pictures are forever

got the memory card with the barbara's and tap room pics...  ' turns out i 'lost'/dropped it in my cousin's car...  yup, memories are in the heart...  but it's better if they're in a memory card as well...  posting pics later...  i'm sooo happy...  i'm sooo thankful...  yea!!!  : D

just one

i revised something that i did to accommodate my mom's request...  i don't quite agree with what she wants...  i think what she wants included belongs someplace else not where she wants it...  i tried to convince her but she thinks it's a good idea...  okay, okay...  if it makes her happy, go!  it's just one copy anyway...  now if 'twill be in volume, that's a diffent story...

the memories are in the heart

we were supposed to go on a dinner cruise yesterday.  but then the weather wasn't quite cooperative so the service provider cancelled the cruise.  we ended up at barbara's in intramuros.  i thought it was gonna be ho-hum but it turned out to be really good, both the dinner and the cultural show (so lively!).  we proceeded to tap room at the manila hotel after.  just outside the tap room was a fashion show by francis libiran.  guests and participants swarmed to the tap room after the show.  unexpected people/celebrity-watching mode, hah!  'twas a really fun and enjoyable night...  : )

now, i didn't bring my camera.  i used my mom's initially but then she didn't charge her batts and when they ran out, my cousin lent me hers.  her cam, my mem card.  when we broke up, i returned her cam and put my mem card in my phone's pouch.  this morning when i woke up, my phone was there, the pouch was there, but, uhm...  ah...  uhm...  i couldn't find the memory card.  i've looked all over!  uh-oh...  : }

different standards

me:  'i didn't have the car washed anymore, i might be late...'

dad:  'you went to the car wash?'

me:  'aborted...  i might not make it in time...'

dad:  'why did you go to the car wash?'

me:  'to have the car washed...'

dad:  'it's clean...'

me:  'it's dirty...'

dad:  'it's not...  i saw it, it's clean...'

me:  'uhm...  it looks dirty to me...'

: }


on the phone with my best friend...  ' tried to retain instructions to be relayed to her husband:  'tell him to dial <number>...  blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah...'

me:  'ooops...  i should remember that...  wait, i'll call him now...  don't put your phone on silent...  i'll call you after...'

i call the husband...

me:  're the phone...'

best friend's husband:  'oh, it's already ok...  it was fixed earlier...'

oi, goodah!  : )

i didn't have to relay instructions some parts of which i think i've so quickly forgotten...  ; )


my two sisters are not feeling well and are both on leave from the office.  big sister me wanted to show them some loving and caring by preparing something for them myself.

i ask a sister:  'what do you want to eat?'

sister 1:  'i've eaten...'

me:  'oh...  ok...'

i ask my other sister:  'you want soup?'

sister 2:  'no...'

me:  'champorado?'

sister 2:  'no...'

me:  'pancit?  long life...'

sister 2:  'no...'

me:  'why don't you want to eat???  you should be eating to build up resistance...'

sister 2:  'we've both just eaten...'

me:  'oh...  why didn't you call me?'

toinks!!!  ; p

i wanna learn

my sister bought this cute / mini- sewing machine from a group-buying site...

me:  'is the sewing machine you bought ok?'

sister:  'no...'

me:  'why not?'

sister:  'the thread clumps...  then when you pull, the stitches come off right away...'

me:  'maybe we just don't know how to sew...'

sister:  ''we'?  how come you're included?  just me...'

me:  'uhm...  i saw a seamstress, when she sews, there's tsuk-tsuk (motioning forward and backward)...  me, when i sew it's just forward right away...  i don't do back and forth...  so maybe there's a missing step...'

that's on my bucket list, actually...  to enroll in a sewing class...  : )

there's a reason

perfect timing!!!  \m/

my sister did not go to the office today because she has no voice and that is when her package from this group-buying site is delivered at the house.  she hasn't prepared any authorization letter for an alternate recipient!

yup, everything happens for a reason...  : )

let me

my sister saw my answering machine stored in a bag and asked why i don't just install it at our parents' place.  i told her i've at least thrice offered it to our mom and every single time she declined.

well, my sister went downstairs and asked our mom whether she'd like my answering machine.  what do you know, our mom said yes!  she knew it was the very same machine i've been offering her!

no to me, yes to my sis?!  aw!  : }

; p

gone without a trace

with a big smile my sister comes to me with this really BIG potato chip.  she goes:  'you like?'

me:  'i'd just like to take a picture...'

sister:  'picture again?!'

she then eats the chip herself...

: }

for each mouth, a different soup

canister of cookies on the table.  i open it, look at the contents then close it again.

my sister goes, 'that's good!'

me:  'oh?'

i reopen the canister and get one.  i take a bite and, uhm, i am not quite pleased...  : }

hmmm...  just because someone else likes it does not mean you will...


after dinner...

sister:  'you want ice cream?'

dad:  'ok...'

sister:  'which one, choco almond vanilla passion or choco java chip embrace?'

dad:  'what?'

me:  'what do you want, passion or embrace?'

dad:  'give me the one with almond...'

ooops...  how romantic...  ; p


phone call...

blah...  blah...  blah...

me:  'ei, your birthday's coming...'

caller:  'yours, too...'

me:  'yours first...'

caller:  'but you'll be having your birthday, too, right?'

me:  'uhm...  yup...  so you won't be treating me anymore?'

guy just chuckles...

aw...  i guess that means no more dinner this time...

: (

you will find it when you need it

there's this picture i've been looking for for two weeks now...  it's for something my mom has requested me to do for my dad...  i've gone over family albums...  even opened boxes i haven't touched in a loooong time...  in the process, i saw other pics i've forgotten we have...  some captured moments i still remember...  others showed times i could not at all recall happening...  : }

anyway, nearing my target date, i half-heartedly placed a similar but not quite as good shot as a contingency measure (hope for the best, prepare for the worst)...  all along, however, i kept on repeating to myself, 'you will find it when you need it...  you will find it when you need it...'

well, this afternoon i decided to go to my dad and ask whether he has this certain picture...  guess what, he said he was just looking at it and so very quickly pulled out a bunch of pics from this envelope...  among them was the pic i've been looking for!  that pic was taken more than fourteen years ago!!!  wow!  wow!!  wow!!!

yup, you will find it when you need it!  i am sooo happy!!!  i am sooo thankful!!!  yea!!!  : D

just because

my niece brought us cake.  i asked my mom what the occasion is.  she said as far as she knows there's none.

i call my sister-in-law's house.  it's her niece who answered the phone.  i ask whether it's someone's birthday.  the girl says there's no birthday.

ahahaha...  what is the matter with me?!  of course you can have cake for no reason at all!  \m/

yes, life is sweet and i am thankful...  : )

letting go

i gave away my plastic bottles to the ambulant scrap buyer.  i used to just throw them away.  then last time i sold.  this time, i decided to just give away.

anyway, together with the plastic bottles i gave the guy a plastic basin as well.  my dad went, 'why are you giving away that basin?'

me:  'it's chipped...'

i don't like chipped, cracked and nicked stuff.  i try to get rid of them right away.

torn and tattered shirts, however, i have a hard time discarding.  i keep them and wear them till they become, uhm, pathetically indecent.

some things are so easy to let go of...  others, you have to be left with no choice.

it's not complicated

my phones could not detect my SIM.  i brought it to the shop and the customer assistant said it might be time to replace the SIM already.


but first, she said, she'll see whether 'erase-erase' will work.

she disappeared and when she came back, she asked me to try the SIM.

i did and, goody-good, my phone could detect it already!  : D

i asked what she did.

she said she just did some erase-erase, as in, she just used a regular eraser on the contact point.  ahahaha...  i remember when i called my mom's cable company that's also what the tech support guy told me to do to the digibox card.  i 'erased' the contact point and cable broadcast resumed.

simple but effective, huh!  \m/

lose and gain

surprised that this body-hugging housedress of mine is suddenly too loose...   hmmm...  i had a fever for two days and spent practically the whole time sleeping, barely eating...  could it be it?  i wonder how much weight i lost in two days, if ever...   i wonder how long 'twill take to get it back...

kids and toys

i was about to enter the shower when my nephew and my granddaughter suddenly came knocking at my door...  i let them in and boom!  they suddenly wreaked havoc on my toys!!!   : O

they reached over for my dolls...  held and inspected my breakable tiny manor while i held my breath...  squealed at my lego chopper and race car...  squeaked my plastic nemo...

my nephew kept on pulling on my mega-swatch...
me:  no! no! no! no!  it might fall on you!

my granddaughter wanted to have the plush wristwatch hanging on my bathroom door, the dial the size of her face...
me:  aw, no...  i like that...

they went gaga over my 'foodstuff' (i don't have real food at my place but i have a lot of fake ones, either too big or too small)

they were biting my giant burger...  hugging my bananas...  and were so amused at my miniature cakes and fruits and drinks, etc.

my granddaughter kept on asking, can i eat this?  can i drink this?
me:  no, no, no...  they're not real...

oh, oh, oh...  i was on my toes making sure they don't swallow any of them!

i kept on telling them, i'm going to take a shower, i need to take a shower now...

finally they left...

suddenly i felt so tired, wahaha...

whew!  i'm going to rest first and shower in a while...  no more knocks, please...