good buy

cashier:  'have you checked this, ma'am?'

me:  'ooops, no...  is it on sale because it's broken?'

cashier:  'no, ma'am...  we just always ask the customers to check the items they purchase...'

me:  'oh, good...  i just like to buy on sale but i definitely do not want to buy a defective item...'



paying for something worth P2,850...

me:  'give me a discount, please...  can you just make it P2,800?'

the shop manager's reply came quick:  'okay...'

hmmm...  maybe i should have asked for a higher discount?

; }

too high a price

requested a friend to remind a colleague that this annual event is coming up on the last saturday of <month>...

friend texts me saying she has informed our colleague of the sunday event...


i call the friend:  'it's saturday not sunday!  correct the info, tell her it's saturday...'

friend:  'oh!  well, it's ok...  she knows about it anyway...'

me:  'it's just once a year, she might not remember it's held saturdays...'

friend:  'she would...'

me:  'how sure are you?  you told her sunday, she might go there sunday...'

friend:  'maybe not...'

me:  ''maybe'?!  that's a mountain climb, for heaven's sake!  we must ensure she knows the correct day!'


grilled cheese

a friend and i were at a pancake place sometime back and she wanted to order a grilled cheese sandwich.

eh?!  i drove all the way there for grilled cheese?!

she said grilled cheese is good in that place.

i told her grilled cheese is good anywhere.  it's good at my parents' house.  it's good at my place.  i said if grilled cheese is not good in a restaurant then that restaurant has no business being a restaurant.

ok, ok...  she ordered something else...  ; p

fast forward to another restaurant.  so we were about to order and, as is my wont, i asked the waiter what he personally liked in their menu.

guess what, he said grilled cheese!  wahaha...

i asked for another choice.

he suggested a rice dish.

hmmm...  i didn't want to have rice snack time.

he recommended waffles.

my friend was already ordering waffles and i wanted something different.

i decided to choose myself and opted for a parfait  ->  it was not available...  : }

hmmm...  hmmm...  hmmm...  okay, okay, grilled cheese be it.

so there i was having grilled cheese and my friend went:  'is it good?'

me:  'so-so...  actually, the grilled cheese at the house is so much better...'

good thing this one was a short drive...  \m/

back to you

told my sister yesterday i was going to treat her to some canadian burgers...


then this evening she comes home from the mall and gives me this pricey israeli mud soap!

oh, wow!  my good intention hasn't even materialized yet and the universe has responded in such powerful measure...

i am sooo happy...  i am sooo thankful...  : D


about to step out of my gate when i saw the courier standing in front of my parents' gate...

me:  'is there one for cynthia?'

courier approaches me:  'this is actually for cynthia...'

me:  'my house is here...  that one is my parents'...'

courier:  'yes, ma'am...  but then more often when i make a delivery you're there instead of here so i check the other house first...'

oh...  hehe...  :"}

no blowing of horn

we were at a wake last night and got to talk to the departed's cousin-in-law.  she was saying she didn't know her cousin-in-law had a Ph.D. and was surprised that she held all these notable positions.  she said the lady was very humble.

what a legacy and good memory to leave behind...

sunrise, sunset

i went downstairs and saw my car moving...


then i saw my sixteen-year-old niece at the wheel...  she was practice-driving!  : D

ei!  go, girl!  \m/

♩ ♪  is this the little girl i carried?  ♫ ♬

how time flies...

it's not you

cousin calls me mobile to mobile...  she's going to incur charges...

me:  'why didn't you call me landline?'

cousin:  'i'm at <supermarket>...'

me:  'oh!  it can't wait till you get home?'

(we're neighbors...)

cousin:  '<blah-blah-blah, question>...'

me:  '<answer, blah-blah-blah>...'

cousin:  '<question>...'

me:  '<answer>...'

cousin:  '<blah-blah-blah>...'

me:  '<blah-blah-blah>...'

her query is settled...

me:  'i'm going there...'

cousin:  'you're coming here?!'

me:  'i'll walk over...'

cousin:  'it's too far and you'll still have to walk...'

me:  'to me that's near...  i go there regularly, i just walk...'

cousin:  'no need...  you want anything here?'

me:  'i'll get it myself...  are you gonna be there long?'

cousin:  'not that long...  you want me to buy you something?'

me:  'no...  i'll just go there...'

cousin:  'i'm about to pay...  you don't have to...'

i kept on saying i wanted to go...

cousin kept on dissuading me...

me:  'duh!  i'm not going there for you...  i'm going there for something else...'



checking out cookware at a department store...  i was asking about certain things and looking for certain features and choosing this over that because this is like this while that is like that, blah-blah-blah...

saleslady:  'wow!  i didn't know that, ma'am!  maybe you're a good cook, ma'am...'

me:  'oh!  hehe...  no!  actually, i don't cook...  i just check the web to see what's good plus i read reviews by those who've actually used the product so i'd know what i should and should not buy...'


not created equal

comparing kettles...

mom:  'this is nice...'

me:  'this one's 18/10 stainless...'

mom:  'this one's stainless, too...'

me:  'yeah...  but what type stainless?  just because it's stainless steel doesn't mean it's 18/10 stainless...  just like gold...  just because it's gold doesn't mean it's 24K...  could be just 10K or 14K...'



went to this government agency to claim a certain document... they couldn't find it!

me: 'release date was supposed to be last month yet...'

staff: 'you should have come here on <release date> so it would still be here...'

me: 'nyeh! the four times i came here on the date of release, the doc wasn't available yet and i had to come back at a later date.  that's four times out of four already.  i should have learned by now so this time around i gave enough allowance...'

staff: 'see, it got lost...'

me: 'yeah... i guess one month is too long an allowance...'

next time i'll make it three weeks... i'll fine-tune... sooner or later i (or they) will get this right... ; p


me:  'is mom asleep or is she watching TV?'

sister:  'both...'

me:  'how can you be both asleep and watching TV?'

sister:  'there...  look at her...'

haha...  oh, yeah...  i know that...  you turn the TV off and the sleeping person will wake up...  ; )

cost and effect

asked a saleslady at the mall how much this bar of soap is...

she said it's P900 but if i buy two it's P1,500...

me:  'aw...  big difference with the one i order at beautymnl...  the organic soap i buy there costs only P80...'

saleslady:  'big difference in effect, too, ma'am...'

me:  'hmmm...  i don't think that soap can beautify me ten times more than the soap i order online...'

saleslady:  'it can, ma'am...  give it a try...'

haha...  really, huh?!  give me ten...  ; )


me:  'i wanna try this...  how do you pronounce this?  is it french or italian?'

sister:  'let's try it...'

me:  'but then how are we going to order it if we don't know how to pronounce it?'

sister:  'write it down...'

me:  'huh?!  it's the crew who writes, not the customer...'

sister:  'point to it on the menu...'

me:  'their menu's high up on the board...  how do they know which line i'm pointing at?'

sister:  'point to a picture...'

why don't i just have a burger?  ; )


small piece of fish left on the plate...

mom:  'why don't you finish that?'

me:  'i'm full...'

sister:  'i've had dessert...'

mom:  'it's just a few bites...'

me to sister:  'you finish it...  it's okay even if you've had dessert...  me, i'm really full...'

sister:  'you should be the one to eat it, you're thin...'

me:  'huh?!  i'm not thin!'

sister:  'you are!'

me:  'i was before when i lost weight but i've gained back some so i'm not thin anymore...'

sister:  'you're still thin...'

me, raising my arms:  'how could you call this thin?!  look at that...'

mom:  'you're not really thin but compared to her, you are...'

; p


talking about this foodstuff that's ten pesos per three pieces...

mom: 'why does he make it complicated?  why can't he just specify how much each is instead of pricing it at three for ten?'

dad: 'that's not really complicated... 3 for P10 so P100 is 30... P50 is 15... P150 is 45...'

mom: 'i find it complicated...'

dad: 'call me...  it's easy for me...'

mom: 'why can't he just make it like this other one? P5 each so you just multiply the price with the quantity you're buying...'

dad chuckles: 'don't worry... i'll tell the vendor to make it P5 each... raise the price because my wife finds it complicated...'

; )

ask and tell

dad asked me: 'are you going with us?'

whoa!!! major breakthrough!!!

i grabbed the opportunity and went, 'actually, i'd prefer not to...'

dad: 'okay... then don't...'

wowoweee!!! before it was like i'm all set to go on my own, as in, my stuff is already in my car, and then he'd order (yup!) me to ride with them. now he asked -> and accepted my reply... : D

you ask me a question i assume i have a choice. it irks me actually whenever an asker would insist on something else. duh! just tell me right off what you want. i'm fine with that. don't make it appear like i have a choice when i don't.

the moment you ask, you better be ready to have it either way. i exercise my options, baby. yea!!! \m/