what on earth was that?!

this afternoon, the phone on my desk rang.  i recognized the voice so i greeted the caller with a happy, "hello, mon ami... good morning... ay, good afternoon pala."

the reply surprised me, "ang taray!"

i went, "ha?!  ano namang tinaray ko???"

he revises his statement, "ay, hindi pala.  ang landi!"

i almost fell off my seat.  "haaaa????!!!  ano namang nilandi ko????!!!"

he couldn't explain.  ugh!  some reactions are just so totally unexpected you can't help but wonder how the mind works...

dream on

remember the four simultaneous activities i was supposed to attend to last friday?  the important meeting, the emergency meeting, the testing at the other building, the talk with my boss.  well, i left the important meeting to preside over the emergency meeting, right?  this afternoon (yup, it's a sunday!!!) when my staff tested the subject of the important meeting, it failed  : }  the same tests were conducted earlier and it passed.

it turns out a last-minute design change was done which gave rise to the different result.  and the project managers are saying i was at the meeting when the design change was discussed and agreed upon.  uh-oh.  i am afraid it was discussed during the time i went downstairs for the emergency meeting.  i honestly don't remember hearing it.  not that i would have opposed.  but i would have recommended another round of tests before the final one just to make sure it will really pass the deciding final.

ugh!  next time, when something is important, stay put.  if an emergency crops up, assign it to someone else.  better to know the whole story about one thing than just hear bits and pieces of this and that.

but then, what if just like last friday, my assistant is on leave and the next in rank, i've assigned to another task at another building?  yikes!!!

how about i declare that henceforth emergency and important are not allowed to crop up at the same time?  if only i had such power... if only life were that simple...

wed, thu, fri, sat

i came from a meeting outside office last wednesday and, entering our building, the guard stopped me to hand over a large medallion saying it's for me from cagayan de oro.  i was like, 'huh?!  are you sure this is for me???'

the guard repeated it was for me from the head of our cagayan de oro office.

hmmm... my office did deploy something there sometime back but i don't really personally know anyone there nor do i think whatever we did merited a medallion, ha-ha-ha.

we have a new set of guards and they still do not know a lot of us at this point.  i told the guard, 'my surname is (my surname).  maybe that is for cynthia (other surname).'

he goes, 'ay, yes, ma'am, it is for ma'am (other surname).'

again?  i knew it.  LOL!  ; )

= = = = =

thursday my officemates and i went to a wake.  going there, we passed by a billboard showing a sexy female in purple leotards.  i ask who it is.  no one knew.  ok.

after having traveled awhile, i spotted another billboard, still far away, with another female in a red two piece.  i again ask who it is.  they knew and gave me the name.

nearing the billboard, i checked out the model (i was a passenger, not a driver).  one of my companions apparently noticed as she remarked, 'si boss, mahilig sa sexy.'

ooops, ha-ha-ha.  true.  i do like sexy.  i was reed-thin when i was young and i remember how rounded, shapely, fleshy types have caught my attention since then.  that's it, however, and nothing more.  i am 100% girlie girl.  i can't imagine being with someone other than a manly guy.

= = = = =

yesterday, i was in a very important meeting when i received a call asking me to go back to my office as there was an emergency in one of our projects.  whoa!  emergency!  i rushed downstairs.  guess what, it is something a bit urgent but not really an emergency, at least to me.

i told my officemate when i hear the word emergency blood and stuff come to mind.  same with the word serious, i think of ICU.  (the latter i picked up from a college professor.  it has stayed with me since.)  i associate these two words with danger to life or property.

anyway, we discussed the 'emergency' and then i received a text message reminding me that my office was needed in the testing being done at the other building.  ooops, yup.  i send two of my officemates to the place and continued the meeting on the 'emergency.'

and then an officemate calls me saying my boss wants me to go up to her office upstairs.  ugh!!!  so many things to attend to all at the same time!!!

i call my boss and tell her i am currently presiding over an 'emergency' meeting for this project, but i'm actually supposed to be at this other meeting for this other project, in addition i would have wanted to check out what's happening at the other building for still some other project.  i ask her whether we can just talk over the phone.  she says ok, thank heavens.

then back to my 'emergency' meeting.  plan a, plan b, this, that.  quickly wrap up.

i go back to the important meeting i left earlier.  for this project, everyone has been working so hard people are just so tired at times it seemed like we were not thinking straight anymore  : }   off statements punctuated the discussions followed by, 'i slept at 3 am,' 'i was up till dawn,' 'i haven't had a decent sleep since last week.'  ugh!

just before the meeting, the project manager was at my office and i was explaining to her something and at the end, she just gave me what seemed like a blank stare.  i go, 'hey, did you hear me?  did you understand what i was saying?'

she says, 'yes, yes.  sorry, i've had only two hours of sleep.'

uh-oh, that sounded like a no to me  : }

i've said so much and talked so long i told her i don't have the energy to repeat what i've just said.

she assures me she got everything.  hmmm... i certainly hope so...

we both go up to the important meeting.  in the course of the meeting, one of the attendees mentions a problem encountered by our personnel currently on training out of the country for still some other project.  ooops.  i'm supposed to be handling that.  well, someone else is the primary but he's so busy, too, so the tasks have been falling to me, i being the alternate.  right there and then i coordinate with this external agency and we're hoping everything will turn out fine.

= = = = =

today, saturday, i had planned to go to the office early but i woke up feeling not quite well. ( our regular workdays are only monday to friday btw. this is overtime. unpaid : } )

the unwell feeling actually suddenly surfaced after my important meeting yesterday.  it was so abrupt.  i was walking to the phone when i suddenly felt my eyes and the inside of my nose go warm.  i then felt a slight fever and colds started leaking out my nose.  (ooops, excuse me.)  the fever was gone by morning and the colds seem to be going away too.  i am blogging now but i'll rest after this and will just drive to the office after lunch.

i am looking forward to a restful weekend  ->  next week  : }


i was asking someone why he needs to be present at a certain meeting saying he'd just be a DH there.  he asks what DH is.  i say Dakilang Hadlang.

later in the exchange, he mentions HD.  it was my turn to ask what it means.  he says, Hidden Desire.

ha-ha-ha.  DH for him, HD for me.  i was amused  ; )


i was at dinner with two australia-based former officemates last night. the dinner was scheduled for one of them, we knew he was coming. the other, well, he surprised us with his presence : )

for most, the surprise came inside the restaurant. for me, it was a bit earlier. so i was trying to find a parking space along the venue when i saw a guy walking in my direction.

i went, 'hmmm... that guy looks like (blank)...'

nearer, it was, 'wow... that guy really looks like (blank)...'

finally, it was, 'whoa! it is (blank)!!!' honk! honk! honk!

the noise startles him, then he recognizes me, and with a sheepish grin, peeks through my window.

what a pleasant surprise : )

not far

yesterday, i was brushing my teeth when an officemate called me saying there was a guy named (blank) on the phone.

i went, 'ooops, long distance... i'll be right there...' i unceremoniously finished brushing and rushed to my desk.

the guy greets me with, 'have you had lunch?'

i said i haven't been eating lunch lately.

he says he was planning to ask me out to lunch.

i was like, 'you're here?!' (he is based in singapore.)

'yup. i'll go there.'

me: 'sure!'

he suddenly put down the phone and in a very short while popped in front of me. whoa! it turns out he was just a room away when he made that call. surprise!!! : D


someone whose messages i stopped replying to recently sent me the following text this evening:

If u do not reply 2 dis msg, u wil hav a year of bad luck...

huh?!  waaaahhh!!!  so mean!  grudgingly, i replied.

he then sent me the following message:

Hahahaha...now u wil hav a year of gudluck.

ugh!  i was half-irked and half-amused.  next time, guy, don't do that.  what if my pre-paid does not have load and my post-paid's battery is empty?  in such a case, i'd just be plain irked.  that is something you definitely wouldn't want to see...

dorfus dippin face / sloopy dippin face / dorfus farkle chunks / sloopy farkle chunks

' received this in e-mail...  : )

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


We all need a little stress-reliever!  This only takes a minute.  Sometimes when you have a stressful day or week, you need some silliness to break up the day.  Here is your dose of humor...

A. Follow the instructions to find your new name.

B. Once you have your new name, put it in the subject line.

The following is excerpted from a children's book, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot Professor Poopypants, by Dave Pilkey, in which the evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names...


1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:

a = snickle
b = doombah
c = goober
d = cheesey
e = crusty
f = greasy
g = dumbo
h = farcus
i = dorky
j = doofus
k = funky
l = boobie
m = sleezy
n = sloopy
o = fluffy
p = stinky
q = slimy
r = dorfus
s = snooty
t = tootsie
u = dipsy
v = sneezy
w = liver
x = skippy
y = dinky
z = zippy

2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:

a = dippin
b = feather
c = batty
d = burger
e = chicken
f = barffy
g = lizard
h = waffle
i = farkle
j = monkey
k = flippin
l = zebra
m = bubble
n = rhino
o = potty
p = hamster
q = buckle
r = gizzard
s = lickin
t = snickle
u = chuckle
v = pickle
w = hubble
x = dingle
y = gorilla
z = girdle

3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:

a = butt
b = boob
c = face
d = nose
e = hump
f = breath
g = pants
h = shorts
i = lips
j = honker
k = head
l =  tush
m = chunks
n = dunkin
o = brains
p = biscuits
q = toes
r = doodle
s = fanny
t = sniffer
u = sprinkles
v = frack
w = squirt
x = humperdinck
y = hiney
z = juice

Remember that children laugh an average of 146 times a day; adults laugh an average of 4 times a day. Put more laughter in your day : )

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


someone a year older than me has what seems like the sweetest relationship with a 31-year old guy.  her stories pictured a boyfriend so good, so caring, so thoughtful, so romantic i swooned and wondered aloud when i will find such a guy of my own.

a cousin right away said she's going to introduce someone to me.

i went, 'how old?'

she replies, '35.'

me:  'that's too young!'

her defense came quick, 'but he looks old!  really!'

eh?!  don't bother...  LOL!

birthday kiss

at the party i attended this evening, i found myself unexpectedly amused upon hearing the birthday song.  i was reminded of my high school best friend's birthday party last saturday/sunday (yup, it spilled over beyond midnight).  that time, someone poised to kiss me but i turned away frustrating his attempt.

he chided me for not obliging his kiss.

i countered, "bakit, birthday mo ba?"

[ i am no prude but i do like to keep kisses and stuff to the one who owns my heart (no one yet up to now, ugh!) ]

apparently, our batchmates heard this so throughout the party, they would suddenly burst into song, "happy birthday, (guy's name)..."

ooops, ha-ha-ha.  very funny.  not effective enough to get him a kiss though.  a birthday song does not a birthday make.  you'll have to present a birth certificate for that.  LOL!

next time nohup

i was doing something long-running in my PC.  i was hoping it would complete before i leave the office but it did not.  before i left therefore, i intended to turn the monitor off.  guess what! i pressed the power on the CPU instead.  aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!


a poem for my crush
(you know not who;
he knows not, too):

you had my number,
but did not call.

you had my address,
but did not mail.

you knew my place,
but never showed up.

why then
should i entrust you
with my heart?


someone told me that his children were asking whether i was already his girlfriend (he is legally free.). he said his reply was, 'i don't know.'

i was like, 'huh?! you should have said no, period. why i don't know?!'

i don't know seems to imply that there is something going on. there is none. it would have been easier and accurate to say no. why muddle what is clear?

oh, guys... grrrr...


i made four commitments for friday and saturday and, with much effort, managed to honor every single one of them. i am very happy... and was very tired : }  tired but happy  ->  not that bad...

first was a commitment to give preferential attention to a certain project. second was a promise to my niece that i'll be attending her school concert. third was a best-effort commitment to a high school best friend to attend his birthday party.  all three notwithstanding the fourth commitment, i.e., a much earlier scheduled office outing, postponed to accommodate my niece's concert which later was likewise moved to a date coinciding with the re-scheduled office outing. ugh! talk about tough luck!

my officemates wanted to re-schedule the outing again to again accommodate the also re-scheduled concert. i said don't, promising to follow them out of town. then last minute, i caught them talking of a change in venue to someplace nearer so it would be easier for me to follow. so sweet. i, however, stood firm in saying i don't want to be messing with what has been set and gave my word that i will show up, no matter how hard, no matter how late.

friday 5 pm was the music fest. my niece was going to sing; my nephew, going to play bass. i couldn't leave the office earlier because the priority project might require certain actions from my office up to 5 (even beyond, actually. but at least if we are not able to attend to them after 5:00, that is understandable. if before 5:00, ah, ah... that would be baaad : })

i was supposed to have a meeting at 2 pm and when the staff called to remind me about it, i told her to tell the other attendees i'll pass as i have to be at my office the whole afternoon. an hour later, she calls again. she said the attendees were asking whether they could transfer to my office so i can be present. huh?! ha-ha-ha. muhammad and the mountain came to mind. ok. come over. LOL!

after 5, i rushed to the music fest venue. i arrived just in time for my niece's number. take pics, take videos. then wait for my nephew's turn. pics and videos again. after his number, i dashed off to my parents' place to leave my car. i did not finish the concert anymore.

at my parents' house, i felt hungry so i squeezed in a quick dinner before hurriedly taking public transportation to get to quezon province where my officemates were for our office outing. the journey was a test of patience and perseverance, aaaargh!!!

i did not want to drive to quezon nighttime so i got directions for a public commute. well, what do you know, after rushing my dinner, it turns out it would take close to an hour before the bus i was supposed to take passed by the road where i was waiting. ugh! i was on the verge of tears already. all i had to do was make a phone call and i'd be happy BUT...

so i tried, very, very hard, to muster enough willpower to get through the ordeal. it was something new to me. alone, nighttime, standing a long time along an unfamiliar busy road, so many people not one of whom i know, waiting for this bus i've never seen which was supposed to take me to this place i've never been.

finally, a bus with sign board infanta arrived. it wasn't the orange bus i was told i should wait for but i took my chance and asked whether it would pass by club manila east in quezon province. someone said yes so i hopped in and was surprised to see that it was full. yikes! i asked the conductor how long it will take to get to my destination. he said three hours. i was like, 'huh?! i'll be standing for 3 hours?!' he said some passengers are sure to get off earlier and i could take a seat by then. waaah!

i wanted to get off. but then i thought it would be better to stand on the bus traveling to quezon than stand on the road waiting for a bus that will take me to quezon. so remain i did. good thing all i had with me was my regular shoulder bag. unlike the other passengers, my bulky stuff was with my officemates who left for the venue in private vehicles earlier.

then the conductor gave me a ticket. i asked how much the fare was and then got the amount from my wallet. but then, the conductor disappeared. ugh! i had to keep the money in my grip until he reappeared much later.

lo and behold, however, the guy to my left offered me his seat. i thought he was getting off already. i took it and then, yikes, the guy didn't get off until muuuuucccchhh farther. i felt soooo guilty. i mean, i like chivalry and all but this is public commute to a far place, i wouldn't mind guys keeping their seats to themselves. i felt more uncomfortable as i was the only female offered a seat in the bus. there were other females standing, other guys sitting, no one switched. after a while, i tugged at the guy's shirt and told him he could sit at my (originally his) seat's handrail. he declined and just smiled. hey, cute, ha-ha...

after a while, the woman beside me got off. the guy who offered me his seat and i therefore ended up sitting side by side in the space-deficient three-seater. i was sandwiched between a woman to my left and the guy to my right. every once in a while i'd glance at the guy and also catch him looking at me. hmmm... i half-expected him to get my name, he did not : } my fairy tale, movie-like notions were dashed, ha-ha-ha

almost midnight i got to club manila east. some of my officemates were sleeping already. the rest were still having a videoke session. i joined them... and crawled into bed past 4 am : }  a few hours later, i was awakened for breakfast. eat, roam, sing, eat. i did not go swimming. i don't like to soak myself wet when i'm tired or am lacking sleep. i just took a shower before we went back to the city. no public commute for me this time. rather, my officemate's very comfortable van. so travel, make a wrong turn here, a wrong turn there, get on track, travel on. finally we were back to home base : )

i slept a bit and then drove off 9:30 pm to attend the birthday party. this is something i normally would have skipped given my full day but then the celebrator was my high school best friend so i made an effort to show up. i have a self-imposed midnight curfew but i wasn't able to keep it this time. my friends and i left the party 1 am : }

i didn't feel it while partying but at my parents' place, the exhaustion suddenly surfaced so i tumbled into bed barely cleaning my face and brushing my teeth. i was just so pooped. sleep felt so glorious!

i thought i was going to sleep late into the day but 8:30 am i was awakened by a text message. waaaah!!! it was someone asking how i was. getting back from quezon i told him not to text as i was going to catch some sleep as i still would be attending a party. he complied. then morning he interrupts my sleep. aaargggh!

oh, well. he is mon ami (my friend) and i'm sure he means well. we exchanged a few messages then both went back to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


i was at the supermarket last monday when i heard someone say, "ang hirap mamili ano?"  (hard to choose)

ooops.  it was a high school batchmate.  he probably caught my perplexed look pondering the merits of this rice and that sugar, ha-ha-ha

it is our office outing this weekend and my officemates presented to me a menu and a list of items for approval.  i, however, didn't stop at approving (maybe i should have, ha-ha).  i volunteered to pick up certain items at the grocery myself (i passed at the wet ones:  hotdog, chicken, the like).

well, when i go to the supermarket, i regularly buy only the following items:

- chocolates
- nestle pure life mineral water
- del monte pineapple juice
- libby’s chicken vienna sausage
- century tuna hot and spicy
- gardenia high calcium milk bread
- kraft cheez whiz
- lily’s peanut butter.

yup, that's it.  the same stuff over and over.  shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper and other oft-used, non-edible stuff i buy in big sizes as they're cheaper in bulk.

imagine my bewilderment therefore when suddenly i had to shop around for unfamiliar things:  rice, sugar, coffee, cooking oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, instant noodles, this and that canned good, junk food.  hey, it's not that i don't know what these things are.  of course, i do, ha-ha-ha.  it's just that you won't find them in my place so i'm really not familiar with their packaging.  (i haven't done any cooking in a loooong while, the LPG at my house has been sitting there for two years : })

when i volunteered to do the groceries, i told my officemates to be as specific as possible.  put the brand, the flavor, the size.  leave no room for discretion, ha-ha-ha.  they pretty much complied, except for the junk food.

they listed piattos, v-cut, tortillos.  ugh!  the only junk food i used to buy was lay's classic potato chips.  and then i read something about it not being good health-wise so i stopped, boo-hoo-hoo.  i wasn't able to get any of the chips my officemates listed as when i went to the aisle, i was faced with a whole lot of flavors per brand.  yikes!  which ones do they like?  plus they listed tortillos.  what was there was tortillas.  i asked the refiller whether there really is a tortillos.  he replied there is a tostitos.  ooops.  i decided to pass again.  i just  might pick up the wrong brand and/or flavor.  just let them shop for these stuff together with the chicken, etc.  : }

anyway, i think i got a passing mark when i brought the groceries to the office the following day.  the only items i failed to get were the chips and the wine (the wine, too, had different flavors and they listed just the brand).

we're all looking forward to the outing.  time to unwind.  it's going to be fun and we're going to be full.  smile, laugh, burp  ; )

the better choice

someone who fell victim to a false accusation tried to appease the needlessly hurting party by saying i already have something i actually still don't have at this point.

i was like, 'huh?! why'd you say that? now i have to produce one?'

i easily could, anytime, and in the process make people happy. but i'm thinking it will just introduce more complications than it will solve. nah, i'm sticking to the truth. it may not be apparent now but it is always better that way.


something totally unexpected happened to me this evening. whoa! where on earth did that come from?! i never once suspected it. i never would have imagined it. i did not see it coming.

? ? ?

! ! !


A - P - P - L - E

i had pineapple juice at dinner so when i saw a friendster bulletin with the subject line  P - I - N - E - A - P - P - L - E, i clicked.  waaaah!!!  another one of those chain bulletins!!!  ugh!!!


aaargh!!!  ' am a sucker for lovelife-threatening lines so here goes:

A - P - P - L - E
You like SOMEONE who also likes you,
BUT you two aren't together
B - A - N - A - N - A

B - L - U - E - B - E - R - R - Y

C - H - E - R - R - Y
you like someone A LOT
but don't know how they feel about you

C - O - C - O - N - U - T
you're SINGLE
all YOU want to do IS LIVE LIFE and HAVE FUN!!

D - A - L - A - N - D - A - N
YOU Like someone who doesn't like you in return
G - R - A - P - E
you're SINGLE and proud of it

G - U - A - V - A
sweet and salty

L - E - M - O - N
you're about to GIVE UP

L - I - M - E
you don't care anymore

O - R - A - N - G - E
FLIRTY and HAPPY with the way you are RIGHT NOW.
You're just LOOKING to have a good time.
BUT wouldn't MIND HAVING SOMEONE TO LOVE in your life.

P - I - N - E - A - P - P - L - E
YOU are taking LIFE as it comes
S - T - R - A - W - B - E - R - R - Y
you're in a relationship and you love the guy / girl so much
that you never want to lose them no matter what.
you'll do anything for them. you love them SO MUCH!!!

T - O - M - A - T - O
you are TAKEN
W - A - T - E - R - M - E - L - O - N
you were left at birth then taken in by elves
and NOW you're FIGHTING crime WITH a CANDY CANE.

i don't quite understand the last line.  what's 11.11 - 12.12 ?  between 11:11 pm to 12:12 am?  whatever... ' am an  A - P - P - L - E  hoping to become a  S - T - R - A - W - B - E - R - R - Y...


someone told me he saw a family picture of ours and was asking whether the guy in the pic was my ex.  i asked where he saw it.  he said on the web.  hmmmm... i haven't posted any family pics recently.  neither have i uploaded any pics with any ex.

he described the guy and from the description it did seem like my ex but i said i really did not want to confirm as it's possible it could be some other guy.  he said the guy was big/tall, goodlooking and looked very masculine.  wow, if that is an ex then what on earth was i thinking?!  ha-ha-ha.  he added the guy had his arm around me.  oh, ok.  there are not too many of those pics with a non-ex for sure.  the few that are around would most likely be with a relative.  anyhow, i said i'll save my confirmation for when i have seen the pic.

then last week, he showed me the pics.  ooops, yup, it was my ex.  the pics were taken a few years back.

i asked how he saw it.  he said he searched me in google.  oh.  that is creepy sweet.

i googled myself to see what comes out.  in the web tab, there's several.  in images, a LOT.  pics from picasa, from flickr.  hmmm... i posted them on the web so i don't really expect them to be hidden or private.  but then i'm thinking people would be googling themselves.  i really don't expect them to be googling me, ha-ha-ha.

anyhow, i've lived, and have been striving to live, a good life.  it's not always easy but i'm happy to say that i've managed to get by.

yup, i don't mind the search.  my life could withstand scrutiny...  : )

overnight overtime

an officemate was telling me that he told someone i slept over at the office this weekend and had he known he would have accompanied me. the guy reportedly replied he too would have done the same had he known. eh?! i was like, ‘if you two guys are here then i’ll go home and leave you both.’

actually, i am no stranger to office sleepovers. when i was still a DBA (database administrator), we regularly had activities that started at 5 pm of friday and lasted up to afternoon or early evening of sunday. one time it even spilled over to early monday. the other offices were coming in looking fresh and lively. we were dying to go home looking beat and feeling drowsy. the thing is, you’re supposed to be at the office monday following such weekend activities to troubleshoot things in case something does not quite turn out right. ugh!

those were tiring but happy times. you joked around to stay awake. they were bonding moments. our office had glass walls. we had no privacy. the roving guard would pass by every hour and he’d see you yawn and stretch and frown. we didn’t have any beds. we lined the floor with sleeping mats and foldable mattresses. we slept side by side, guys and gals, even snored in symphony, hahaha. you saw how your officemates looked fighting off sleep. you saw how they were newly awake, hair uncombed, face unwashed, teeth unbrushed.

nice to reminisce such times. nicer when you do it at home on a comfy, comfy bed looking forward to a good night’s sleep ; )


i was walking toward our building’s other wing when i heard someone say, “hello, miss beautiful!”

i turned around and saw one of our contractors smiling at me.  i said “hi” in return then suddenly burst out laughing realizing that i just responded to a “beautiful” call.  ha-ha-ha.  so presumptuous!  yikes!

next time i should ignore until he says my name…  ; )

modest clothing

at mass today, the priest talked about temptation. he said temptation is not a sin in itself. what is a sin is the act of tempting or succumbing to the temptation.

then he talked about modest attire, both for men and women. he said don't wear revealing outfits in church as you become a distraction to the other churchgoers. instead of focusing on the mass, they get their attention diverted to you. ooops. i wasn't sure whether i was dressed appropriately. i had on a sleeved close-to-the-body shirt (nothing skin-tight) paired with a loose mid-calf skirt.

i remember one time when one of those church-serving old ladies tried, not abrasively, in fairness, to prevent me from entering the church because i was wearing a sleeveless top. that time i was wearing a below-the-knee skirt and this sando top which actually did not expose the shoulders. the neckline did not show cleavage, but the arms, yes, were fully exposed. to me this was not revealing but, yup, maybe for church it was. i should have gone home to change but i was thinking i was already there so i tried to go in through another door. no one barred me so i got to hear mass in my original outfit. this taught me, however, never to go to mass with a sleeveless top again.

the priest's homily reminded me of my ex. one time, he wanted me to change into another outfit because he found my skirt's slit too high. (it was thigh high.) i did not and he wasn't too happy. he doesn't like outfits that show flesh or hug the figure saying you're encouraging others to sin when you wear such clothes. hmmm. consistent with the priest's homily that statement.

back in college, i was supposed to go to school in this denim pants and short white shirt and what do you know, my dad would not let me. i told him the shirt was long enough to reach to the pants waistline. he countered it was barely there and when i move, my midriff peeks. ugh! he stood in front of the car blocking it unless i changed. i told him i do not want to change. he said then he wouldn't let me leave. so be it. a while later, he left the house. i went back to the car and drove off. i even brought a camera and took a picture of me in that outfit. yikes! disobedient daughter : } (i'm sorry, vats... i do love you, you know that.)

then in graduate school, i had this suitor who, upon seeing me, pointed out to me that my shirt was unbuttoned. i was wearing one of those shirts with three, four buttons below the throat area. i nonchalantly told him i intentionally buttoned only one leaving the rest unbuttoned. he was discomfited, ha-ha-ha. hello! the neckline was not at all low. no cleavage was showing, c'mon.

just the other night i was talking with two guys about outfits and girlfriends. one said he's even the one who suggests to his wife to wear something less conservative. the other has told me before that he doesn't mind his girlfriend wearing something sexy provided he is around. hmmm... me, i am not really into revealing outfits when i go out with company but how come the guys in my life still find things to grumble about? is it really me or is it them having this exaggerated thing about modest dress and covering up?

an ex-boyfriend used to always put his hand between my knees whenever i sit and my office uniform skirt goes up above the knees. i'd try to brush him off saying people might wonder what his hand is doing down there. he wouldn't budge saying he's just making sure my undies don't show. ugh! is that paranoid, protective or what?


my office 'bed'

i slept at the office last night --- this morning, rather. i went to 'bed' around 4 am and was awakened by a text message close to 7 am : }

my 'bed' was made up of four chairs put together side by side and when i woke up my body was aching here and there, ugh!

i told my officemate it reminded me of princess and the pea. he didn't know about it so i told him.

there was a prince who was looking for a wife. his wife had to be a princess, a real princess. as a test, they put a pea under several mattresses placed one on top of the other. so supposed princesses slept on these mattresses and morning they'd be asked how their sleep was. this one and that said they slept well. until someone arrived who, after having spent the night on these mattresses, woke up in the morning with body aches saying there seemed to be something underneath the cushions which made her sleepless. well, it was the tiny pea and she passed the princess test as princesses are supposed to have the softest of bodies sensitive to the slightest of discomforts.

my officemate's reaction made me chuckle: 'does that mean you are a princess?'

huh?! ha-ha-ha.  if i were then where is my prince? ; )