i was on the phone christmas morning when my sister came in.  she went, 'who's that?'

i tell her.

sister:  i knew it!

guy on phone asks how come she knew.

sister:  you're always talking...  even in the wee hours you talk.

caller:  wee hours???  that's not me...


love handles

sometime back, these drooping, fatty bulges appeared on my back, close to the sides, which horrified me and made me embark on a slimming mission (i cut down on my already minimal food intake).

well, guess what, for the second time, someone told me last night that you really call those excess flesh 'love handles.'

uh-oh.  i've too successfully lost so much weight i've lost the love handles.  does that mean i won't have the love as well???  waaaahhhh!!!

matter of taste

two guys were shown talking on TV...

my mom went:  who's that?  he's handsome.

my sister asked:  which one?

mom:  the younger one.

me:  huh?!  it's the other who looks handsome to me.

mom:  what???!!!

ooops...  chuckles...  different tastes, mom and daugh...  ; )

someone else

i was driving so i asked my friend to call this guy from my phone to check the stuff he wants from the duty free store.

was i surprised to hear her saying this and that over the phone.  huh?!  what on earth are they talking about?!

it turns out the guy was not picking up and my friend was instead talking to an officemate of hers from her own phone.

oh, hahaha... the things that surprise you when you're not aware of the current situation...  ; )

the choice is mine

i hold office at a glass-enclosed area  ->  floor-to-ceiling glass walls on both sides.

this morning, we had a distinguished guest and he made some remarks about my office.  i told him insiders actually call it the aquarium.

he said 'aquarium' does not have a good connotation with guys.

i was like, 'huh?!  why?'

he said an aquarium would be someplace where you check out and choose women.

ooops...  how come i haven't been chosen up to now?!


excuse me...  i am the one who hasn't made a choice yet...  (sigh)