i was lamenting to a friend how i lost my shape and, uhm, curves when i slimmed down.

the guy tried to console me by saying i have radiance... he said he liked my gestures and how i moved (haha... good thing i did not trip, LOL!)... he said i made the room lively...

aaw... :")

he also said he liked my hair and my eyes...

huh?! hair???!!! i barely comb my hair!!! : O

waaaahhhh!!! the guy is simply humoring me... ugh!

virtual kisses

i received the following text this morning:

'Gud am. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!'

hahaha...  that's a lot of kisses, guy...  virtual though  ->  and will never be for real...  (sigh)


i received the following text from a friend:  "tu me manque."

uhm...  i'd prefer "je t'aime..."

; )

shell to petron finally

i've always been a shell (gasoline) girl...  from the time i started driving in college (yikes, ancient!) up to a few hours ago, i've always gassed up with shell.  (ooops...  in college i didn't gas up, haha...  i was using my dad's car then and it was my dearest dad who did the gassing up... thanks, vats  : D ...)

a few years back, citibank started giving rebates if you use a shell citibank credit card to pay for your gas at shell.  i was sooo happy.  but then i had a not at all pleasant experience with the company (a P3,500 (yuck!) disputed transaction dating back to 2003 that up to now is yet to be closed at least on the system-level, ugh!) so now i'm using BPI credit cards.

well, BPI has a petron BPI credit card that gives you a rebate when you gas up at petron.  i have such a card but i am not really able to avail myself of the rebates because i gas up at shell.  i couldn't switch to petron because i don't want to be mixing gasoline brands and i make it a point to gas up whenever my tank is half-empty.  well, at least until recently.

i haven't been able to go to the gasoline station for a few weeks apparently (i usually gas up weekly) and while driving home from the office today, i noticed that my needle was very close to the empty indicator.  whoa!  how come i didn't notice that my gas was running low?!  waaaahhhh!!!  i felt soooo uneasy...  there was a shell station somewhere near and i planned to divert from my usual route so i could gas up.

guess what, a few meters (yup, so near!) away from petron and caltex gasoline stations on opposite corners, my gas empty indicator suddenly lit up!  yikes!!!  first time in my life i experienced this!!!  i thought with that my car was going to stall.  yikes, yikes, yikes!!!  i kept on praying it won't and it did not, thank God.  i made it to the petron station on the opposite lane.  whew!

i got a full tank and henceforth it's going to be petron for me.

goodbye, shell...  hello, rebates...  blessing in disguise...  : )

what a sharp memory

i was walking when someone called out, 'cynthiaaaaa!!!'

i looked back and saw an unfamiliar guy.  i went, 'oh...  hi...'

guy:  'how are you?'

me:  'i'm ok...'

guy:  'do you know me?'

ooops...  putting me on the spot...  : }

me:  'you look familiar...'
       (actually he doesn't)

guy:  'i'm a classmate of your brother's...  in grade school...'

huh?!  ancient...  : }

oh, an arm... now let me have the leg as well...

someone mentioned 'download' and this question from last wednesday came to mind:  'when you told them to download, did you check to see that they really did download?'


'no, i did not.'

'you should have checked!'

really???!!!  to that level???  i should not have had to tell them to do that in the first place and yet i did and now i'm remiss for not checking???

i don't understand...

you remind people to bring paper, they don't bring paper, it's my fault  ->  i should have checked that they did...
you tell people to read this doc, they don't read it, it's my fault  ->  i should have read it to them...


is this a day-care center???  are these kids???  don't i have more important things to attend to???  aren't they supposed to be responsible enough to do what they are supposed to do???

this freeloader-mentality just keeps on shocking me.  instead of collecting from those who haven't been paying, you chide the one who's been forking out more than his share for not forking out enough.

: }

february profile pic

i saw a post in my nephew's facebook wall and thought 'twould be fun to join in so i forwarded the following extract to some friends:


guess what, some guy replied saying he will give me a copy of his pic and he in turn was asking for a copy of mine.  huh?!  ahahaha...

i don't wanna be part of some montage, guy...  nor do i want to be mobbed by your gals...

; p