blind leading the one-eyed

two nights in a row i left my car lights on  : }

saturday night, i was with someone, the car still started up.

sunday night, i was alone, it would not.  ugh!

i called my brother and he so gallantly drove over.  he pushed my car with me at the wheel, i couldn't get it to start.

my brother took the wheel and we had a guard push the car, he was able to get it to start.

he turned it over to me and we drove off on convoy.

anyway, reminded me of the time my battery died on me at the office parking lot.  i decided to just take a cab the moment the car failed to start.  the guards, however, kept on telling me that i still could bring it home.  they said they're just going to push and then i could make it start.

ok... so i took the wheel and they were pushing and giving me directions, mainly, "kadyot!   kadyot!"

i don't know what on earth kadyot means.  i asked.  they couldn't explain.  i couldn't get the car to start  : }

so i got off and requested one of the guards to take the wheel himself.  guess what, he declined saying he does not know how to drive.  he asked this other guard instead.  said guard also declined saying he, too, does not know how to drive.

eh?!  these guys were earlier giving me what seemed like authoritative instructions and neither of them knew how to drive?!  uh-oh.

i asked for a cab...


i was excitedly showing my niece arm covers i purchased at the supermarket last night.  they create the illusion of tattooed arms.

my brother asked where i got them.


"how much?"

i happily replied "P99" thinking it was a very good price.

my brother goes, "bikers use that.  it's only P50 in antipolo."

huh?!  waaahhh!!!


i was out with someone last night.  one of the ultra-rare times i go out by myself with a guy.

then today i learn that my high school best friend's birthday celebration was held last night.  uh-oh.  he invited me to attend a week back but that time no time and date has been set yet.

i honestly did not know it was last night.  but even if i did, i'm afraid i would not have been able to make it.  i don't want to be cancelling, resetting or cutting short a prior appointment to give way to something more recent.  i try to keep my appointments.

i've long realized that you cannot attend every event you are invited to.  there is only so much time, there is only one you.  sometimes you really have to choose.

and last night i was lucky i didn't have to choose.  i didn't know about the conflict in sched.  fate smiled at me last night, it made the choice for me, a choice i myself would have picked...

a different take

i received the following text this morning.  sharing:

the early bird gets the worm.
but has it ever occurred to us
that the early worm gets eaten?

being first may not necessarily be good,
because the first mouse gets trapped
but the second one gets the cheese.

we can either be the bird or the worm,
the first mouse or the second.

life is a matter of perspective.
we can whine, groan and moan.
or we can take the time to learn, love and laugh.

complete with all its challenges,
life is a great adventure to be enjoyed.

God bless you.

: )

they thought of me

waaah!!! i just learned that i missed my niece and my nephew's music fest!!! i've been attending it so many years now! ugh!

it was held last saturday. my niece was a drummer; my nephew, a keyboardist. last year she was a vocalist; he, bass guitarist.

they said they didn't tell me anymore because i was at my place and they didn't want me to get tired driving over. huh?! i don't mind driving over for the ones i love! i've driven all over for people i couldn't care less about! waaaahhh!!!

oh, oh, oh. right now i'm just consoling myself with the thought that my family is a thoughtful and considerate lot. they took into consideration the effort i was going to exert driving over. i definitely could not say the same for so many other people. my driving life is riddled with passengers who act as if they own the car and you are their driver. thoughtless... : }


i parked perpendicular to a busy street earlier.  parking was easy, i was facing the slot and turning from the right lane.  still a parking attendant 'assisted' me to the spot.  ok.

backing off, he was nowhere to be found.  do it by myself then.  risky.  i couldn't see the incoming vehicles.

when finally i was positioned with the flow, the attendant showed up running to my car and again 'assisted' me.  eh?!  i'm past the difficult part here!

oh, well, i gave him a tip still...  : }

reel and real

i watched my third movie for the year last night.  first was i love you, goodbye; second, avatar, both in january.

last night, it was alice in wonderland.  imax.  3D.  with sister and friends.  nice  : )

the story is somewhat different this time.  alice is grown.  there seems a love angle with the mad hatter.  hmmm... they've done that with pocahontas before.  turning pocahontas into an adult with captain john smith becoming a love interest in the movie.  i guess putting in some love really makes for something more interesting ♥

anyway, there were four of us girls who watched the movie but, as far as i was concerned, there seemed a fifth person with us, hahaha.  everytime jabberwocky was mentioned in the movie, this guy kept coming to mind.  i first heard jabbawockeez from him.  he was absent but his presence i managed to feel.  hey, i like that  ; )

something i couldn't say i like though is how things turned out for alice and the hatter.  earlier in the movie, the hatter told alice, "You're always too small or too big."  and then later when she finally was the right size and could have opted to stay (with the hatter), she chose to leave.  ouch!  that is sad.

this is a movie though, there is a hint of a sequel.  i suppose they'll finally end up together there.

if only real life were like that, too...


in the news this evening, they showed footage of a twister at global city.  i dunno whether it was just the angle but the twister seemed big because the people in the background seemed small.  anyway, it was not huge but it definitely wasn't small either.

now when i posted a facebook status update the other weekend about my skirt being blown so high by the wind, someone told me it was probably blown high by a twister.  huh?!

i replied i've been going to the place for years and i haven't really seen any twisters in the area.  (the marilyn-moment happened at the parking lot of market! market!  in global city.)

the guy told me there are mini-twisters that are not really noticeable.

oh, ok.  still i thought the idea was far-fetched.

and now this video in the news.  hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...

maybe i should change my weekend get-up to pants...


i'm on leave from the office today:  car registration, change oil, banks, car wash.

at the car wash, i gave my payment and then my tip.  inside the car, i noticed fingerprints on my rear-view mirror.  i asked the attendant for a rag.  then i noticed that they really didn't wipe clean a lot of spots inside the car.  so i went on wiping this and this and that and that.  a little embarrassed, the attendant told me he wasn't the one who washed my car.  oh!

he didn't tell me that when i gave him the tip... : }

hurting but having

i was on the phone with someone.  and for the nth time, he was taking issue with this certain criterion i've set for my next (and last) guy.

we've gone through this so many times before.  he has never been able to convince me.  i have never been able to convince him.

and then for the first time, he posed this question:  'which hurts more, hearing (unpleasant) things because of the one you love or not being able to have the one you love?'

ouch!  i've never really thought of things that way before.

i sure would love to change my stand... but things are not that simple.



i had overtime work earlier so i wasn't able to attend the noon mass at my place.  i heard mass therefore at my parents' place instead.

on my way to church, someone from the neighborhood asked me, 'why are you walking?'

i replied, 'i'm going to attend mass.'

he went, 'why are you JUST walking?'

oh.  because i can't fly?  joke!

my reply actually was, 'because the church is so near!'

we have legs for walking, y'know.  we need to get some exercise.  we need to conserve gasoline... : )

3 in 1

i was going to have three items giftwrapped.  to help the wrapper a bit, i took out the items from the bags myself, removed the tags myself, then handed everything to the counter guy together with the receipts.  ok.

i sat down and waited.

was i surprised when he later handed me a single pouch.  he wrapped all three items together.



my nephew has a new pre-paid SIM.

he couldn't have it loaded because he doesn't know its number.

he couldn't call or text anyone to display his number because he doesn't have a load.

his phone does not list his own number.  they'll be transferring the SIM to one that would.

; )

in my eyes

my officemates were swooning about this supposedly really handsome guy i have yet to meet.

i went, 'so he's really handsome, huh?'

an officemate hesitated a bit then replied, 'not sure to you... the ones you find handsome are not really handsome to us.'


private talk

i was on the phone with someone.  he said he has nothing to post, no color for what's underneath, because he has none.  yeah, right.

anyway, our conversation veered to mine.  i said it's a pink and yellow string.

he did not seem to know what a string is.  (c'mon!)

i said you have bikinis where the side is wide, a string has a narrow side, half the width of a finger maybe.

he said he has wide fingers.

oh, ok.  make that one-third of yours.

ugh!  i can't believe i'm discussing undies with a guy...  : }

color posts

i was walking at the parking lot yesterday when a gust of wind suddenly blew my skirt  ♪ so high that i could almost see eternity ♫ ... hahaha... good thing there were no people in the vicinity.  as expected, i brought out my phone and did a facebook status update.

well, someone commented...  and another one...  and another one.  two dozen comments so far, hahaha.

one comment led to another until i suggested that we do a variation of the breast cancer awareness facebook color status updates last month.  this time, we're posting not the color of our bra but the color of our undies.  game.

so tomorrow, march 1, my facebook buddies and i are going to post the color of our uhm.  as one of the comments listed:

beige - sossy
black - r0cks!
red - sexy and seductive
green - biodegradable
white - virginal
violet - old lady
yellow - funny and carefree
pink - pa-cute

too bad i don't have red, haha.  i've therefore readied instead this pink-and-yellow-striped-string for tomorrow.  if i can't be sexy and seductive, then at least i'll be funny, carefree and an aspiring cutie...  ; )