typhoon ondoy

there was non-stop rain friday to saturday.  now i don't really watch TV (i've turned my TV on only three to four times so far this year) nor listen to the radio.  i thought it was just one of those heavy rains.

saturday noon i requested an officemate to have pizza delivered at my place.  (i don't have a landline.)  after calling the delivery hotline, she told me all deliveries are cancelled because the streets are flooded.  huh?!  really?!  hmmmm...

now pizza hut is actually so near my place, i said i'll just drive over.  i hopped in the car but, leaving the village, the guard warned me not to go out unless really necessary as i could get stuck in traffic since the surrounding thoroughfares are flooded.  what?!  gee, this must be some serious rainshowers we're having.  i decided therefore to just pick up some bread and cheese at the 24-hour convenience store just across the village entrance.

then afternoon my friend called.  she told me floodwater in their house (!) was waist-deep.  huh?!  first time ever it happened in the years that they've been living there.  they were currently at the second floor and from the terrace she could see cars and dogs wet, soaked and floating in the waters.

i called another friend and he said at their place flood was chest-deep.  whoa!  good thing he lived on the third floor.

i was sooo thankful my parents' place and mine don't really get flooded.  (well, ok, my bedroom does ->  june 25, 2009 blog.)

earlier in the day, i've been posting trivial status updates to facebook just through my phone.  i don't really explore around when i'm doing mobile internet.  then my phone batteries went empty.  i have two phones, both of them, battery empty  : }  i forgot my chargers in one of the bags i left at the office when i changed bags last thursday.  ( i now have five bags (black, beige, white, denim, fatigue) on the counter behind my desk.  i change my bag and just leave the previous on the countertop  : } )

nighttime therefore i went online using my laptop instead of just my phone.  guess what, i was shocked at the posts i saw  ->  floodwaters so deep, stretches of roads submerged.  yikes!  we're talking serious calamity here, damage not just to property but to life.  i really pray that everyone will be able to survive this one well.  this, too, shall pass.  God bless us all...

basketball injury

when he was younger, my brother used to have a basketball injury every year. his arm would be in a cast, his hand, his leg.  well, now there's another one, the most serious so far:  torn tendon of achilles.  he was operated on last saturday.   his surgeon was one of his cycling buddies whose specialization is really orthopedics.  at least we knew that he would be well taken care of.

day of the operation i visited him and was so heartbroken at the sight that greeted me.  a blanket covered a big part of his face and his eyes were closed.  he was unconscious, looking sooo weak and in so much pain.  i had my camera with me and i couldn't get myself to take a picture of him.  all i could do was take a picture of his cast-enclosed foot with his visitors in the background  : }

on his second day at the hospital, he was much better.  his face was a little swollen, but at least he could already talk.

day three, well, he could already pose, smiling, raising his leg and making a thumbs up for the camera.

therapy / rehabilitation is expected to last three to four months.  he won't be going to the office, he has to walk with crutches, he won't be able to drive, he won't be able to bike.  (a total lifestyle change:  he is such an outdoor guy and a really avid biker.)  i'm the one picking up and dropping off my sister until he is able to drive again.  five times this week i dined at my parents' place.  this will be going on while my sister is riding with me.  i'll be saving money and gaining weight  : }

the meaning of silence

my officemate and i were looking at a couple of pictures.

she goes, 'he looks better than (blank).'

i counter, 'no... (blank) looks better...'

she teases me, 'uuuy, she still loves him...'

'huh?!  i simply said he's better-looking.'

'do you still love him?'

i don't reply.

she says, 'see, you still love him, you can't reply.'

huh?!  hmmmm...

in its time

there's someone whose calls i've long been thinking of not taking. not really stop, but just not take on certain days. but for two consecutive nights now, his calls have been coming in while my phone was right in my hand.

the other night, i was going to reply to my sister-in-law's text when his call came in.

last night, i was about to read my officemate's text when again he called.

hmmm... celestine prophecy again? (august 19, 2009 blog)

ok, ok, i'll just take the calls whenever he rings and just let it stop in its own time.

public links

someone was telling me that he's been looking at my pics.  i asked which one he liked best.

he said picture ninety-something from this particular album.

me:  huh?!  what album is that?

he says it's from this particular set of pics.

whaaat?!  what on earth are you doing looking at those pics?

he said he looked at everything, even my dad's pics.  eh?!

i have all these links to different sets of pics in my facebook account because i have different sets of friends in facebook.  i'm thinking if you're family, you'd click the links to family pics.  if you're friend, you'd click the friend links.  if officemate, the officemate links.  if schoolmate, the schoolmate links.  i was not really thinking anyone would bother to check my whole circle, even reaching ninety-somethingth pic of a particular album containing pics of people he doesn't really know.  there are thousands of pics in those sites!

geez... this is not the first time i was surprised by the pics others look at.  yup, i guess if you put them on the web, someone, somewhere would be checking them out.  hmmm... oh, well...

changing clothes

for the third time last night, i changed clothes while someone was waiting for me on the phone.  ' should have been four times already but then last time the line was cut  and by the time he called again i was already done changing.

he asked, 'what happened?  did you cut the call?'

'nope... i was going up the stairs and then it went silent... it won't allow me to change clothes with you on the line, haha'

'so have you changed now?'

'what the...?!  yup, i have!'

you missed it, guy, tough luck... ; )

the first time this happened, his call came while i was already about to enter the village  (september 13, 2009 blog).  my car was already beside the guardhouse when my phone rang so i just took the call.  we were on the phone from the guardhouse to my bedroom and since i don't want to lie down in bed wearing clothes i've worn outside the house (it was a workday), i excused myself awhile saying i'll just change clothes really quickly.  our conversation resumed after.

the second time, his call came while i was nearing the village.  again, i took the call and again i changed clothes while he waited.

the third time, when the line was cut, he called while i was already near my gate.  so, yup, again, i took the call.

guess what, last night, he called just as i had parked in my garage.  i went, 'hey, i just parked!  you're perfecting your timing here!'

he chuckles, 'so you're going to get dressed again?  i really timed this so i could catch you changing clothes...'

aaaarrrggggghhhhh!!!  i wonder what goes on in his mind while waiting for me on the phone...  : }

clean, mean fun

there is this guy who has been trying to annoy me, in the spirit of clean, mean fun, haha.

last friday he was being a meanie so i tried to send him a 'tse!' reply.  after several attempts, my text message still wouldn't transmit.

then my officemate told me 'tse' is short for 'letse.'

oh, it is?!  i didn't know  : }

i therefore changed it to 'he!'  well, it still wouldn't be sent  : }

my officemate kidded me the messages are too haughty for goody me (huh?!  c'mon!) that's why they won't come out.

hmmm... whatever, i didn't send out the message anymore.

saturday the guy again sent me a baddie message, rubbing in that i'm still doing overtime work while he was already home.  ugh!  trying to make me envious?!  grrrrr....

then last night he again texted me, apparently expecting to make me feel sorry that i was still working overtime.  hmmmm, he thought i was still at work?  well, i wasn't.  i texted him i was out on a date.  suddenly, he couldn't upset me anymore, haha.  and his reply was a goody one, not at all provocative.  LOL!  it's my turn to laugh, guy.  it can't always be your turn   ; )


i was buying lunch at jollibee yesterday and i saw that you'll get a free vanity case if you have a jollibee card and meet the minimum purchase requirement.  hey, i have a card.  the thing is, how do i meet the minimum purchase requirement?  i don't really eat much.  hmmmm... ok, buy dinner as well.

give me two more chickenjoys.  add fries, the giant one.  pineapple juice, too.  still not enough?  ok, throw in a hotdog.  goody-good, minimum purchase requirement met  : )

the vanity case is nothing special actually.  just a clear plastic case, with a blue lock and divider.  cheap, haha.  but i like clear cases and my favorite color's blue, plus it's free, so go for it  ; )

now, i can't really finish two chickenjoys plus a hotdog for dinner.  the second chickenjoy i had intended to give to one of my favorite village guards.  i've been giving them nothing but my excess weekend food (bread, pizza, bread, pizza, bread, pizza) so it would be nice to give them something different and unopened for a change.  approaching the village, i was excited to hand-over the jollibee meal to the guardhouse.  guess what, it was a different guard on duty!  i was like, 'oh, manong is not around?  ok, you can have this for yourself...'

next time i'll make sure i buy an extra meal within the old guard's shift.

snippet of my life

normally, upon seeing my car approach the village, the guard already raises the blocking bar (i don't know how you call it) so my car could pass through.  well, last friday, the guard did not raise the bar right away. i stopped therefore, rolled down my window, after which i heard my phone ring.  since i was almost home anyway, i picked it up.

i was on the phone therefore while i was talking with the guard (he simply reminded me to get new village stickers), while i was driving from the village entrance to the house, when i opened my gate, parked, closed the gate, unlocked my door, locked it again, walked through the first floor, went up the stairs, opened the bedroom doors, opened the windows, even through the time i changed into new clothes, hahaha.  we had to stop awhile while i changed my top (i had to put down the phone) but resumed talking immediately after.

this is the first time ever i experienced something like this.  go through the tiny motions of my life with someone listening in, haha.  i was telling the caller he was having a blow-by-blow account of a part of my day, a mini-version of a day-in-the-life of little me...


i had a two-hour shower this morning.  my hands and feet got scarily wrinkled.  i think i also acquired a bald spot at the top of my head... : }


the other night my parents and i went to a nephew's birthday party.  at the venue, my mom and dad got off, with my dad telling me to wait as he'd ask where i could park.  ok.  so he talked to the concierge then returned to the car giving me instructions on where to park.

ok, go straight, turn right, go down the bend, to the right is the carpark.  guess what, upon entry, the attendant told us only those 'waiting' could park in the area.

what do you mean 'waiting'?

the driver would have to stay in the car.

huh?!  i am the driver.  i, too, will be attending the party.

then you should have it valet-parked, ma'am.

ok.  no problem.  where do i give the key?

you have to go to this counter.

ooops, that's the concierge where my dad asked.  how come we were told to go down and now we have to go back up?

he radios the concierge then tells us the concierge gave such instructions because he thought my dad had a driver.  ooops, hahaha.

behind me was my niece, also driving for her mom.

our cars both turned back to the venue driveway where we both left our keys for valet-parking with the concierge.  we were teasing each other, you have to have a driver here.  we are out of league, haha...

helpless little girl

i started driving in college (a loooong time ago).  and then for the first time last night (i'm not really sure whether this is really the first but if it's not then i don't remember the previous), my dad rode with me instead of me riding with him.  waaah-ha-ha-ha-ha (combination cry and laugh, hehe).  he had a comment on so many things!!!  about my driving... about my car... my, oh, my, oh, my...  : }

i should wipe my side mirrors dry (it rained)... i should always have tissue in my car (i have but it's in the backseat)... my wiper should be replaced... i shouldn't reach fourth gear at night (we were driving along EDSA)... i should look out for the trucks... my headlights should be on bright... hahahahaha...  i've been driving along EDSA by myself morning and night daily how many years now... suddenly i wasn't too sure about my moves  : }

i'm very much an adult now... but given my dad's concern and suggestions (orders, haha), suddenly i felt like a little girl again... not that bad... i could have that -> every once in a while ; )  ... it felt different... it felt good...  : )

' love you, vats ♥ ♥ ♥ ... thanks for everything... mwuah!!!


for a couple of years now i've been trying to adopt cinderella, i.e., home by midnight. well, i have been far, verrry far, from successful : }

now for the first time, there is a challenge component to it. someone is going to give me a prize if i beat the midnight curfew for the seven nights out i have scheduled for september. suddenly, i am exerting extra effort -> all for the prize of just chocolates. hahaha, i am sooo shallow...

the first night out, i was having dinner with someone and 9 pm i wanted to go home already. the guy was telling me i'm OA as it would not take three hours for me to get home. ooops, true, hahaha. we stayed on an hour more therefore. 10 pm i stood up and was home well before midnight : )

the second night out was a hawaiian party. i wasn't confident i could win that one. it was a family affair, we have hour-long goodbyes. anyway, i again made it home before midnight : )

the third is tonight. i'm going to rockwell. that's near my place. let's see how i will fare.

yesterday, an officemate was telling me that she could find someone who would double the prize if i stay beyond midnight with him. oh, haha. i could stay out late, no sweat. but no, thanks. i'd like to get my prize in the difficult round... ; )

picture first

a cousin posted that she cooked adobo but forgot to take a picture.  hmmm... reminded me of my cooking days.

when my ex and i were still together, i cooked saturdays (brunch and dinner) and sundays (brunch).   the rest of our meals, we took outside.  for more than six years we were eating out practically daily.

anyway, the few times that i cooked, i took pictures of the food.  he'd be eager to partake of it and i'd tell him to wait while i took pictures, hahaha.  one time, a dish was steaming hot so the pics were coming out hazy because of the steam.  it was taking me sometime to get a good shot.  my husband somehow lost his patience and complained that the food was going to be cold already by the time he tastes it.  ooops...  : }

the heart is for loving

i usually attend the noon mass.  yesterday, however, i woke up to a mini-flood in my bedroom (ugh!  the drainage in my balcony was again blocked!) so i had to clean-up.  i therefore postponed mass to the afternoon.

i was supposed to attend the 5 pm mass but it has already started when i arrived so i decided to just wait for the 6 pm mass instead.  guess what, the 6 pm mass was celebrated by a bishop!  goody-good!!!  : )

now there are certain religious songs that i like.

one is mamamalakaya ng tao:

itong alon sa dagat
tulad ng ating buhay
kung minsan ay tahimik
kung minsa'y magalaw

another is ang panginoon ang aking pastol:

ang  panginoon ang aking pastol
pinagiginhawa akong lubos
handog Niyang himlaya'y
sariwang pastulan
ang pahingahan ko'y
payapang batisan
hatid sa kaluluwa
ay kaginhawahan
sa tumpak na landas
Siya ang patnubay

then there's sanctuary:

Lord, prepare me
to be a sanctuary
pure and holy
tried and true

also blessed be God:

blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation
thanks to your goodness this bread we offer
fruit of the earth, work of our hands
it will become the bread of life.

blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation
thanks to your goodness this wine we offer
fruit of the vine, work of our hands
it will become the drink of life.
blessed be God
blessed be God
blessed be God forever.

my dad, by the way, likes let there be peace on earth:

let there be peace on earth
and let it begin with me

anyway, during mass, there was one song i've long been hearing but only yesterday did a certain line particularly catch my attention.  the song is here i am lord.  there was this line:

I will break their hearts of stone
give them hearts for love alone

hmmm... i was singing along and suddenly i was thinking whatever else could a heart be for?  setting aside it's biological function, isn't it there precisely just for love?  every part has its role and the heart's role is to love.  it is not there to think, that is for the brain.  the heart wants what it wants.

last week someone was chiding me for liking someone.  i was like, is it my fault that i like him?  that's just a feeling, it just comes out.  the important thing is what i do with how i feel.  i do not act on it.  my brain is reining my heart in and that is what you should judge me for, if at all you have to judge me.  as i like to say, hindi lahat ng gustong gawin, dapat gawin; hindi lahat ng feelings, ina-aksiyunan.  i've been living by it.  super-hard at times, but i've managed to manage...

nothing special

last week, someone was telling me that his female friend wants the three of us to go out together.

i was, 'oh, she knows me?'

he goes, 'i've told her about you.'

'huh?!  and what did you say about me???'

'that you're my crush...'

ooops, so that's why the girl wants to meet me, hahaha.

i tell the guy to just show the girl a pic of me.

he says a pic's just a pic.

hmmm... i tell him he could tell his friend to add me as friend either in friendster or facebook so she could check out more than just pics.

he says that's not quite it either.  he insists the girl has been wanting to meet me in person.

really???  hahahaha... i tell him i really don't see the point in meeting up.  i have a full sched, the girl is not his wife, nor am i his mistress, LOL!

then this morning the guy raises it again.  his friend wants to see me.  huh?!  since this interest stems from her friend saying i'm his crush, then maybe we should put everything in context.  the guy has a string of crushes, hello!  he's a serial-, make that parallel-, crush-er.  it's no big deal to be his crush.  he falls-in-crush, haha, with every other girl he meets.  if his friend would check out every single girl her friend has a crush on, then her schedule won't be able to accommodate it...  ; )

poor memory

i received the following from an officemate:

When God created me, He made me choose:

"Sex appeal
sharp memory?"

I just don't remember what i chose.  :D

i was so amused i forwarded it right away.  i got hehehe and hahaha reactions but i like most the one from an aunt i often text.  all of a sudden she asks who i am saying she seldom remembers.  hahaha...


yesterday morning my phone rang.  i texted the caller, "dryvng."

the reply i got was, "ang tarush..."

i therefore assumed it was my gay friend who called, with a new number.  later he sent another text and he mentioned something which made me realize who he was.  nope, it wasn't the gay friend i had in mind.  it was someone i believed to be manly through and through, hahaha.  now i am not quite sure whether it is again just me being not really into gay lingo and therefore being discomfited when a supposedly straight guy uses tarush or the guy i think to be straight is actually not straight after all.  oh, well...


i was talking to two different guys.  one was already being intimate with this girl, but still he doesn't consider her his girlfriend.  another was already kissing this other girl yet the guy says they're not boyfriend-girlfriend.  hmmm... i don't know whether it's just me being a prude or these guys just being jerks but me, i let you kiss me and we're definitely a couple.  i'm yours, you're mine, exclusively.  you're not allowed to play cute with others.  i'm going to slap you, bang your head, elbow your rib, kick your b _ _ l s, if you ever tell anyone you're kissing me but i'm not your girl.


i made a resolution in july that come august i'm going to sleep by 11 pm. well, in the 31 nights of august, i was able to do it only thrice : } the third actually, i am not sure would count because even if that time i plunked into bed at 9 pm and fell asleep (i wasn't feeling well that time), 11:30 i was awakened by a phone call and went on to take it.

now it is september. my original target was 11 pm bedtime in august; 10 pm in september. i've made some adjustments. now targets are 11 pm in september, 10 pm in october. well, yesterday, september 1, i went to bed 11 pm sharp : ) good start. i hope i am able to keep it up... : )

what i treasure

i opened my ref yesterday morning and was greeted with a happy sight:  chocolates, chocolates, chocolates.  yummy!!!  so early, so happy  : )

someone gave me a pack last week.  the other night someone again gave me a bagful.  add to that the three 1 liter boxes nestle chuckie chocolate milk drinks i bought last friday.  hmmm... my mom has long been telling me to cut down on sweets.  how can i if they're just in my ref?  maybe it's time again to bring them to my niece.  sssshhhh... don't tell the givers... it's the thought that counts anyway... it's as much the gift as the gesture i treasure...