the stamp they put near my wrist at the entrance to the Gift Gate Big Sale last saturday still hasn't been totally removed...  i've showered...  i've washed and rubbed vigorously, several times, it still won't be erased...

not their ink, i suppose...  my best friend's, she was able to remove right away just by washing...

maybe my soap?  or my skin?  hmmm...  i could be good tattoo material, huh...  i've long wanted to have a ring tattoed on my finger actually...  i'm too scared of the process though...  : }

what do i know?!

friend tells me about this investment scheme he has been convinced to try...  then he goes:  'i want you to check out the site...  if you tell me it's not good i'm going to pull out my money...'

ooops...  financial adviser?!  : }

different tastes

so maaaannny pics of my dad...  the one i did not include (because i didn't like it) turns out to be among those he really likes...  uh-oh...  : }

what you don't like in others might precisely be what they like most about themselves...

two is dearer

ooops...  delivery charge for one photobook is P350...  for two, it's P820...  same time, same place, same item, different price...  doesn't make sense to me...

hmmm...  deliver separately, please...  ; p

human antenna

i enter the room, lie down in bed and my sister goes:  'whoa!  your energy's so strong!'

me:  'huh?'

sister:  'my (TV) channels suddenly became clearer...'

well, i attract good signals...  ; )

just when you don't want to be seen

got caught in what seemed like an endless line of sloooow moving vehicles...  turned back...  SOS for the motorcycle at my best friend's place...  so from driving in my car i switched to being passenger in a motorcycle  ->  in my dress (ugh!  i really should try to wear pants more often), sans helmet, guy at the helm...  what do you know, we make a turn and a niece sees me...  uh-oh...  : }

dunno how soon or whether it reaches my mom...  : O


i don't know what it was i just ate...  it looked like cheese stick...   yup, it did taste like cheese stick...  but then it also tasted like chicken spread and also like tuna...  O.o

oh, well...  whatever it was, it was good...  \m/

not guilty

my mom's laundrywoman was wondering and feeling guilty about some stains on my shirt.

was she relieved when i told her those stains have been there for maybe 10 years already.

my fault, not hers...


getting through

i call and ask to be connected to the bakeshoppe...

operator:  'oh, ma'am...  line's busy...  it's being used...'

me:  'aw, ok...'

operator:  'wait, ma'am...'

then i overhear the guy tell someone, 'tell the bakeshoppe to put down the phone, there's a complaint...'

me:  'hey, i don't have a complaint!  i'll just call again later...'

operator couldn't hear me and eventually connects me to the bakeshoppe...

tactics...  : }

change mode

phone rings...

my mom so crankily cries out, 'waitttt!!!'

she then picks it up and so sweetly goes, 'hello...  good morning...'

ahahaha...  pro!


one vs. many

x factor philippines...  takeoff vs. mark mabasa...

sister:  'wow... they're both good...  who should go?'

me:  'if it's me, the soloist should go...  if he stays, it's just him who'd be happy...  if it's the group, there'd be five of them who'd be happy...'

sister:  'it doesn't work that way...'


i'd do it for you

my sister hands me this piece of choc she couldn't finish...

me:  'thanks...  just give it to <our youngest sister>...'

sister:  'there are other chocs...  just eat this yourself...'

me:  'she might like it...'

sister:  'there's more in the ref, duh!'

me:  'ok...  ok...  i'll just be the one to go downstairs...'

i go down to where our youngest sister is and offer her the choc:  'you want lindt pistachio?'

youngest sister:  'no...'

me:  'you sure?'

youngest sister:  'yes...'

me:  'what makes you sure?'

youngest sister:  'i'm being good...  no chocs for me this time...'

me:  'oh...  ok...  i'll just eat it for you then...'

well...  well...  the things you do for sisters...  ; p

capture what you devour

i took a picture of some sardines and my sister went:  'you know sometimes you should just spare the food...  just eat it without taking a picture!!!'

ahahaha...  toinks!!!

my mom and my sisters, they're sometimes amused, oftentimes annoyed, whenever i take a pic of the food on our table...  well...

mom:  'why are you taking pictures of all these stuff?'

me:  'i want to have a remembrance of what goes into my body...'

: )

simple joys

my sister just arrived from a business trip and she gave me chocs plus hotel slippers.  she tells me she even asked her colleague for his pair telling him, whenever she brings me this and that i'm just okay.  but when it's hotel slippers she gives me i am sooo joyful.

ahahaha...  i am so shallow...  : }

changing partners

friend:  'you know who i like among the three?'

me:  'who?'

friend:  'the <toot>...'

me:  'duh!  he's taken!'

friend:  'you know what we have to do?  we have to find the girl someone else so you two could end up together...'

huh?!  wahaha...  baddd!!!  : O

foolish hearts

on the phone...

friend:  'hey, there's three of them now...'

me:  'i don't really know what's with august 1...  how come these guys suddenly re-appeared???'

friend:  'april fool's...'

huh?!  ahahaha...  toinks!!!


i texted an aunt around noon yesterday.  well, her reply came in past midnight, 12 hours late...  : }

the other day it was my sister's reply that i received two hours late.

my aunt has globe; my sister has smart; i have sun.

i was just thinking, it took the globe 12 hours to reach the sun.  but if you're smart, it takes only two hours...  ; p


depositing money at the bank...

teller:  'you have bills now, ma'am...'

me:  'huh?!  i always have bills...  i deposited coins just once...'

i was at my best friend's place and coins were scattered inside her drawer so i told her i'd just change her coins to bills and that's what i deposited at the bank last time.  now i'm marked for it...  : }


heavy rains...  floods...  i received a call at 2 p.m. from someone i was earlier badgering to buy food and water provisions for the night...

me:  'have you eaten?'

caller:  'yes...'

me:  'have you bought your water?  you already bought dinner?'

caller:  'i've eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner...'

me:  'huh?!'

caller:  'i went out around 11:30...  i already ate enough to last me till dinner...'

what the...?!

oh, guys...  : }

aye and nay

ugh!  am i so hard to understand?  or are my objections being deliberately misinterpreted?  is this a tactic or what?  how come my nos are coming across / being interpreted as yeses?

present tense

on the phone with someone who was supposed to call me every hour on the hour yesterday...

friend:  'why didn't you bring your phone?'

me:  'i did...'

friend:  'you turned it off...'

me:  'no!'

friend:  'i couldn't contact you...'

me:  'there was no signal in the room...'

guy chuckles...

me:  'at the session hall!  there were so many of us...  i was there the whole day...  we finished around 7...'

i am a good girl, duh!

<cough, choke, smirk>  ; p

making time

guy texted me the other day asking to call yesterday...

i said ok...

then yesterday when he texted asking what time he could call i was in the shower...

i told him i'm rushing and i'd just text him...

he replied if i'm busy he'd just call monday...


after my shower, when i was already in the car, i texted him it's already ok to call ...  i was driving so i just put my phone on speaker-mode...

when he found out i was driving he reminded me he said if i'm busy he'd just call monday...

i went, 'i don't want it that you're down and you notified me that you'd call then i'd move you to monday...'

i want to be there for you, guy...
PLUS, i hate cancelling people...  i put up with that for so long...  i'm not gonna inflict it on others...

why UP is not in the finals

on the phone yesterday...

me:  'congratulations...  you won...'

caller:  'what?'

me:  '76-70...  UAAP...'

ateneo vs. UP...  the guy is from ateneo; i'm from UP...  he texted me the other day when ateneo was up over UP by 4 in the 4th quarter...

caller:  'oh...'

me:  'i said i hope you win, right?  you were feeling down and i was thinking if you win you'd be happy...'

caller:  'well, happy...  but it's not the same as before...  before it was really...'

me:  'well, it's not ateneo - la salle...  but at least you won...  imagine if you're feeling down and then your team lost, all the more that you'd feel down...  you won so at least you were happy somehow...'

i want you to be happy, guy... ♥

and when you're blue, every single joy counts...  : )

as for my team losing, i just console myself with this Q&A...

     Q:  'how come UP is not in the (UAAP) finals?'

     A:  'because UP is smart so it's exempted from the finals...'

; p

not meant to be

my phone was low batt before i went to bed last night.  i thought of charging it but decided i'd just do it first thing in the morning.

what do you know, 1:05 a.m. and my phone rang.  i wasn't able to take the call because the battery went empty.


1.  charge your phone before going to sleep

2.  don't call at 1:00 a.m.

choose one or the other or both...  ; p