mom giving me a swimsuit...

me:  'aw, one-piece...  i don't like one-piece...'

mom looks at me funny...

me:  'i mean, i prefer tankinis...'

no, not bikinis...  my time has passed...  : }

defective user

<friend1> tells me she could not connect to her wifi from her laptop but is able to do so from her phone.

me:  'your phone is connecting to the same wifi to which your laptop could not connect?'

<friend1>:  'yes...'

me:  'the connection is not being blocked by firewalls or anything?'

<friend1>:  'i don't know...  i didn't change any settings [it used to be able to connect before]...  but there's a message that appears onscreen...'

me:  'what does it say?'

<friend1>:  'slow startup...'

me:  'oh, that's just the tuneup utility i installed...  anyway, i'll call <friend2>...'

uhm, i've long been abusing the kindness and expertise of <friend2> by turning to him for free tech support...  : }

so i relay the problem to <friend2>.

he asks the same question  ->  whether my friend's phone is connecting to the same wifi to which her laptop is supposed to connect.

i tell him my friend said yes.

<friend2>:  'is she sure?'

me:  'hmmm...  i don't know...'

<friend2>:  'the phone could be using her cellular provider's internet service...'

me:  'oh, no...  that would incur charges...  maybe not...  i dunno...  i hope not...'

he chuckles saying these are the harder ones to troubleshoot, when some devices work and some don't.  he says it's easier if all are not working.  anyway, he said he'll come over.

before he did, i went to my friend's house for some pre-repair check.  guess what, it's just a case of a wrongly plugged cable!

uh-oh...  we call this 'defective user'...  ; p

bad exposure

trying out different adjustments to correct an overexposed shot taken of me and a super-cute baby by <sister1> on her phone...

me to <sister2>:  'which is better, this one or this one?'

<sister2>:  'hmmm...  that one...  but actually, that's not a good shot...  you two look ugly in that pic...'

wahaha...  i'm not correcting anymore...  uploading as is...  \m/

not good enough

text exchange with someone who knows if he is down or needs anything (not that!), i'm there for him  ->  i take his call.

texter:  '...  you free to talk?'

me:  'why?'

texter:  'nothing, ..., on my way to <place>'

me:  'aw, not me.  you already have two.  call either one...'

he sends another message.

i reply.

then he sends this:  'want to ask you about skin allergies'

me:  'haha...  ' am not a dermatologist.  i don't have a skin allergy.  bye...  :*'

too much of a stretch...  ; p

don't ask, don't tell

mom:  'what's the title of that song she sang?'

me:  ''all the love in the world'...  corrs...'

and then i belt it out:

♩ ♪  don't wanna wake up alone anymore
still believing you'll walk through my door
all i need is to know it's for sure
then i'll give all the love in the world  ♫ ♬

me:  'you like it?'

mom:  'no...'

i didn't dare ask anymore whether it's the song she doesn't like or my rendition...  ; p


posting an ad on behalf of a friend...  now the website has a 100-character minimum per ad...

uh-oh...  i don't know anything about the item...  : }

i call my friend...  she doesn't know anything either...

hmmm...  hmmm... hmmm...

well, what i did was copy even the item's name in foreign languages printed on the box...

hah!  successful posting...  yea!!!  ; )

in my dreams

some nights back, my sister told me that if you dream about someone that means that person is thinking of you.

i told her maybe it's the other way around, you are thinking of that person.

she mentioned she did dream about this someone who has passed away.

i right away went, 'see!  that person could not be thinking about you, right?'

well, last night i dreamt about someone as far as i know i haven't been thinking about at all.  hmmm...  so maybe my sister was right after all?  (nyahaha...  conceited!)

but what if you dream about the dead?  they're thinking of you, too?!  uh-oh!

maybe if you dream of someone you're thinking of that person, if not consciously then deep in your subconscious.  hmmm...  so i'm thinking of this someone subconsciously?!  ooops...  why should i???


bum stomach next ; )

i have a bad throat...

sister calls me from downstairs:  'mom says you take this oregano...'

me:  'ok...'

after a while, she calls out again...

me:  'yup!'

sister:  'mom says drink the oregano!'

me:  'ok...'

this happened a couple more times and after an hour (ooops...  hehe) i finally went downstairs and drank the oregano...

sister upon seeing me:  'drink the pineapple juice...'

me:  'i thought you said oregano...'

sister:  'mom wants you to drink the oregano...  i want you to drink the pineapple juice...'

me:  'so which is it?  i've taken the oregano...'

sister:  'you drink both...'

huh?!  talk about overkill...  ; p

jumping the queue

at the city hall earlier, a staff comes out and asks the two ladies beside me:  'you're senior citizens, ma'am?'

ladies:  'no...'

staff:  'you look like senior citizens...  you may come in...'

nyahaha...  it pays to look old...  ; p

internal cleaning

brother gets grapes from the table...

sister:  'awww...  that hasn't been rinsed yet!  wash it first!!!'

brother:  'it's already in my mouth...'

me:  'just gargle...'

; )