in my heart

someone asked me why i haven't been blogging lately.  i told him, "some things are best written in the heart..."

age gap

my cousin told me she wanted to introduce someone to me.  i asked, "how old?"

she replies, "36."

me:  'the previous one was 35; this one now's 36...'

she goes, 'ay, they're one and the same guy.  it's going to be his birthday so he'll be 36.'

eh?!  hello!!!  he does not have a monopoly of birthdays.  my issue is our age difference, not his age...

friends and lovers

i learned a new term today:  friends with benefits.  ha-ha-ha.  i was amused.

i always thought friends are entitled to benefits  ->  not those kinds of benefits though.  as far as i am concerned, you'll have to cross the friendship line to be entitled to those...

don't push your luck

my officemates and i were talking about life and love and lovers' spats.  one guy's story was bittersweet.  faced with an unexpected conflict between a commitment to his wife and a commitment to his friends on a very special date, he opted to honor the commitment with his friends.

his logic:  they're married  ->

1.  he's sure he and his wife will be able to iron out things.

2.  he knows his wife is always going to be there.

hmmm... i admire the wife.  but to the guy i'd say, don't push it.  some guys run out of luck that way.


in my inbox are e-mail notifications from fanbox saying this certain guy has sent me all sorts of stuff: a bugatti (wow!), a prayer, a rose, a photo, a super-ping (whatever that is), money, kisses. gee, thanks : )

this evening, my curiosity got the better of me and i clicked. whoa! i saw that the guy has sent out 11,458 cars. he also has sent kisses to 7,354 people! ooops... suddenly, my stash doesn't seem special, ha-ha-ha

reminds me of my fair lady. i saw the play looooooong ago but still remember an exchange that has left quite an impression on me: eliza was complaining to professor higgins about the way he's been treating her. the professor sort of tells her not to take offense as he's like that to everyone.

i googled the script. here are the lines:

The great secret is not a question of good manners...
...or bad manners
or any particular sort of manner...

...but having the same manner
for all human souls.

The question is not
whether I treat you rudely...

...but whether you've ever heard me
treat anyone else better.

what a heartache if everyone else is treated well and you are not...

it's magic when two people fall in love

for the third time this year, i slept on my four-chairs-in-a-row 'bed' at the office.  not sure whether i'm just getting used to it but my 'bed' gave me minimal body ache this time.  looks like the princess in me has faded away, ha-ha

anyway, we have a major activity scheduled for the holy holidays (holy wednesday to maundy thursday).  6 pm, my officemate and i went down to check out the area.  she remarked as we went around, 'boys-full dito a...'  ooops, the activity requires all sorts:  managerial, technical, electrical skills; physical strength, too.  that time, there were maybe a dozen guys around and we were the only two females in the room.

past midnight, when she had gone home, my other officemate and i were checking out something when it suddenly dawned on me that i was the only female in the room.  i counted, i was amidst at least 20 guys.  ugh!  so many men, not one of them mine, not one of them bringing joy to my heart.  yup, got to believe in magic...

best friend

my best friend sent food to my parents' place last sunday.  kare-kare, paksiw na lechon, pinakbet.  she knew i wasn't there (i was at my place).  still she sent them over.  my mom was so touched.  and so am i.  i feel so lucky having such people in my life...


last saturday i was at the counter ordering my weekend pizza meal when my phone rang.  it was mon ami.  we talked and talked and talked then hang up when the pizza was ready.

the pizza comes with softdrinks.  now i don't take carbonated drinks so i gave the drink to the parking attendant.  guess what, he was waiving my fees!  i liked that but then i gave him the softdrinks without really expecting anything in return so i insisted on paying.

at the car, i rang mon ami excited to tell him about the parking attendant.  he wasn't picking up his phone.  so i drove away.  while driving, he rang me.  it was my turn not to pick up.  it was at the house when i called him back.  i told him i was calling earlier because i was excited to tell him a story.  i said the excitement has died down so never mind.

he wanted to hear anyway.  so relate the story i did.  i guess i should not have.  he tells me the parking attendant was waiving my fees not because i gave him softdrinks but because he enjoyed how i looked.  huh?!  goodness!

earlier when we were talking, he wanted to come over.  i objected saying i, uhm, 'wasn't dressed for company.'  i don't know what he visualized  : }

well, let me clarify:  i wasn't all covered up but i'd say my appearance could pass for decent.  i am convinced the attendant was waiving my fees because of the softdrinks and not because of my outfit.

talk about dampening my joy.  ugh!

more than that

someone who liked the cakes i've been bringing ordered one for his sister.

he tells me he called the bakeshop and then he asked, "kilala ninyo po ba si cynthia _______ ?"

the reply on the other end was, "hindi po namin siya kilala  ->  kilalang-kilala."

ooops, ha-ha-ha.  witty  : )

good guy

i was at the grocery hunched over the lowermost shelf trying to find del monte pineapple juice with vitamins a-c-e.  all i saw were fiber-enriched.  disappointed, i stood up and was about to leave when the guy behind me bent over really low and was able to pull out from the innermost part two cans a-c-e.  i was surprised he found them.  was i all the more surprised when he handed one to me.  aw, that is sweet.  thank you, guy.  may there be more like you... : )


i was on the phone from 7:11 pm to 11:20 pm  : }

first was mon ami who tried on me his new sun SIM.

then an officemate, to discuss work way beyond work hours.

break while driving.  then dinner.

after dinner, i returned the call of my best friend.  she wasn't picking up the phone.  i proceeded to call my dear friend.  while we were talking, my best friend again called on the other line.  i called her back after the talk with our dear friend.  by the time we ended, it was 11:20.

now my left ear feels swollen.  ugh!

never thought of that

i overheard my niece and her playmate singing.  i sat them both in front of the piano and told them to sing in front of the camera.  ok.  sing, sing, sing, sing.

later, i showed the video to my brother, my niece's dad.  i was thinking he'd beam with pride, be delighted, be impressed.  guess what, he asked whether i knew moymoy palaboy.  i said i've seen them.  he so amusedly said the two were just like moymoy.  huh?!  waaaahhh!!!

no prince : }

i have driving shoes in my car.  i change into them the moment i get onboard.

this morning as i was about to get off, i could not find the pair of the footwear i used going to the car.  i checked all over, i couldn't find it.  so i just used another pair.  (i have four pairs of footwear in the car, five if you include the driving shoes, six if you include the pair i'm wearing going to the car.  i used to have more, but removed them when i started having frequent passengers aboard.)

at the office, i called my parents' place to check whether i left the other half in the garage.  my mom answered the phone and just as i asked, my niece entered the house with the missing footwear.  she saw it and recognized it as mine.

hmmm... for a while there i entertained cinderella illusions hoping my prince would be the one to find my shoe  : }