.  since i'm not a coffee drinker, i put the box with the other coffee packs in my parents' dining area.

well, i go there this evening and my mom tells me i didn't even open the gift my sisters gave me.

i said i did.

my dad tells me he was telling his carpenter to have coffee this afternoon and when my dad opened the box, it had sleepwear inside!

oh!  the coffee box i did not open...  : }

mom:  'why would you think they'd give you coffee when they know you don't drink coffee?'

me:  'well...  why did they put sleepwear on a coffee box???'

; )

so that's why

opening christmas presents...  when i unwrapped one, i thought, 'hmmm...  this would suit my mom better...'

i decided i'd just give it to her...  i re-checked the card  ->  whoa!  the gift was for my mom!  it was just erroneously included among mine...  ; )

late delivery

my lazada package has arrived!  i placed my order december 12 yet...  5-day shipping supposedly...  >:(

well, they did try to deliver december 23 (i made follow-ups)...  i wasn't around, however, and they would not leave it with my nephew (i left an ID with my sister-in-law)...

uhm, i needed one of the items there for christmas...  : }


i took home a total of 130 pesos from our clan christmas party...  : D

new P10 coin plus a 20-peso prize in 6 categories:

1.  wearing #TulongPH shirt
2.  wearing denims
3.  feeling pretty/handsome...  in other words, crazy (wahaha...  that is the complete category name...  ei, there is no limit to the number of persons who can win in each category...  as long as you qualify or you think you qualify, all you have to do is line up for the prize and you get 20 pesos...)
4.  with mole on the face
5.  single on christmas
6.  it's complicated

ooops...  well...  ; )

tell me

mom about to relate to dad the priest's sermon...

me:  'he heard mass...  weren't we together earlier?'

mom to dad:  'yes...  but did you listen?'

dad chuckles:  'i was seated outside...'

; )

we heard mass at the province this morning.  in the city, my dad sits inside the church with my mom.

substance over form

ordering customized chocs...

reservations:  'what do you want, ma'am...  white, milk or dark?'

me:  'hmmm...  you, personally, which do you like best?'

reservations:  'the white looks good, ma'am...'

me:  'looks good?  does it taste good as well?'

reservations:  'it's a bit sweet, ma'am...'

me:  'hmmm...  but for you, which tastes best, the white, milk or dark?'

reservations:  'taste-wise, it's the milk, ma'am...'

me:  'i'll go for the milk...'


gender neutral

at the mall earlier, i was at the fitting room trying on a dress...  the curtain suddenly opened...

saleslady:  'i'll help you, ma'am...'

me:  'why are you opening the curtain?!  there's a guy outside!'

saleslady:  'it's ok, ma'am...  he's gay...'

me:  'regardless!'

i don't undress in front of strangers!!!


at the mall earlier, i saw something that i liked...  but then it was kinda heavy so i decided to just buy it last...

roam, roam, roam...

when i went back, it wasn't there anymore!  last piece and someone else bought it!  :'(

when you like something, pay for it right away then just leave it at the package counter...  seal the deal lest someone else comes along and acquires it for himself...

blind spot

i was walking by when i saw this dress in the shoppe window...

me:  'how much is that dress on display?'

seamstress:  'with lining?'

me:  'what lining?'

seamstress walks over to the dress and shows me the lining...

me:  'oh...  no...  just one piece of cloth...  i don't want two...  there's already something i'm going to put on top...'

seamstress:  'but you want it like this?'

me:  'well, not V-neck...  i want it round...'

seamstress:  'round...  and then the same cut?'

me:  'well, no cuts...  no stitches on the waistline...  just one straight dress but shape it close to the body...'

seamstress looks baffled...

i keep on describing the dress i want and i found myself tracing the dress i was wearing...

me:  'hey...  this!  like this one i'm wearing!  except different material and no pockets...'

why didn't i notice right away?!  well, yup, sometimes it's hard to see things you have on yourself...

the law of... gravity ;)

i have this little advocacy...  i change old bills for new and stored / loose coins for bills...  the old bills and coins i deposit to the bank...  i've been doing this since college...  uhm, quite a long time...  ;")

yes, i do it for free...  but don't come knocking at my door, ok...  i do it only for relatives and friends...

well, actually, i've done it for a handful of strangers as well...  we'd be at the cashier and i see a fellow shopper take out an old bill, i ask whether she'd like to change it for new...  so far all of them have been happy to change...  but yup, it has crossed my mind that these random strangers might think i'm up to something fishy so i've been ultra-selective...

anyway, this afternoon, i was at the bank with bills and around 300 (!) pieces of five-centavo coins.  the coins were wrapped in paper, 100 coins per roll.  a bit long.  so i placed them on the counter and after totaling the money and giving me my transaction receipt, the teller picked a roll up, holding it at the middle (???!!!)...  :O

me:  'careful!  it might spill...'

ta-daannn!!!  it did!

me:  'be careful what you say...  it just might happen...'

teller chuckles:  'it did happen...'

verbalize to materialize...  \m/

it takes one to know one

' saw a girl with a BIG scar on her right inner calf today...  aw!  i could relate...  i think i know where she got that...

i got mine  getting off a motorcycle in a province last july...  the exhaust came in contact with my leg as i got off and i got burned!  it didn't really hurt...  but the change in appearance of the skin on that part of my leg days after gave me a scar scare...  : }

i'm really thankful mine was not that big...  and i'm very happy it has lightened considerably...  dress-girl still...  : )

fine with me

11:57 p.m...

caller:  'did i wake you up?'

me:  'not really...  i've just put my phone on mute then suddenly i saw an incoming call...'

caller:  'well, it's okay if i'm the one who wakes you up, right?'

ahahaha...  confident!  \m/

sounds off

begging off from a get-together because i have a scheduled dinner...

me:  'but do add it's not romantic...'

inviter:  'ok...  i'll tell them she has an unromantic dinner date haha'

; )

brave little one

at my cousin's place earlier...  they have a superrrrrr cuuuutttteeee puppy, a shih tzu...  the thing is, when it comes to dogs (animals in general, actually), no matter how adorable, i prefer to keep distance...  i often say, scales, feather, fur, they make me cringe...  don't be afraid?  i am afraid...  very afraid...  : }

anyway, i enter their house in my shorts and the puppy suddenly came rushing to me...  yiiiieeeee!!!  i leaped to the chair!!!  how feminine, wahaha...  there i was standing on the chair and this cutie-cute puppy was staring so sweetly up at me...  uhhhh!!!  tugging at my heartstrings but, sorry, it's still a no...  and then my equally cute granddaughter scooped the puppy up and, uhm, saved me (from embarrassment?  ahahaha)...  the brave little girl, btw, is three years old (oh, my...  further embarrassment)...  :"}

so my cousin and i went on to talk and our granddaughter walked over to the other side...  she was playing with the puppy and then i heard her say, 'i'm playing with <puppy> chowder so she won't bother tita bong...'

awww...  :")

happy teeth

i'm an oral-b girl but today i tried the colgate 360 toothbrush because there's a free toothpaste  ->  oh, yes, i love freebies...  :")

anyway, i brush with all my might (my mom says had our house been a hut 'twould crumble with the intensity of my brushing, hehe) and this one felt really good all throughout!  dunno whether it's because of the uneven and patterned bristles...  so gentle...  soothing even...  just like a tooth-massage if ever there is such a thing...

i have found my match and i am sooo happy...  <flashes a toothy smile>

no wonder

brought one of my own shirts to my dad for him to try on.  i'm ordering a shirt for someone and i'm not really sure whether i should go for a Large or a Medium.

instead of putting it on, my dad just told me to check it against one of his shirts.  several times and several ways i requested him to try it on.  he wouldn't hear of it.

uhm, my shirt had a Wonder Woman print.

; )

credit card

me:  'you have visa?'

reply:  'passport only...'

uhm...  the topic was online shopping...  ; )

good and bad

at a stoplight...  street child with soap and squeegee started cleaning my windows...  i handed him money...  well, what do you know, he didn't finish anymore, wahaha...

actually, i have mixed feelings about this:

on one hand, i really appreciate the fact that they're working for the money and not just asking for dole outs.

on the other, these are children so they should be playing, not working especially on busy roads which could be very risky.


last but not the least

balikbayan cousin asking about Cheesecake, etc. which she has seen in my facebook pics.  i told her the Tomas Morato branch i used to frequent has closed but i gave her a list of other branches...

initially i included only
Eastwood Citywalk 1
Glorietta 4
ACCRA Tower 1, 2nd Ave. cor. 20th St., Bonifacio Global City
Mall of Asia (MOA)

then last minute i decided to add
Greenhills Shopping Center.

her reply:  'we're at greenhills now, thanks for the info...'

imagine!!!  : D


bumped into a former colleague...  picture-picture...

colleague:  'tag me, ok...'

me:  'sure...  but then i might upload this january yet...  it's already december, i'm still uploading october...  i want them chronological...'

and i try not to upload in bulk, at least to my own account...

: }

there's reason to smile

family gathering this afternoon...  as is our wont, picture, picture...  ; )

i told my nephew beside me:  'y'know when you were at the hospital, i refrained from uploading (my happy) pics...  then when i logged in, was i surprised to see a pic of your sisters smiling-so-wide in instagram...'

initially i was taken aback...  shortly after i felt kinda relieved...  they were watching over their brother and they posted such a happy pic...  that signaled to me that things couldn't be that bad...  : )

dad provides

mom tinkering in the yard...

me:  'mom, don't you know that's a rather expensive pair of slippers you're wearing?  that cost a few thousand pesos!  i bought it in singapore yet...'

mom chuckles:  'oh...  the other pair's not as comfortable...'

me:  'oh, ok...'

dad:  'don't worry...  i'll buy her again later...'

; )

make it double

sister brought home liempo (pork belly)...

sister:  'don't you like this?'

me:  'i do...'

sister:  'why aren't you eating?'

me:  'my cholesterol's high...'

sister:  'i'm tired...  this is my comfort food...'

me:  'that's too fatty...  what are your other comfort foods?'

sister:  'chocolate...'

me:  'you should just have bought chocs...'

sister:  'i did, too...'



at the bank this afternoon, i had to go to the teller past my queue number...

me:  'sorry, i'm late...'

teller:  'i was calling you earlier but you didn't come...'

me:  'i was assisting the old lady at the kiosk...'

teller:  'yup...  you were assisting her there...'

me:  'ei, but i wasn't the one who keyed in the amount, huh!  it was him.'
(i pointed to another bank employee.)

teller chuckles:  'they entered the account number...'

me:  'oh...  so that's why!  i was so surprised,  the amount was in the millions!'

(the lady's check was only for a few thousand.  the guy did say the teller will correct the entry when the lady goes to the counter.)

all in a day's work

mom tells my dad my uncle, her brother, likes freshly cooked meals all the time.  he does not like it when food from a previous meal is served again at the next meal.

dad:  'if it's for the health then why not?'

mom:  'how 'bout you?  you don't want repeats, too?'

dad:  'well, <brother-in-law> and i are different...  i'm military...  even if it's fifth reading already i'll still eat it...'

; p

oh, i'm g's

medical checkup this morning...  x-ray, ECG, blood, urine, blood pressure, general physical examination...

in between the urine check and blood pressure check, while i was waiting for my mom, the radiographer approached me...  he wanted a repeat of the x-ray...  he says he's been doing this for years and this is the first time he saw something like it...  he said maybe it's just an artifact or the chemicals on the plate but he wanted to be sure...

me:  'what's an artifact?  am i an antique?'  ; )

anyway, he showed me my plate...  well, there was something that looked like a signature on my left side...  it looked like a cursive small letter g or q three ribs high...

me, examining the plate:  'hmmm...  i'm signed???  maybe i'm owned...  like cattle, you have branding...'

; )

the second x-ray was okay i suppose because the radiographer did not ask me back anymore...

keep calm and show maturity

dad, referring to two people currently receiving a lot of flak:  '<toot1> and <toot2>  should  just say something brief and that's it...  no need to belabor the point...  they're getting piqued...  they should stay calm...'

mom:  'because they're already tired...'

dad:  'y'know, that shows your maturity...  if you are able to stay calm even when you're tired...'

me:  'you yourself get mad...  and you're not even tired...'

dad:  'well, that's when i really am angry...  calm and angry are two different things...  you can get angry even when you're not tired...  just because you get angry does not mean you're immature...'

a better deal

called a distributor about a certain item i want to purchase...

me:  'i'd like to know how much <item> is, please...'

company representative checks:  'we sell it at <price>, ma'am...'

me:  'do you accept credit cards or just cash?'

company representative:  'cash only, ma'am...  but they have it at <retail store> ...  there they accept credit cards...'

me:  'do you have the same price?'

company representative:  'they have a higher price, ma'am...'

me:  'by how much?'

company representative:  'maybe around P200, ma'am...'

me:  'oh...  so i'll just buy from you then...'

company representative:  'better at <retail store>, ma'am...  they have 6 months zero percent interest for credit cards...'

me:  'yeah, but they're higher by P200...  i'd rather pay cash and get it at a lower price...'

company representative:  'but if you use your credit card, ma'am, you can still use your cash for something else...'

me:  'well, if i put that amount in the bank it's not gonna earn P200 in a year so i'm better off paying in cash...'

econ 101...

surprise me

i was checking out stuff at a store earlier when i heard someone asking the saleslady where they could find a pay phone.

i butted in and asked whether they're calling a landline.


i offered my phone (my plan gives me unlimited calls to landlines).

so call they did.


then i went out to go to another store.  after that i sat in one of the benches in the hallway to check something on my phone.  type, type, type.  scroll, scroll, scroll.  type, scroll, type, scroll.  then i stood up.  was i startled to see someone right in front of me asking, 'may i make a call again?'  she was one of the women to whom i offered my phone earlier and now we were standing so close face-to-face.  oh, hehe...

ok.  i handed her my phone.

again she made a call.


i went my way flitting from store to store.  hmmm...  weird.  as i was doing so i was amusedly thinking, i wonder whether they'd show up here again.  well, i'd readily lend my phone again.  but no, i did not see them anymore.

; )

in my Father's house

at mass this evening, there was a bit of an interruption as one of the church-goers suddenly fainted on his seat...  at an appropriate interval, the priest walked over from the altar to pray over the guy...  the latter seemed okay after a while, thank God...

i don't want to sound morbid but when this happened, it suddenly crossed my mind:  that must be a good way to die, in church, listening to the words of God...

the rules

missed call on my phone...  i ring back...

me:  'hello...  your number has a missed call on my phone...  who's calling, please?'

guy:  'i was the one who called...'

me:  'who are you?'

guy:  '<toot>!'

me:  'oh...  i should save your number so i would know not to ring back, hehe...'

guy chuckles:  '<blah-blah-blah>...'

me:  '<blah-blah-blah>...'

<blah-blah-blah>, <blah-blah-blah>...

me:  'wait...  i'll end this call then you ring me right back...  i don't want it to appear in the logs that i'm the one calling you...'



caller:  'how do you feel when a guy tells you <uhm>?'

me:  'depends on the guy...'

caller:  'if it's <toot1>?'

me:  'haha...  of course, i'm very happy...'

caller:  '<toot2>?'

me:  'well, if he said it before i met <toot1> then i'll be happy, too...  but now, no big deal...'

caller:  '<toot3>?'

me:  'no big deal...'

caller:  'what if it's me?'

me:  'haha...  no big deal!'

; p


checking the fine print:  "... not valid for group event..."

me:  'what is the definition of a group?  how many people is that?'

friend:  'group of two...'

me:  'oh?  that's a group?!  that's just a pair to me...'

or a date...  ; )

i love the way you lie

on the phone...  talking body parts...

friend:  'i can tell a girl's cup size even when she's clothed, like wearing a shirt...'

me:  'oh?  i don't know about cup sizes...  what's mine?'

friend chuckles:  'i don't look at yours...'

oh, really, huh!  \m/

personal banker

friend requesting me to buy something online on his behalf...  computing the costs...

me:  'you still have change with me...  so we'll deduct that...'

friend chuckles:  'it's ok...  i'll make you my bank...'

me:  'bank?  i don't pay interest...'

friend:  'it's ok...'

me:  'well, your change is actually below maintaining balance for a bank...  you're even supposed to be charged penalties, hehe...'

friend:  'no penalty...  there's no interest anyway...'

me:  'banks charge penalty when you fall below maintaining balance even when you don't earn interest...'

friend:  'you don't require maintaining balance...'

me:  'hehe...  i'm cheap, huh!'

; )

spare them

phone call for my brother...

me:  'oh...  he lives next door...'

caller asks for my mom...

me:  'what for?'

he wants to confirm the type of cable subscription she has...

me:  'hmmm...  you want me to call my mom for that?  can't you check it in your database yourself?'

: }

if you can't lick 'em...

my mom is on my facebook Restricted list...  uhm, there are actually more than 300 of them there...  : }

anyway, i put her there, among other things, because it irks her whenever i post pics of my food in facebook  ->  my chocs, my brunch, my dessert, my dinner, my whatever...  :O

mom:  'why are you taking pictures of all these stuff?'

me:  'i want to have a remembrance of what goes into my body...'

she doesn't like it...  : (

well, this evening she called me...  she wanted me to take a picture of this nice can of crêpes a cousin sent her...

aha!  joining the bandwagon, mom, huh!  ; )

choose your battles

dishwashing duty...  mom gives me one of the pans to wash...  it looked like an ordinary pan...  when i held it, however, the weight startled me...

'whoa!!!  sooo heavy!!!  mom!!!  don't buy such heavy pans!!!'  :O

simplify your life...


mom:  'if croissant is krwä-ˈsäⁿ and trois is t(r)wä...  so is roi vinzon wä vinzon?'

; )

second chance

' saw ten centavos on the road...  i didn't pick it up...  afterward i thought, 'aw, why didn't i get it?'

guess what, a few paces away i saw another ten-centavo coin in front of me!  whoa!

oh, yes, i got it this time...  : D

i'm sooo happy...  i'm sooo thankful...  i'm, uhm, sooo shallow...  ; )

the blues

just noticed that i'm having the blues today  ->  in a yummy kind of way...  : )

-  hopia baboy from palawan's baker's hill bakeshoppe which comes in a blue box
-  baby ruth fun size chocs which have a blue-edged wrapper
-  toblerone crunchy almonds which comes in blue packaging

btw, blue is my fave color...  <3


three weeks ago, i was at a military camp.  at two intersections, two different vehicles had right of way and both times, they let me go first.

this morning, i was at the camp again.  i passed by the church and said a little prayer.  then i got up to leave.  guess what, there was this guy walking ahead of me, maybe around three meters in front of me, and instead of going straight out, he stood there holding the door open, waiting for me to pass through before he went on his way.

officers and gentlemen...  : )

take it slow

friend:  'when will i introduce you to my mother?'

me:  'huh?!  i don't want!'

friend:  'you don't want to meet my mother?'

me:  'no...'

friend:  'why not?'

me:  'why should we meet?'

friend:  'you just talk...'

me:  'about what?'

friend:  'anything...'

me:  'what for?'

friend:  'bonding...'

me:  'and why should we bond?'

friend just chuckles...

me:  'you know, you're just like <toot>...  we were at <place> and suddenly he was talking house and a baby...  we just went out!  how come there's suddenly a house?!'

not too fast...  : }

who's the man here?

i have buy-one-take-one chicken wings from hooters with my VIP membership in this online site.  the offer will expire october 28.

on the way to dinner someplace near hooters last night, i told my companion maybe we can drop by hooters after dinner if we're not yet too full.

friend:  'we can take it out if we're already full...'

me:  'hooters, take out?!'

friend:  'you want to take pictures?  let's take pictures before we leave...'

me:  'it's not that...  you can't really see the girls if you leave right away...'

friend:  'what about the girls?'

me:  'they're in shorts!'

friend:  'i know!  but i'm not really interested in them...'

me:  'i am!'


i'm keeping my clothes on

talking temptation...

friend:  'me, even if a woman takes off her clothes in front of me, i won't touch her...'

me:  'you?!  c'mon!'

friend:  'you have to do what is right...'

me:  'yeah...  but woman naked in front of you?  i don't think you'd be able to resist...'

friend:  'i can...'

me:  'i doubt it...  not you...'

friend chuckles:  'really!'

me:  'haha...  really, huh!  well, i'm not gonna put you to the test...'

; p


on the phone...

friend:  'isn't your dad looking for me?'

me:  'why would he look for you?'

friend chuckles:  'he hasn't seen me in a while...  maybe i need to report...'

me:  'haha... maybe when i'm getting married again he'll look for you...  last time when i was set to marry he suddenly looked for <suitor>...'

friend:  'oh?  as in, 'where's <suitor>?''

me:  'yes...  he asked my mom...  i dunno why...  he's been seeing <suitor> around the house for the longest time and yet he never really said anything about him then suddenly when i was about to get married he asked about him...'

friend:  'maybe he was thinking, this is the one who dribbled, how come someone else is going to shoot?'

huh?!  the conversations that i have!  uuuuuuhhhhhh!!!  : }

another way of saying...

mom:  'why don't you change your profile picture in facebook?'

me:  'i don't change profile pics...  that's already ok...'

mom:  'it's not good...  you're hunched...'

me:  'fine with me...  it's a kiddie pic...'

mom:  'kids should be cute...'

huh?!  wahaha...  toinks!!!

quick response

i got my new / replacement card today...

5 days ago, i sent the following e-mail to my bank:

"hallo...  i have a <credit card> (9999 9999 9999 9999) with expiry date of <month> 2015 yet.  for some reason, the laminate on the card got detached at the corner and was protruding upward.  the protruding portion got bigger and bigger and merchants sometimes had a hard time trying to insert the card into their readers.  i therefore decided to just peel off the laminate from the card.  the card is still usable but then it looks dull and shabby (please see attached photo).  i would like to know whether you could send me a replacement card with the P400 replacement fee waived.  a positive response would be highly appreciated.  thank you."

three-and-a-half-hours later, they sent me the following e-mail:


We received your e-mail regarding your request for the replacement of your <credit card>. We have forwarded your request to the concerned unit for processing. Please note the following reminders regarding your request:

1. Your new card will bear a different card number.
2. Please refrain from using your existing card as this will be deactivated.


whoa!  my immediate reaction upon reading the e-mail was to be thankful i wasn't out buying something that time.  could you imagine, i'm out there at the cashier paying with my card and i don't even know it has been deactivated.  uh-oh...

i was thinking all i sent was a query ("i would like to know whether you could send me a replacement card with the P400 replacement fee waived.").  ' turns out it was already a replacement request.  uhhh!

anyway, no harm was done.  at least, they were quick.  i am thankful.

no match

mom and dad watched 'gravity'...

me:  'next time, tell me when you're going to watch a movie...  i have 20% discount in ayala cinemas...  trinoma, greenbelt, glorietta, market!market!, alabang...  even cebu and davao...'

mom:  '20%?  we pay only 25 centavos...'

me:  '25 centavos?!'

mom:  'yes...  senior...'

oh...  : )

100% discount

mom:  '<aunt> was saying <cousin> likes to tag along with her because she gets a senior citizen discount...'

dad:  'me, i like tagging along with your mom...'

mom cuts in:  'because you get things for free...'

dad chuckles:  'yes...  you're the one who pays...'

; )


you think i don't know
but i do.

you think you know
but you don't.

behind the times

i kept singing:

♩ ♪  la da di da di  ♫ ♬

sister:  'why are you so noisy?  what are you saying?'

me:  'LSS...  'we can't stop'...'

duh!  it's 'wrecking ball' now...



dad heard the loboc children's choir singing 'the prayer' on tv...  he asked me to get the lyrics...

i print two copies for him...

me:  'here...  have a duet with mom...'

dad scans the page then says to my mom:  'oh...  this is hard...  it's not pure english...'

he turns to me and goes:  'could you just get me 'you raise me up'?'

; )


i have special memories of bohol and cebu.  last year, 16 members of our family went there:  my mom, my sister, my aunts, my cousins, my nieces and i.  our family has regular get-togethers and we've done out-of-towns but this was the first time such a big group (all ladies, btw) traveled together by plane.  (it all started with a seat sale...)  to merely say that it was fun would not do justice to the experience.

then yesterday, earthquakes rocked the provinces.  the magnitude 7.2 quake in bohol is on record as the fifth strongest earthquake to ever hit the country.  scenes of grief and devastation filled the news.  heartbreaking.

amid all these, two clips stood in my mind.

first was that of cebu mayor michael rama being interviewed by korina sanchez.  the mayor was calm, smiling even, and he said, "...  kaya naman namin 'yan [we can handle this]...  together we can make things happen..."

and then this guy from bohol, tony pino.  the camera showed him picking up a salvageable from his fallen house.  he was telling the news crew, "back to zero," and yet he still managed to show a faint smile.

yes, you can break their structures but not their spirit.


phone call...

caller:  'what time do you have?'

me:  '4:01...'

caller:  'how come this is still closed?  isn't it supposed to open at 4?'

me:  'where are you?'

caller:  'in front of <place>...'

me:  'oh...  i'll check what time they open...'

caller:  'it says here 4...'

me:  'where?'

caller:  'they have a sign here...'

me:  'but they're still closed?'

caller:  'wait...  they're opening now...'

terms of endearment

friend:  'what if i call you maria?'

me:  'that's ok...  <toot1> calls me maria...'

friend:  'really?'

me:  'yup...'

friend:  'how 'bout <toot2>?'

me:  'cynths...'

friend:  'and <toot3>?'

me:  'babe...'

friend:  'before that?'

me:  'what do you mean?'

friend:  'it wasn't babe right away, was it?  what did he call you before babe?'

me:  'cynthia...'

friend:  'how 'bout <toot4>?  what does <toot4> call you?'

me:  'haha...  <softdrink brand>...'

friend:  'what???'

me:  '<softdrink brand>!  well, sometimes 'dear'...  but he calls everyone 'dear'...  <softdrink brand>, it's just me...'

friend:  '<softdrink brand>?!  why?!'

well, the first time he asked me out, i really didn't want to go.  hmmm...  make that, initially i didn't want to.  but then he was so amusingly insistent / persistent eventually i felt like i wanted to.  i didn't think i should, however, so i still kept on declining.  in the middle of our invitation-rejection exchange, a friend called.  i told her about this guy and she told me to accept the invitation provided i make sure i don't take any drinks that would have to be prepared on site.  she said i should order only sealed drinks that i would have to open myself, for example, drinks in can.  huh?!  hahaha.  i told the guy about the requirement and he was fine with it and so go out to lunch with him i did.  after that, he's been calling me <softdrink brand>...

; )


october 7

i receive SMS:
'this is my new number thanks - emma'

i update my phone book...

october 11

i give her a call...
she doesn't answer...

october 12

emma:  'hi, you called?  i left my phone earlier.'

me:  '...  i was near your street that time, i had the flash drive with pics...  but when you were not answering, i didn't make a turn anymore.'

emma:  'aw! you mean you were near the condo or the house?'

me:  'oh, what condo?  wait, which emma is this?  <surname1>?  aw, i was talking to <surname2>...'

emma:  'ahhh, this is your ate emma hehehe!'

me:  'hahaha...  so that's why there's a condo, hehe...'

emma:  'this is emma <surname1> hehehe'

me:  'facebook moment...'

emma:  ':)...  on my end i was wondering why there's a flash drive haha'

; )

just log through blog

Conversation started August 13

Maria Cynthia
8/13, 4:29pm

Reference number 13UG0100031

I would like to follow up the status of my request for a change in the delivery address of my billing statement from

<old address>

to the actual service address of

<new address>

Account Name <Name of Account Holder>
Service ID Number <SIN>

Said request was logged in the meralco website ( last August 1, 2013.  Reference number is 13UG0100031.

My daughter called 632-8989 last August 7 to follow up but she was told by the Customer Service Representative that they do not have access to the status of the request as this is handled by the branch.

She has been calling the Araneta (Ali Mall) Business Center number listed on your website (9113535) but she could not get through.

Please update me on the status of the request.

Thank you.

<Name of Account Holder>
Tel. No. <contact no.>

8/13, 4:32pm

Hi Maria, ang inyong ini-report na illegal connection ay naka-refer na sa aming Inspection Division para sa kaukulang imbestigasyon.  Makakaasa kayo na gagawan namin ng kaukulang follow-up ang inyong report. Salamat.

Maria Cynthia
8/13, 4:35pm

ha?!  wala naman akong ini-report na illegal connection, a...  i was simply following up my dad's request for a change in the delivery address of his billing statement (Service ID Number <SIN>).

8/13, 4:38pm

Hi Maria, we will coordinate your application to our Makati Business Center to address your concern. Thank you.

8/13, 4:40pm

Hi Maria, we would like to clarify that your request for the necessary changes in your billing address has already been forwarded to our Makati Business Center for proper handling. You will receive an Acknowledgement and Feedback Letters anytime this week. We will make the necessary follow-up on this. Thank you.

Maria Cynthia
9/11, 9:07am

I would like to follow up the status of our request for a change in the delivery address of the billing statement for Service ID Number <SIN> from <old city> to <new city>.  (The last billing statement was still delivered to <new city>) [sic:  should be <old city>]:

= = = = =

Conversation started August 13
8/13, 4:29pm

Reference number 13UG0100031

I would like to follow up the status of my request for a change in the delivery address of my billing statement from

<old address>

to the actual service address of

<new address>

Account Name <Name of Account Holder>
Service ID Number <SIN>

Said request was logged in the meralco website ( last August 1, 2013.  Reference number is 13UG0100031.

My daughter called 632-8989 last August 7 to follow up but she was told by the Customer Service Representative that they do not have access to the status of the request as this is handled by the branch.

She has been calling the Araneta (Ali Mall) Business Center number listed on your website (9113535) but she could not get through.

Please update me on the status of the request.

Thank you.

<Name of Account Holder>
Tel. No. <contact no.>
= = = = =

9/11, 9:32am

Hi Maria, please be informed that the Makati Business Center has already sent a acknowledgement letter regarding to your concern and received by Ms. <recipient name>.
Thank you.

Maria Cynthia
10/7, 12:16pm

Where and when was it sent?  We don't know anyone named <recipient name>.

10/7, 12:30pm

Hi Maria, the letter was received by Ms. <recipient name> (Maid) last August 13, 2013 through Meagamail. We advise you to coordinate with our Makati Business Center regarding your concern. You may contact the said office with these numbers: 729-9866 to 73, 899-7119, 899-7115 and located at 9581 Kamagong St. corner Ayala Ave. Extn, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City near Makati Fire Station. Thank you.

Maria Cynthia
10/7, 4:27pm

Whose maid?  At what address?

10/7, 4:29pm

Please coordinate at our Makati Business Center regarding your concern. You may contact the said office with these numbers: 729-9866 to 73, 899-7119, 899-7115 and located at 9581 Kamagong St. corner Ayala Ave. Extn, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City near Makati Fire Station. Thank you.

Maria Cynthia
10/9, 1:34pm

Reference number 13UG0100031

october 9...  tried calling the Makati Business Center...

"The telephone number you dialled is not yet in service."

"This is Globe Telecom.  The number you are calling is temporarily out of service."


"The number you dialled is not accessible at the moment."

finally able to get through at 899-7119.  on hold for half an hour and just kept on getting:

"Sorry, our branch representatives are busy at the moment.  To stay on hold, press 6.  To leave a message, press 7."

eventually decided to go for 7.  the response at 7?

"This mailbox is currently unavailable."

tried logging a follow up at the Meralco Customer Care page:

"Error sending feedback.
Click here to try again."

tried again.  error again.

10/9, 1:37pm

We apologized for the inconvenience. Kindly email us again in our website at in order for us to refer your email to our Makati Business Center. Thank you

Maria Cynthia
10/10, 3:39pm

i tried to do that just now.
"Error sending feedback." again.

10/10, 3:48pm

To successfully submit your message kindly encode/input all the needed details and unchecked the bow with the note: Yes, associate this with another feedback. Thank you.

Maria Cynthia
10/11, 4:54pm

oh...  is that part of your program not working?  how would you know that the new ticket is just a follow-up to an existing one?  anyway, ok...  i'll just mention the earlier Reference Number (13UG0100031) in the new ticket...  thanks...

Maria Cynthia

i just tried logging a ticket again...  "Error sending feedback." again...  is there a limit to the number of characters a ticket could contain?


at the bank...  teller offering me a tiered gift promo that requires a fresh fund deposit of one million...

me:  'if you have one million, why would you put it in savings?  should be time or some other high-yield instrument...  well, yeah, unless you're going to spend it shortly...'

i'm not gonna spend a million shortly...  \m/

salon-goer not

friend requested me to get her a hot oil voucher...

me:  'i can't find hot oil...  just keratin...'

friend:  'ok...  that will do...'

i buy the voucher...

later she texts me:  'it seems the voucher you got is for facial...  but it's ok...  i'd also like to get a facial...'

me:  'that's facial?!  the description of the deal is for hair...'

friend:  'but it says keratin mask...  so it's for the face...'

me:  'maybe they'll mask the hair?'

friend:  'mask is for the face...'

me:  'you sure?'

friend:  'that's what my cousin says...'

me:  'hmmm...  my friend had keratin treatment and it was for the hair...  do they have that for the face?  as in, they'll remove the frizz from your facial hair?!'

; p

it's about you

sister has a new phone...

me:  'why aren't you taking selfies anymore?'

sister:  'i don't look good in this phone...'

me:  'oh?  that phone's supposed to have a better camera than your previous phone...'

sister:  'but i looked better in my old phone...'

me:  'hmmm...  then just take pictures with your old phone...  better to have good pics with a bad cam than to have a good cam with bad pics...'


friend:  'let's go?  i can guide you, your highness...'

me:  'hahaha...  are you a king, a prince or a jester?'

friend:  'i'm the grand vizier.  har har har.'

me:  'aw, dumb mode...  what's that?  i'll google first...'

oh, dear

showed my mom our granddaughter's agnes ('despicable me') doll...

me:  'guess how much this is...'

mom:  '500 pesos?'

me:  'huh?!  higher...'

mom:  '700?'

me:  'higher...'

mom:  '1,000?'

me:  'higher...'

mom:  'higher?  2,000?!'

me:  'higher...'

mom:  'higher?!'

me:  'yes...'

mom:  '10,000?'

me:  'haha...  no...  lower...'

mom:  '8,000?'

me:  'lower...'

mom:  '7,000?'

me:  'lower...'

mom:  '5,000?'

me:  'lower...'

mom:  '3,000?'

me:  'yes!'

mom:  'that small doll's P3,000?!'

me:  'oh, yes, mom...'

now let's go to my nephew's rubber shoes...  ; )


mom and dad trying to determine on what day this certain date in october falls...

mom:  'friday?'

dad:  'maybe monday...'

mom:  'but such date would fall on a friday...'

dad:  'they usually hold it mondays...'

i stand up and show them a calendar for october...  solved...  ; )

not really

phone call at an unusual time...

me:  'why'd you call?'

caller:  'nothing...  i just missed you...'

me:  'oh?'

caller laughs:  'no...  actually, <blah-blah-blah>...'

aw!  he took it back...  : }

he said, she said

on the phone...

friend:  'we should be early...'

me:  'how early?'

friend:  'around 1...'

me:  '1...  p.m.?'

friend:  '1 p.m...'

me:  'haha...  i thought when you said early 'twould be morning...  turns out it's in the afternoon yet...'

friend:  'they run out quickly!'

me:  'oh...  what time do they run out?'

friend:  '4 to 5 p.m...'

me:  '4 o'clock yet?  so 1 to 4?  is that quick?'

friend:  'isn't it?'

hmmm...  i think our standards are not quite the same...  : }


my phone rings...  i hear background noise...

me:  'where are you?'

caller:  'outside...'

me:  'where...'

caller cuts me short:  'where am i going?'

me:  'yes...'

caller:  'to your heart...'

aw!  :")

watch and turn

watched 'insidious' last night...  dunno whether it really wasn't that scary or i simply wasn't that scared because i kept on looking elsewhere during the supposedly scary parts...

my companion who has seen the movie was able to give me advance notice (per my request) and every time a scene with disturbing visuals is about to come up he'd tell me, 'you close your eyes now...'

; )

same time, what year

on the phone...

friend:  'let's set it friday, october 5...'

me:  'ok...'

<blah-blah-blah>, <blah-blah-blah>


soon after, i receive a text message:  'friday's october 4'

i call:  'so, what?  friday or october 5?'


me:  'you sure with that now?'

friend:  'yes...  i'm facing the calendar now...'

me:  'what year?'

; )

rise and shine

friend:  'i'll accompany you tomorrow...'

me:  'oh, it's ok...  i can manage...'

friend:  'i'll accompany you...'

me:  'don't bother...  so you won't have to wake up...'

friend:  'i really am going to wake up tomorrow...'

haha...  of course...  ; )


someone kinda peeved that she's being sent out of town on short notice to present a report...  as in, informed today, leaving early tomorrow morning...

well, at least you have the night, girl...  and you have a reference document for your report...

me, years back when i was still a newbie programmer, one of the bosses shows up at our office and tells me to accompany her...

me:  'what do i need to bring?'

boss:  'nothing...  just tag along...'


so we go to this room...  'twas full of people...  we sit down...  listen, listen...

then she goes in front to speak...

oh...  so she's a speaker...

and then, ta-daaannn!!!  did i almost fall off my seat when at this certain point in her talk she suddenly called me telling the audience i'm going to talk about this certain topic.  whaaaatttt???!!!  impromptu!  :O

one of the unforgettable moments in my work life...

and, uhm, modesty aside, i'm happy to say i acquitted myself quite well...  hah!!!  ; p

one sweet day

there's this someone whose number i've deleted from my phone book.  it took a while before i was able to finally do that.  at first, all i could make myself do was rename him in my contacts list.  but yup, eventually, i mustered enough grit to finally go and delete his number.  not that i call him, ok.  i've actually been telling him to stop calling me.  he'd comply and then he'll be back again.  it's been like that for almost two years now...  : }

well, this afternoon my phone rang.  number not in my address book (i get a lot of that) but for some reason when i saw the last digit, i somehow felt it was this someone who, uhm, used to be very special...

then when i said hello, the caller greeted me a certain way...

right away i blurted out a name...

he didn't really say yes but instead just mumbled something so i had to ask whether it really was him...

yup, 'twas him alright...

suddenly, i was soooo happy...  :")
(well, i was actually rather happy today but his call just made my day all the more happier...)

i can take his number out of my phone...  but i can't erase his memories out of my life (don't really want to use 'heart' there)...


purchased a voucher from one of the group-buying sites...  two sets of cheeseburger, fries and milkshake, 55% off...

me:  'i really liked their milkshake...  if they still have a voucher, i'll buy again...'

friend:  'i still have one...  i printed two...'

me:  'huh?!'

friend:  'ooops...  yeah...  it's just a duplicate...  they have the same code...  we'll have to buy again...'

of course!  \m/


me:  'which rank is higher, 1st lieutenant or 2nd lieutenant?'

military dad in a you-don't-know-that?!-tone:  'of course, 1st lieutenant!'

ooops...  hehe...  sorry...  :"}

a two-star general is higher than a one-star, right?  but yeah, in ships, the first mate is higher than the second mate...

High Price

brother's printer wouldn't print so he bought a cartridge of yellow toner...

i tell him he has to buy three more:  black, magenta and blue...

he says last time he bought only yellow and it worked...

i tell him last time, he still had other toners so it worked...  well, this time, all are used up so he has to buy all four...

brother, pointing to the yellow cartridge:  'but this one costs P2,600.00...'

me:  'uh-huh...'

brother:  'i need to buy three more?!'

me:  'yes...'

you should have seen the look on his face...

; )

say yes

discovered a new place today...  sweet ecstacy at cubao expo...  i love milkshakes and i've had countless and i'd say theirs is really good!!!  : D
-  i had nutella oreo...  ok, ok...  how can you go wrong with that?  ; )

first time i heard the name i was hesitant to go...  i told my friend it sounds like an, uhm, 'adult' club...  she was insisting we give it a try...  it's a voucher anyway...  groupon / beeconomic, 55% off...  P351.00 for **two sets** of cheeseburger, fries and shake (your choice)...

i googled a bit...  the images looked wholesome enough so ok, say yes...

well, my P175.50 share was definitely worth it...  at regular price, their milkshakes would cost P140 to P160...  we paid just a bit higher and we already had cheeseburger and fries with the shake...  the burger was good, too...  the fries, ok...

voucher or no voucher, i'd definitely be back...  : )


last saturday, i received SMS from my telco asking me to rate my customer service experience...  i ignored it because i'd rather not give a low rating...

now i receive another SMS again asking me to rate their customer service...  once again i am ignoring it...

if next saturday they send me another survey i just might not be able to restrain myself anymore and actually tell them i was not at all satisfied...

: }

outside your jurisdiction

i have an über-protective, uhm, kinda 'meddlesome' dad, at least, to my mom and us his offspring.  we're waaayyyy  into the age of majority yet he still watches over us as if we're some helpless, vulnerable baby.  of course, he has the best of intentions and we're really thankful but sometimes it's not so easy to appreciate the over-concern, hehe.  (we love you, vats...  peace!!!  <3 <3 <3 )

well, today my aunt came over.  she and my mom were going out and i handed them a package with the warning, 'it's kinda heavy...'

right away, my dad's antenna went tinnggg!!!  he goes, 'why are you going to bring it when it's heavy?  just leave it...'

my mom and my aunt both say it's ok.

my dad was insisting they leave it.

my mom and my aunt kept saying they could manage.

my dad was getting angry already:  'you're going out and you'll be carrying around a heavy package?!  leave it!'

me:  'vats, that's not ours...  that's auntie's...  she's taking it home...'

oh...  ;")


dad eating cake...

sister offers him macaroni salad...

he declines saying it might not go well with what he's eating.

me:  'oh?  i think it's ok...  at parties they have both cake and salad, right?'

dad:  'yes...  but you'll have to choose...'

ooops...  you're supposed to choose?!  i've been having both...  : }

if you could see me now

replied joyfully to a text message this morning...

texter said he could imagine me, 'running, jumping, clapping while saying that.'

me:  '<blah-blah-blah>'

'twas the guy's turn to reply with a giddy message.

uhm...  i wanted to say, i could imagine him 'running, jumping, his big, round belly shaking while saying that.'

; p

raise the bar

me:  'what cake do you want?'

niece:  'any, tita...  thanks...'

me:  'hmmm...  but is there any particular cake that you like?'

niece:  'i liked the one that you gave mama...'

me:  'oh...  that's too plain...  the only reason i bought it was because my first choice wasn't available...'

niece:  'but it was good, tita...'

me:  'yeah...  but it doesn't look good...'

mom:  'just get it...  it's what she likes...  what's important is that it tastes good...'

me:  'yup...  but if you can have something that does not just taste good but also looks good then better...'


calling my telco's customer service hotline.

"for instructions in english, press 1.
kung gusto ninyo ng taglish, press 2."

i press 1.

"you have entered an invalid entry."

i try again.

again, "you have entered an invalid entry."

i tried and tried until i reached the maximum allowable attempts.  aw!

again, again...  this time i press 2.

same result.

: }

it's me

me:  'have you redeemed your item?'

sister:  'do i need to present anything?'

me:  'your voucher...'

sister:  'i don't have a voucher...'

me:  'didn't i give you?'

sister:  'no...'

ooops...  my fault...  : }


sister-in-law:  'is he courting you?'

me:  'oh...  no...'

sister-in-law:  'ah...  you're just friends...'

me:  'yup...  we're in the friend zone...'

a sticky place...  ; p


went upstairs to copy some pics...
realized that i forgot the camera and memory card downstairs...
went down...
saw that one of the vases was off-center...  fixed...
went upstairs after...
realized that i again forgot the cam and mem card downstairs...
went down again and proceeded straight to the cam...
copying pics now...

water nymph

mom sees me:  'you're going out?'

me:  'yes...  didn't i tell you i was going to <place>?'

mom:  'that was quite a while back...'

me:  'i haven't left yet...'

mom:  'i thought you've come back...'

me:  'i still had to shower...'

mom:  'that long?!'

uhm...  you should know me by now, mom...  : }

men and women

brother and sister-in-law attending a wedding...  an hour before the ceremony, i see my brother...

me:  'where's <sister-in-law>?'

brother:  'at the salon [for hair and makeup]...'

my brother?  he's still in his dowdy shorts and big shirt feeding the birds...

; )

gone in two weeks

wanted to get a good mango cake for someone very dear late last month... three starbucks branches, not a single one had a whole mango yogurt cheesecake...  thought of putting together remaining slices from two of their branches...  hmmm...  discarded the idea...  got another cake instead...

to avoid a repeat, tried to reserve one in advance this time.  guess what, they've discontinued the cake!



buying something online...  error message saying card issuer has declined my card...  hmmm...  it has enough balance!

i tried another card, a linked card, i.e., they share the same credit limit and have the same balance.  the transaction pushed through!

only difference was the first time i spelled out my first name, i.e. 'Maria,' when on the card it just says 'Ma.'  on the successful transaction i just typed 'Ma.'


' saw one of the items i bought at 50% discount back to its regular price...  i was soooo happy!!!  i made a good buy, baby!  yea!!!  : D

what's funny?

my phone rings...

me:  'hello...'

caller:  'hehehe...'

me:  'why are you laughing?'

caller:  'is it bad to laugh?'

me:  'no...  but then you haven't said anything yet and you're already laughing...'

caller chuckles...

wahehe...  ; )


cousin saying all the while she thought you pronounced 'lipid' as 'lee-pid' and then she was with a doctor and the latter pronounced it as 'lye-pid' (the first syllable sounding like 'eye').  she said her companion being a doctor, she should know the right pronunciation.

me:  'hmmm...  i think i heard it being pronounced as lye-pid before...  not really sure, that's so long ago...  but since it's english, the 'i' could really be 'eye'...'

cousin-in-law:  'just like nikon (pronouncing it nye-kon)...'

me:  'is it nye-kon or nee-kon?  it's japanese so i suppose the 'i' there is 'ee'...'

cousin:  'but remember in hong kong, <camera seller> calls it nye-kon...'

me:  'is he japanese?'

cousin:  'no...  chinese...'

me:  'hmmm...  i had japanese classes for a year...  the 'i' is 'ee' not really 'eye'...'

a while later, the topic changed to powershots and ixus...  my cousin-in-law pronounced it 'eye-zoos'...  hmmm...  all these years i've been pronouncing it 'ick-sus'...  : }

now i checked (webster and digitalrev) :

i'm wrong on lipid.  it's supposed to be lee-pid not lye-pid.

but i got nikon and ixus right.  yup, they're nee-kon and ick-sus.

: )

zeros sum

depositing money at the bank...  i was putting the bills on the counter and noticed the surprised look on the teller's face...  i wondered why considering that the amount is not small but i don't think it was that large either...

when i've put everything on the counter, the teller went, 'that's what you're going to deposit, ma'am?'

me:  'yes...'

teller:  'it says here only <10 times lower the amount>, ma'am...'

me:  'oh...  i missed out a zero!  it's supposed to be <correct amount>...'

teller:  'ah, so this is supposed to be <correct amount>, ma'am...'

me:  'yes...  sorry...'

the zero matters...  \m/

too big

saw a guy at the mall talking to someone on one of those not-quite-small-enough-for-your-hand tablets with phone capability.  as in, the tablet was close to his ear.  looked kinda weird to me.  it's like having your face against a wall...  : }

yes, no

i've been declining this friend's invitation for yearS...  today he asked again, just like yesterday and the other day...

me:  'you already know my reply...'

friend:  'yes?  finally you said yes!'

me:  'haha...  yes, you already know my reply.'

and that reply is 'no.'

the wrong one

i've been going to this bookstore a long time and only now did i notice the text on their floor tiles.

me:  'miss, what book is this on your tiles?'

customer service assistant:  'The Prince, ma'am...  Machiavelli...'

ok...  i check the floor...

hmmm...  why is it so loooong?

i read a bit...  aw!  seems too serious...  i don't remember this part of the book...

and then i see in a chapter title, The Art of War...  huh?!  that's Sun Tzu!

suddenly it dawned on me, oh, yup, she did say The Prince and Machiavelli.  i had in mind The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

: }


on the phone...

friend:  'when are we going out again?'

me:  'why are we going to go out, we don't have vouchers...  i don't wanna go out unless there's a [discount] voucher...'

; )

jumping to conclusions

chose an item at the supermarket...  checking out other stuff after...  saleslady told me to just call her when i'm already at the cashier and she'd just bring the item...

so i was ready to pay and i asked the guard to please tell the saleslady i'm already at the counter...

guard calls out, 'mahal...  mahal...'
[mahal = love / dear]

the saleslady comes near...

me to guard:  'you're a lover boy, huh!'

store staff behind me:  'her name's really 'mahal'...'

ooops...  sorry...  :"}

just for fam

at a restaurant...  i was supposed to greet my uncle with a kiss when two of my cousins passed between us so we kissed each other first...  after our beso beso, i was poised to resume planting a kiss on my uncle's cheek but i had to backtrack suprised that now in his place already stood a waiter...  wahaha...  pass...  i don't kiss strangers...  ; )

so dear

hahaha...  dad's story about his mom:

she was born in the 1890s and passed away in her late 80s.  now there was a store in front of her house in the province and my grandmother, using as reference point the prices from sooo long ago, found the merchandise too expensive.  what my dad did was to talk to the storekeeper telling them to sell to my grandmother items at whatever pre-inflation price she wants and he'll just pay the difference.  everybody happy...  ; )

quite the opposite

balikbayan cousin:  '<sister-in-law> was saying the buffet at <place> is well-known...  we should have eaten there...'

me:  'i was telling you that's where we should eat but you didn't like!'

cousin:  'because you told me it was healthy!  of course, i didn't like it anymore...'

me:  'nyeh!  that's supposed to be a bad thing?!'

: }


at the spa's hot herbal pool (40°C)...

cousin:  'don't go there...  it's too hot...  you won't have children anymore...'

me:  'haha...  at my age, i don't anymore intend to have children!'

cousin:  'but you still have eggs...  go there, you won't get pregnant anymore...'

me:  'that's not true...  anyway, i don't want to get pregnant anymore...'

should have been then...  not now...

i love myself

sister and i have me-myself-and-i-pics in facebook and i'm-not-in-there-pics in instagram...

sister:  'i like the facebook likes...'

me:  'instagram likes are better...  they don't know you and yet they liked your pic...'

sister, pointing to her face:  'but it's not me...'

: }

just my style

photography supplies store personnel advises me to disable my live view as it consumes a lot of power.

me:  'it's ok...  i have spare batts...'

another asks:  'you always use live view, ma'am?'

me:  'yes...'

he says 'twill easily drain my batteries.

me:  'that's precisely why i bring a spare...'

he points to my viewfinder and tells me it will go to waste if i don't use it.

me, pointing to my LCD:  'i prefer this...  it's bigger...'

the lady personnel who advised me to disable live view goes:  'you need that only for concerts, ma'am...  when you shoot like this...'  (she raises her arms.)

me:  'that's how i shoot...  arms up high...'

store personnel:  'oh...  you shoot concerts, ma'am?'

me:  'hehe...  no...  just our family...'


intense not

sister eating something i didn't really like...

me:  'you like it?'

sister:  'yes...'

me:  'oh...  you like it?!'

sister:  'i just like it...  i don't like it very much...'

; )


me:  'you want me to change your profile pic [in facebook]?'

friend:  'what profile pic do i have there?'

me:  '<blah-blah-blah>...'

friend:  'you don't like it anymore?'

me:  'not really...'

friend:  'what replacement do you intend to put?'

me:  'i'll check...  definitely your pic...  why on earth would i put a pic of mine there?'

friend:  'i thought that's what you were going to do...'

me:  'my notifications will go crazy if i did that...  aw, no...  my friends won't see it...  yours will...  'twill be your notifications that will go crazy if i put my pic there...'

; p


my phone rings...

me:  'i'm in the shower...  i'm wet!'

guy chuckles:  'so wet?'

me:  'wet and naked...'

bye!  \m/


rainy holiday morning (ninoy aquino day)...  reminiscences over brunch...  my dad tells me he used to earn P210 pesos as a lieutenant in 1956  ->  and that was already considered relatively high in those days...


my phone rings...

me:  'what time is it?'

caller:  '7:15...'

me:  'so early...'

caller:  'is it raining there?'

me:  'yes...  where are you?'

caller:  'in your heart...'


skip it

supposed to attend a party tomorrow...

me:  'ei, there's already suspension of classes up to college tomorrow...  in makati, in manila, they've suspended...'

friend:  'good...  we won't encounter traffic...'

me:  'huh?!  they've suspended because of the storm, you still intend to party?!'



enlisted my sister's car to help haul off the stuff my friend bought last night (yup, two-cars-full!)...  i surrendered our parking tickets in advance so we both could drive straight out...

my sister tells me, 'when i went out, i told parking, 'i'm the one with the other car...'  the guy replied, 'oh, yes...  you look alike...''

awww!!!  ewwww!!!  joke!!!  peace...  ; )


making reservations at a restaurant in robinson's galleria...

me:  '<blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah>'

restaurant staff:  '<blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah>'

me:  'okay...  thank you...  what's your name?'

restaurant staff:  'moa, ma'am...'

me:  'moa...  M, O, A?'

restaurant staff:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'how come you're working at galleria?'

should be at Mall of Asia...  ; )

we can have it all

on the phone with a friend re sale at galleria and sm...  she needs (uhm, 'wants') to buy something...  i was making her choose where she wants to go...  guess what, we're going to both...  \m/

meant to be

someone was going to give me leche flan (a MAJOR fave) on condition that i pick it up...  twice i was supposed to...  twice i was unable to...  guess what, the giver had it delivered to my place!  whoa!  i was thinking i was going to forfeit it already...  :'(

that's how it usually is, right?  you don't claim your prize, you forfeit it...  this one is not even a prize...  i did not join any contest...  i did not do anything special...  all i did was mention in facebook that i like leche flan...  lo and behold, someone was gonna give me leche flan!!!  : D

this morning i was awakened by a text message asking about my house number...  i though it was missent so i went back to sleep...  well, later my phone rang...  the leche flan was on its way!  the one who was going to deliver it was already in our street...  whaaattt???!!!  rush out of the house in the big shirt i slept in i did and looked for the courier...  nada...  : }

i walked to the corner...  uhm, a busy road where all sorts of vehicles, private and public, pass...  i looked around and glanced about and expectantly checked out passers-by...  well, they also checked me out...  biiigggg, loose man's shirt (given by someone that i used to love <3<3<3), just-tumbled-out-of-bed-hair, arms across my chest as, uhm, i wasn't really dressed for wandering out of the house...  : }

' turns out the courier got lost...  she was trying to find me on the opposite street...  i was standing in the corner and someone crossed and looked at me and asked whether i know any 'cynthia'...  ei, 'tis i!

she said an acquaintance of hers was looking for me and she's on the opposite street...

uh-oh...  i can't go that far as i'm still in my sleepwear...

guess what, the kind soul spotted the courier from quite afar, waved and waved and even crossed the street again to meet her...  the two then approached me and i was finally handed the leche flan...  i was sooo happy...  i was sooo thankful...  : )

the childhood reminder 'don't accept candy from strangers' actually crossed my mind...  but i was thinking, i got a message...  i received a call...  i heard the voice of someone i know...  i'm not really accepting 'candy' with reckless abandon...  (hahaha...  the justifications you make for something you like...)

anyway, the leche flan was really good...  for a while there i was worried the giver might have used jackfruit...  i don't like jackfruit...  : }

well, she did not!  : D

i've had countless leche flans and her version was definitely to my liking...  on top of that, it was free and home-delivered!  such a blessing...  : )

i was thinking, it was originally being given to me on a certain condition, i.e., i pick it up...  i wasn't able to fulfill the condition yet the sweet still ended up with me...  i thought i had lost it, still i got it...  hmmm...  'if it's meant to be, it's gonna be...'

no matter what, no matter where, if it's for you, 'twill get to you...  most sweetly applicable to love...  <3<3

as far as it goes

about to take a stroll at harbour square where there are a lot of stalls selling all sorts of stuff...

cousin 1, referring to my 2-year-old niece:  'does she ask you to buy when she sees something?'

cousin 2:  'no...  she just says 'wow' and that's it...'

ei, nice...  : )

uhm...  dunno how ' am wired but married men came to mind...  if only they could adopt the same attitude...  ; )

sorry, we're closed

my mom and my aunts were looking for a restaurant that served "all the different filipino breakfasts."  a cousin googled it and gave them agahan at san antonio village in makati.  so this morning, off they went to the place.  well, they were told it's been closed for quite a while now...  : }

similarly, just last week, i was going to pick up my best friend and she told me to just park at KFC.

ok.  drive, drive, drive.  ooops...  this is already too far...  how come i didn't see any KFC?

i call my friend:  'what KFC are you referring to, the one at shopwise?'

friend:  'no...  the one across ali mall...'

that was what i had in mind.  i drove back to where i was and again tried to find the place.  nowhere...  : }

again i called my friend:  'you sure there's still a KFC across ali mall?'

friend:  'yes...'

me:  'i saw construction sites...  you sure it hasn't closed?'

friend:  'no...'

me:  'did you see it?'

friend:  'yes...'

me:  'when was the last time you saw it?'

friend:  'just recently...'

me:  'how recent?'

friend:  'last week?  i saw it just recently...'

ok...  again i drove back and again i couldn't find it...  : }

i called my friend and told her i'm just going to park at shopwise  ->  3 hours free parking when you purchase stuff worth at least P300...  : )

so park there i did and just walked over to the department store where my friend was.

me:  'i couldn't find KFC!!!'

friend:  'yeah...  it's already closed...'

now you're telling me...  pfft!

it's all about timing

my phone rang...

caller:  'busy?'

me:  'not really...  but i'm out...'

caller:  'where are you?'

me:  'i'm at the mall...'

caller:  'and who's your date there?'

me:  'haha...  my mom, my aunts, my cousins...  my aunts, the ones you met the other night...'

hah!  what an easy question to answer...  ; p

sing alone

saw a performance of bohemian rhapsody on tv...

me:  'you really still can't beat the original...'

friend:  'of course!  that's queen...  it's one of my favorites...'

me:  'i like 'losing my religion'...'

friend:  'that's not queen...'

me:  'yup...  it's R.E.M....  how do you pronounce it, REM (one syllable) or R.E.M. (three syllables)?'

friend:  'R.E.M...'

me:  '♩ ♪  that's me in the corner...  ♫ ♬'

friend sings along and we do a duet...

'♩ ♪  that's me in the spotlight
losing my religion  ♫ ♬'

me:  'aw!  sounds awful...  we don't make beautiful music together...'

: }

1 + 1

i call a friend...

me:  'where are you now?'

friend:  'at <home>...'

me:  'good...  is it ok if you don't come over today?'

friend:  'why?'

me:  'this will make you laugh, hehe...'

friend:  'hehe...  i'm already laughing now...'

me:  'hehe...'

friend:  'so why?'

me:  'uhm, i was throwing up yesterday and then you're going to show up today, my mom might think there's something...'

; p

the price of a prize

i won a 25% discount at zalora...  : D

there was a flyer in my credit card statement...  you enter this code online and you get an insta-prize...  : )

actually, i wasn't thinking of buying anything there but since i have a 25% discount to be redeemed before september 15, i'm now checking out items at the site...

not really sure whether this is a prize or a price...  ; )

sounds good

mom:  'what time did you get home last night?'

me:  'past 12...'

uhm...  actually 'twas almost 1 a.m.  (hey, that is past 12!)...  but then 'past 12' sounds more like a good girl than 'almost 1' so i went for the former...  ; )

out of my league

leaving the SM parking lot last night, i saw a sign saying you get free parking when you have a single-receipt purchase worth P1,000.  freebie-sucker me suddenly got excited...  : D

with the widest of smiles, i handed the parking cashier my ticket and receipt saying:  'miss, free parking...'

the cashier examines my receipt...

i happily go:  'that's four thousand...'

cashier:  'you're a prestige member, ma'am?'

me:  'no...'

cashier:  'free parking is only for prestige members...'

ooops...  pay up, pay up...  : }


i drop by my best friend's place...

friend to housemate:  'ate, please give her ice cream...'

me:  'no, thanks...  ate, don't bother...'

friend:  'no...  give her...'

me:  'i don't want...  thanks...'

friend:  'just have some...'

me:  'no...'

housemate scoops ice cream...

me:  'noooo...  i don't wanna eat...'

friend:  'just a bit...'

me:  'i'm full...'

friend:  'me, ate, please give me some...'

me:  'oh...  so you're the one who likes ice cream!'


good enough

sister 1 offering me a pair of pants...

sister 2:  'that looks like sleepwear...'

me:  'it's ok...  i wear real sleepwear going out, remember?'

; p

walk, baby, walk

we see a stroller at the mall...

me:  'guess how much that is...'

friend:  'hmmm...  P5,000?'

me:  'P5,000?!  baby's ordinary stroller was already P8,000...'

friend:  'so how much?'

me:  'such stroller costs P49,990+...  ten times more than P5,000...'


you tell me

i call my friend's house...

me:  'could you please check the number <friend> wrote on the cake box and dictate to me...'

housemate:  '0917...'

me:  '0917...'

housemate:  '495...'

me:  '495...'

housemate:  'is that 5 or zero?'

me:  'you check...'

housemate:  '' looks like zero...'

me:  'ok...  zero...'

housemate:  'or maybe 5...'

me:  'look closely...'

housemate:  'zero?'

me:  'you check...'

housemate:  'what is this, 5 or zero?'

me:  'are you thinking aloud or asking me?  i really wouldn't know...  i'm so far...'

; )

punch line

i call a friend...

me:  '♩ ♪  happy birthday to you...  ♫ ♬'

friend:  'you're out of tune...'

ahahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p


runny nose...  i was perfectly fine yesterday...  not sure what could have triggered this...

last night, i did drop by my best friend's place and while there, my one-year-old goddaughter who had colds sneezed right smack at my face ->  through my open mouth!  : O

my best friend went:  'oh, baby, ninang might get your colds...'

i went, 'no...  she's so small...  i'm so big...'

my, my, my...  as if size matters to the cold virus...  ; p

month-ly names


guy 1:  'what's your name?'

guy 2:  'jun...'

guy 1:  'how's that, it's already july...'

ahahaha...  what happens to may?  ; p

big or small

friend to baby on his lap:  'look...  your tummy's showing...'

me:  'you, too...  your tummy was showing when you were sleeping...'

friend:  'my shirt's too small...  or maybe my belly's too big...'

; p

king and queen

i text a friend:  'merci beaucoup...'

he replies:  'du rien...'

i text back:  'king of fruits...'

he goes, 'hahaha.  is durian the king of fruits?  so they have a king!'

hmmm...  i wonder whether they have a queen...

wired differently

state of the nation address today and this song just keeps on playing in my head:

♩♪  don't you worry about the situation
a message from the telephone
they're out there fighting for the state of the nation  ♫♬

weird...  : }

i know him so well

i choked...

me:  'number...'

friend:  '1,766,563...'

me:  'awww...  why like that?'

friend chuckles:  'you compute...'

me:  'calculator...'

friend:  'i don't have a calculator...'

me:  'duh!  all cell phones have a calculator...  send it to me...'

friend fiddles awhile with his phone...

me:  'just send it...'

friend:  'yes...  i'll send it to you...  but i'll also compute it for you...'

well, it's 19...

me:  'letter S?  hmmm...  i don't know any S...'

then now i suddenly remembered, i do know an S...  i can't believe i forgot!  : O

do as i say...

my phone rings...

caller:  'are you on a date?'

me:  'haha...  that would be later...  whatever you do, i'll be doing, too...  so what did you do?'

caller:  'i'm being good...'

me:  'c'mon...  you just want me to be good while you're not...'

; p

parallel act

me:  'whatever you do i'll be doing, too...'

caller:  'sure?'

me:  'sure.'

caller:  'sure?'

me:  'yup!'

caller:  'there's something i plan to do but it's not what you have in mind...'

me:  'huh?!  what do i have in mind?'

caller:  'what do you have in mind?'

me:  'like, if you meet up, we, too, will go out...'

caller:  'i intend to <toot>...  you'll join?'

me:  'i said whatever you do, i'll be doing, too...  i didn't say i'll be doing it with you...'

sooo happy

i don't quite get what my caller is trying to say...

caller:  'oh, my...  i'm talking to a <inaudible>!'

me:  'what?'

caller:  '<inaudible>'

me:  'to a what?'

caller:  'nothing!'

me:  'what was it?  sorry, i didn't hear...  i'm super happy...'

caller:  'i can feel it...  maybe you'll be smiling the whole day...'

me:  'haha...  my cheeks are gonna get torn...  last night yet...'

happy from the ends of my hair to the tips of my toes...  : )))

uhm, the yucky version came to mind...  pardon...

     "from split ends to ingrown"

wahaha...  hey, i have neither, ok...  ; )

act quickly

i was going out with my mom today...  i knew the day, but not the time...

i was calling her and calling her and calling her but she wasn't picking up her phone...  awww...  i wanted to go someplace quick...  : }

call, call, call...  no answer...

after what seemed like forever, i decided to make a quick dash outside thinking i'll be back before she arrives...  guess what, i open the gate and there she was!  ooops, okay, okay, okay, abort my sprint...

out we went...

so there she was buying stuff and there i was waiting in the car and after sometime, i decided to make a quick dash to the nearby fastfood to wash my hands...  i just stepped in front of the sink and suddenly i see someone knocking on the glass wall...  whoa!  it's my mom!

wahaha...  you decide to go and that's when she appears...  i guess i tarry too long...  ; )

the secret

showed my sister-in-law my leg...

sister-in-law:  'what is that?!'

me:  'i got burned when i got off the motorcycle (from almeria to naval in biliran)...'

sister-in-law:  'aw...  that has happened to me before...  but that one's so big!'

me:  'yup...  i was surprised it became like this [it's as big as my thumb]...  it didn't feel so bad at the time...'

sister-in-law:  'that might scar...'

me:  'i've been burned before...  also while getting off a motorcyle...  it didn't scar...'

sister-in-law shows me her finger:  'look at this...  from boiling water...'

me:  'aw...  i'll have that on my leg?!'

sister-in-law:  'maybe...'

me:  'at my age?!  a scar?!'

i like dresses!!!

hah!  i'm gonna get my skin back...  smooth...  flawless...  i'm asking...  i'm believing...  i'm receiving...  \m/

not needed but wanted

friend:  'who's going with you?'

me:  'no one...  just me...'

friend:  'you'll be alone?!'

me:  'yes... this is my fifth time already...'

friend:  'where is that?'

me:  'almeria...  plane to tacloban then 4 hours by land to get to the place...'

friend:  'i remember you've mentioned that to me before...'

me:  'yup...  i go there once a year...  this is my fifth now...'

friend:  'why do you go there?'

me:  'to visit my <second mom>...  she was the one who took care of us since i was a baby...  she retired in 2009 and i've been visiting her since...'

friend:  'and how did you go the first time?'

me:  'i was also by myself...  i just asked around...  remember when we were at <place> and i was telling you i can manage?  i was just thinking i lived alone for 4 years...  i went to almeria by myself and i didn't even know the place...  i can handle manila...  but of course i am thankful you accompanied me...'

just because i can go it alone does not mean i want to go it alone.  it's definitely nicer to have someone with you.  i'm no damsel in distress but i still want my knight...  :")

a half-price treat wholeheartedly given

at starbucks for the repeat of their 'frappuccino treat for two' promo...

me:  'ei...  there's no queue...'

cashier:  'later, ma'am...  you were just first...'

me:  'oh...  it's not obvious i'm excited, hehe...'

promo's from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  my receipt timestamp's 2:06 p.m.  hey, i missed the first one!  i was at the service station that time having my friend's car oil-changed.  the ones i informed, even my friend whose car i was attending to that time, were able to avail themselves of the promo.

i'm not a coffee drinker actually.  but if it's buy-one-get-one then i get excited, haha.  i bought for my mom.  ain't i sweet?  and cheap...  ;")

trading places

me:  'starbucks is bringing back the 'frappuccino treat for two' promo...  they're having it tomorrow and tuesday [july 8 and 9]...  i wasn't able to make it last time but my sister and her officemate did...'

friend:  'me, too...'

me:  'you, too?'

friend:  'yes...  oh, wasn't i able to tell you?'

me:  'no!'

friend:  'you were the one who sent me a voucher...'

me:  'look at that, there i was at the service center waiting forever for YOUR car's flushing and change oil to finish and there you were at starbucks having a frap...'

save and be saved

an asiana flight from seoul crash-landed at the san francisco international airport yesterday.

i was struck by this post from author and facebook COO sheryl sandberg saying she and her family were originally supposed to take said flight but switched to united so they could use miles for her family's tickets.

not to make light of the situation but i was just thinking, in this instance, you did not just save on the (mileage) freebie, the freebie saved you.

my mornyt

me:  'return this to me, ok...  that's donna karan...'

friend:  'i don't know her...'

me:  'hehe...  you're not high end...'

friend:  'i go for function not name...'

me:  'me, too...  i didn't buy that, it was just given to me...'

: )

= = = = =

smell of doughnuts wafted in the air...

friend:  'you like j. co?'

me:  'i just like dunkin's bavarian and original glazed by krispy kreme...  but i'm not really a doughnut girl...'

friend:  'oh...  you're not a 'do not' girl?'

me:  'haha...  i'm nike...  just do it...'


= = = = =

telling my friend about this someone whose actuations i didn't like...

friend:  'the guy's just playing cute...'

me:  'he shouldn't...'

friend:  'that's his right...'

me:  'you shouldn't play cute anymore when you're married...'

friend:  'it's just playing cute!'

me:  'well, you're already married so you play cute with your wife not with other women...'

friend:  'where is that written?  is that in the law?'

me:  'well, ok...  you can play cute with others but not with me...'


= = = = =

having krushers...  my feel-good food...

me:  'i'm so happy...'

friend:  'i got a haircut...'

me:  'huh?!  what did i say?'

friend:  'that you're happy...'

me:  'what did you say?'

friend:  'that i got a haircut...'

me:  'what's the connection?'

friend:  'nothing...  i'm just telling you that i got a haircut after dropping you off...'

me:  'oh...  sorry i didn't notice...  how much is your haircut?'

friend:  'P40...'

me:  '40?'

friend:  'plus P40 tip so P80...'

me:  'you tip as much as the haircut?'

friend:  'i wasn't able to tip last time so i just gave it now...'

me:  'haha... what's this, retirement?  lump sum...'

= = = = =

me:  'what time is it?'

friend:  '1...'

me:  'it's 1 a.m.?!'

friend:  'yes...'

me:  'aw...  you still have a meeting this morning...'

friend:  'it's ok...  i already know what i'm going to say...'

me:  'what?'

friend:  'these are what we'll prioritize because they're the ones in the lineup...'

me:  'that's all?'

friend chuckles:  'yes...'

me:  'hehe...  that'll be your sole contribution in the meeting?'

friend:  'that's really how it's supposed to be so what else should i say?'

me:  'why don't you just record it then send it to them so you don't have to wake up early?'

; p

= = = = =

me:  'you're sleepy...'

friend:  'do i look sleepy?'

me:  'well, i'm sleepy so i'm assuming you're sleepy, too, because you're even more of a sleepyhead than me...'

friend:  'i get sleepy after eating...'

me:  'oh?  you're sleepy even if you haven't eaten anything...'

friend:  'haha...  i noticed i'm like that with people i'm comfortable with...'

me:  'what do you mean?'

friend:  'you're already at ease with someone so it's ok to doze off...'

me:  'hello...  you've been like that from the time i met you...  you kept on dozing off...  we barely knew each other then!'

; p