max madness

friend:  'did you know that if you hold your baptismal party at max's, max will become your godfather?'

me:  'max who?'

friend:  'the owner of max's!'

me:  'oh!  is he still alive?'

friend:  'who?'

me:  'max gimenez...'

friend:  'your husband's brother?'

me:  'haha...  what the...?!  his is J!  max's, G...  gimenez...'

friend:  'you know him?'

me:  'hahaha...  no!'

friend:  'how diid you know that he's gimenez?'

me:  'the story of max's is posted in their restaurants...'

friend:  'oh...  well, my husband's parents had their wedding reception at max's so they named their firstborn max...'

me:  'really?  my parents also had their wedding reception at max's so me, i'm maxria cynthia, hahaha...'

friend:  'haha...  i wonder whether [movie villain] max alvarado eats at max's...'


time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time...  ; )

not quite the same

mom:  'they say Master Showman is really good...'

me:  'Master Showman?'

sister-in-law:  'Greatest Showman!'


Master Showman is German Moreno.
Greatest Showman is P. T. Barnum.

half-right is half-wrong...  ; )

the choices we make

coming from a funeral, mom asked where we want to go for the customary pagpag [shake off].

(philippine superstition has it that you're not supposed to go straight home from a wake / funeral.  you stop someplace else to shake off unpleasant energies / spirits before going home.)

dad:  'me, anywhere...  you be the ones to choose...'

mom:  'how 'bout <bakeshop>?'

me:  'ok...  i love their turtle pie...'

mom asks brother:  'is <bakeshop> ok with you?'

brother:  'anywhere's fine with me...'

nearing the place, dad goes:  'if there, we still have to make a u-turn, <blah-blah-blah>...  not there...'

brother stops the vehicle and asks whether we'd prefer the restaurant we just passed...

mom and i say ok.

brother backs up the vehicle a few meters.

my dad sees the parking lot and goes:  'there are no people there...  not there...'

brother:  'where do you want?'

dad:  'me, anywhere...  ask mom...'

mom does not answer.

me:  'she has chosen twice...  you didn't like her choices...  just ask <brother>...'

brother:  'how 'bout <chicken house>?  you like that?'

mom's fine with it.

i'm fine with it.

dad:  'but we can't park at the mall, right?  [the vehicle won't  clear the vertical limit.]'

brother:  'i can park outside...'

dad:  'better to eat where we can park...'

mom goes:  'you like <barbecue house>, right?  you want there?'

dad:  'okay.'

and that's where we went.

; p

to each according to his need

at a birthday party...

me:  'the servings here are too generous!  i think i'm not going to eat for a week anymore...'

my tablemates look at my plate then go:  'just yours...'

i look at theirs and, true enough, they have regular portions...

me:  'were you the ones who got that?'

tablemates:  'they...'

me:  'mine, too, 'twas them who put on my plate...

how come mine are guy portions???
[wahaha...  sorry, guys...  no offense meant]

may tinitingnan at may tinititigan
[ ->  there are those you look at and there are those you stare at
~> some are more special than others]...'

tablemate:  'they thought you looked famished...'

nyahaha...  feed me?!  ;"p

make it double

our family had a food fair today.  you bring your specialty dish, the recipes of which will be compiled in a cookbook.

my mom cooks really good adobo, not the dark one but the light.  she calls it adobong puti.  i thought that was what she was going to bring to the get-together.  (uhm, i'm admittedly no cook so i just brought my camera.)  guess what, yesterday she was cooking menudo.

eh?  my whole life (i'm the eldest) i've never associated her with the dish.

me:  'why menudo and not adobo?'

mom:  '<aunt> will already be cooking adobo...'

me:  'it's okay to have the same dish...  you won't have the same recipe anyway...'

mom:  'i'll just try menudo...  anyway i told them if it does not pass our taste test then i just won't bring it...'


first tasters:  her laundrywoman and i.

the laundrywoman was polite:  'it's good but it needs to be a little more tender.'

me:  'mom, this is tough!  it's rubbery!'

mom:  'i'll have to cook it some more so it will be tender...  but then it has liver...  the liver will get tough if it's overcooked...  i'll have to remove the liver one by one...'

me:  'ouch!  why don't you just drop it?  you don't come up with a signature dish in one day...  specially if it's going to be included in a book...'

mom:  'i'll just try...'


ta-daan!!!  the re-cooked menudo was now tender.  my dad liked it.  my sister-in-law who is a very good cook liked it.  my nephew liked it.  my sister liked it.  i must say i liked it, too.  (the laundrywoman had left so she wasn't able to try version 2.0.)

it passed our 'committee' so she cooked a second batch for the food fair.  well, at the food fair, it even elicited some praise.  i ate my words, literally.

still i think she should have brought her adobo.  yeah, her menudo was good.  but her adobo is better.  so what if there'd be two?  there's always room enough for everyone's best.

now you see it, now you don't

dad:  'is there a broom outside?'

me:  'yes...  they've returned it...'

for years we've had two brooms outside, still within our property but on the unfenced side of my brother's house...  we use them to sweep the leaves scattered by the trees...

sometime last month, one of the brooms disappeared...  the following week, the second one disappeared as well...  suddenly we had no broom outside!

my dad got a new one but instead of leaving it outside, we just kept it at my parents' fenced yard then just bring it out when we sweep...

and then one of the brooms reappeared...  it was now gray on the lower part...  ahahaha...  apparently it was used to clean debris from the demolition / construction at the neighbor's...

and then the second one reappeared as well...  also gray on the lower part...

hmmm...  well, at least people are cleaning...

a couple of days later, both disappeared again...

coming out of my parents' place a couple of weeks back, i saw one of the construction workers and i asked whether they were the ones who got the brooms...

the reply was quick:  'no, ma'am...'


i went home to get something.  i was away for maybe just 15 minutes (my place is VERY near my parents' house) and on my way back to my parents', ta-daaannn!!!  the brooms have reappeared!

goody good!

a few days later, they disappeared again.

when i saw one of the construction workers sweeping, i asked whether the broom he's using is ours.

the answer of this one was also quick:  'yes, ma'am...  we'll return later...'


some people are truthful.  some are not.
may the world be swept clean of the latter...  ; p


friend:  'they wouldn't listen to me!  there, we got lost...'

me:  'don't you have waze?'

friend:  'none...  i was their waze...'

me:  'haha...  but you said they wouldn't listen to you...  so it was just a waste...'

there must be someone who weighs more than waze who could suggest ways that won't go to waste...

hahahahaha...  yeba!  ;")


at a supermarket's ice cream section...  fic (fruits in ice cream) freezer gone...  freezers of other ice cream brands still there...

me:  'you don't have fic anymore?'

merchandiser:  'we just transferred it, ma'am...  it's at the fruits section now...'

me:  'huh?!  because it's fruits in ice cream???'

merchandiser:  'no, ma'am...  it's just that the [power] outlet is not working and we have nowhere to plug it here...'

oh...  hehe...  that's more like it...  : )

keep on loving

friend:  'we're arranging a mass wedding...  i'm going to invite you...  just take pictures there so they will have pics...  no fee...  but i'll take care of your food...'

me:  'hahaha...  will shoot for food?  where?'

friend:  '<church>...  that's where you got married, right?'

me:  'yes...'

friend:  'good...  you can see the place again...'

me:  'oh...  i go there...  whenever i go to <place>, i visit the church...'

friend:  'it's better if you go during the mass wedding...  you can reminisce about your own...'

me:  'wahaha...  why would i reminisce about my wedding?!  we're not together anymore!'

friend:  'well, in our weddings you're not allowed to separate...  i tell them, 'hey, we're going to marry you but you have to stay together forever!''

me:  'haha...  maybe you should take care of my next wedding so we would have forever, too...'

<3 <3

yes is more

offered coated chocolate balls (like m&m's) to a friend:  'try this...'

friend:  'i don't like...'

me:  'it's good...'

friend:  'no, thanks...'

me:  'this is cadbury...'

friend:  'that's cadbury?'

me:  'yes...'

friend:  'i didn't know cadbury has that...'

me:  'now you do...  you wanna try now?'

friend:  'ok...'

i tilt the container on her palm...


friend:  'it's good!'

me:  'you want more?'

friend:  'yes...'

if you never try, you'll never know...


friend:  'maybe i should hear mass there...  you go to the [time] mass, right?'

me:  'yes...'

friend:  ''twill take you an hour to shower, right?'

me:  'yes...  [start time] to [end time]...'

friend:  '[end time]?'

me:  'yes...  i get dressed very quickly...'

friend:  'you shower for an hour but you get dressed quickly...  me, i don't stay long in the shower but it takes me a long time to get dressed...  i keep on thinking what to wear...  i keep on changing my clothes...'

me:  'haha...  i already know what to wear...  i always wear the same dress, wahaha...  remember your friend told you she sees me at church and i'm always wearing the blue dress?'

friend:  'yes!  even [other friend] posted about your outfit in facebook...'

me:  'wahaha...  yeah...  so i don't have pics taken in that outfit anymore...  if i'm wearing it, i try not to appear in a pic...  i'll just take a pic of my food or whatever...'

friend:  'we'll have pictures later so don't wear the blue!'

wahaha...  ok!


friend:  'your parents are so sweet...  your dad was giving your mom cake...'

me:  'where?'

friend:  'in their facebook pic...'

me:  'oh...'

friend:  'i wanted to go to your place...  i was wondering whether you still have conti's...'

me:  'hahaha...  no more!  that was valentine 2010 yet...  throwback...  no cake this time because it's ash wednesday...'

friend:  'what the...  how come the pics you're posting are old?!'

me:  'that was thursday!  throwback...  although even if it's not thursday, the pics i post are not really new, wahehe...  it's already 2018; i'm still uploading 2016...  i have yet to finish posting the christmas party pics...'

friend:  'there's more?'

me:  'yes...  still a lot...'

friend:  'post them!  mine's snail mail; yours are snail photos...'

wahaha...  toinks!!!  ;"p


phone call...

me:  'happy valentine!!!  : D'

caller:  'it's already kung hei fat choi!'

me:  'oh!  haha...  sorry...  i haven't moved on...'

in a good way...  ;"p

snail mail

i received a card through snail mail today  ->  from someone i'm in touch with not just online and on the phone but even face-to-face.  (she lives just 1.5 km away.)

me:  'awww!  so sweet...  she bothered to send a valentine card...'

i open the envelope and ta-daaan!!!  it was a christmas card!!!


in fairness to the post office, the card was mailed on january 3...

nevertheless, sweet still...  <3

highly appreciated...  thank you...  : )

great expectations

my parents had lunch at max's restaurant  ->  "The house that fried chicken built."

when they came back, my mom called me...

mom:  'there's chicken and fries...'

hmmm...  i didn't know max's had fries...  well, yeah, they do have a few pieces in their chicken servings...

i go to the table and see, ta-daaannn!  chicken mcdo!

hahahahaha...  ; p

find ways

so my mom tells me this story:

monday last week (february 5), she was at the sm cubao branch of banco de oro.  she made deposits consisting of a check, bills and five peso coins.  the coins were wrapped in paper.

she said the teller while attending to her was at the same time exchanging pleasantries with another customer at the next teller.  when her teller unwrapped the coins, they fell to and got scattered on the floor.

the teller picked them up then told my mom five pesos was lacking.

what my mom did was to just give the teller another five pesos so she won't have to look for the missing coin anymore.

the teller processed her deposit after which my mom left the bank.  this was around noon.

around 6:40 p.m.,  my mom received a call from the teller saying her deposit is short by ten pesos.  the teller was asking my mom to go back to the bank to settle the ten pesos.

my mom says she asked the teller how come when she accepted and counted the money when my mom was still at the bank she found them correct.  she told the teller if it's true the money is short, the teller can just deduct it from my mom's deposit.

my mom says the teller was so apologetic and told her she cannot do that.  the teller told my mom she cannot close the transaction with the P10 shortage so she will wait for my mom.


ten pesos and the teller is asking an 80-year-old long-time customer of the bank to come over?!  during rush hour at that?!

what happened to brains?
what happened to heart?
what happened to customer service?
can't she just for the meantime borrow ten pesos, if she does not have such amount, from someone close by?  is common sense really not common anymore?

well, my mom says out of pity for the teller she acceded to her request.  (ugh!  there's the heart...  too much of it!)

she says the teller even made a follow up call a few minutes later asking if my mom is coming.

she told her she sent my brother to bring the ten pesos.

due to traffic, my brother arrived past the bank's closing time of 7 p.m.  the guard would not let him in until he told him the teller was waiting for him.

my brother spent time, effort, gasoline and paid parking.  that's so much more than ten pesos!

the bank's slogan is "We find ways."  in this instance, they found the wrong way.

it was impractical.
it was irrational.
it was inconsiderate.

keep looking and render better service next time.

all mine

m&m's share size (80.2g)...  uhm, i finished it all by myself  ->  and i feel like i still want more...  :"}

defensive mode:
i would have shared if someone else was around.

unlike this post i saw online:
"Sharing is caring.
I don't care."

wahaha...  bad!

law of attraction

checking out chocs in nice valentine packaging...

saleslady:  'are you looking for gifts for valentine, ma'am?'

me:  'actually i'm looking at the chocolates i want to receive for valentine...'

visualize to materialize...  :")

press on

i buy my groceries from different supermarkets...  not one carries all the products i like in the sizes i want (for stuff i consume regularly, i prefer to buy the bigger packs as they come out cheaper)...

for over a year now, i've been requesting this supermarket to carry the 500g size of this cheesy spread.  they have on their shelves only the 240g and 140g.  every week when i go there, i tell the staff manning the counter to tell their buyer to please get the big one so i won't have to purchase it somewhere else.  guess what, yesterday, they finally had it on their shelf!  i was sooo happy!!!

one down; one to go.
->  i've also been requesting them to carry the 751g size of this peanut butter.  they have only the 425g.

i'll keep on asking.  i'm not holding my breath but i'm hoping for the best.  big thing or small, persistence does pay.

my dad has this scroll posted in our house in the province:

"Nothing in the world
can take the place of Persistence.
Talent will not;
nothing is more common
than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not;
unrewarded genius
is almost a proverb.
Education will not;
the world is full
of educated derelicts.
Persistence and Determination alone
are omnipotent."

outside the box

getting ice cream...  fic (fruits in ice cream)...

friend:  'what do you want?'

i check out the flavors...  chocolate, cappuccino, green tea, cookies & cream, ube, pistachio, strawberry, raspberry...

me:  'chocolate...'

friend:  'fruits in ice cream, [you choose] chocolate...'

[he initially wanted strawberry but switched to raspberry...]

me:  'isn't chocolate a fruit?  [wahaha]  ok...  make it pistachio...'

(pun intended)

well,  chicken of the sea ain't chicken...  ;")


caught a glimpse of someone's phone wallpaper...

me:  'is that your wife?'

guy:  'no...'

me:  'aw, no?  who's that?'

guy:  'conversation piece...'

me:  'huh?'

guy:  'i don't know her...  but see, conversation piece!'

wahaha...  and i fell for it...  ;"p

good excuse

delivery at my parents' house.  i asked the courier whether he liked the [swiss miss] gift i gave him for christmas.

his answer made me very happy.  it was an enthusiastic, "ay, oo, ma'am!  lalo na pag natutunaw na yung marshmallow...  lasang uulitin!"  ('oh, yes, ma'am!  especially when the marshmallow is already melting...  [it's a] taste you will go for again!')

me:  'oh...  you chose marshmallow...  i don't like marshmallow but the plain ones i love...'

[i got three different flavors:  milk chocolate, dark chocolate and marshmallow.  i brought out the boxes then made the couriers choose.]

courier:  'oh, you don't like marshmallow?  marshmallow is good!'

me:  'good then that i got marshmallow, too...  i was thinking people would have different tastes so i did...  i'm glad you liked it...  sorry about the cup though...  the color cracks...'

courier:  'what cup?'

me:  'didn't i give you a cup?'

courier:  'no.'

then i noticed on the envelope he gave me that he is my mom's courier.

me:  'oh!  you don't do deliveries for me so i just gave you a box, hehe...  it's okay...  the cup just came free with the boxes...  the color cracks though so it's better that you did not get one...  i actually feel embarrassed having given it...  the quality is not good...  but the drink is fine...  it's just the free cup that's not...'

i intended for my own couriers to have a more special gift than the other couriers...  the additional freebie might have diminished the quality of the gesture for them though...  : (

next time i'll keep the freebies...  nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

i need you

niece returned to me the SD card she borrowed for her friend.  she was telling me earlier her friend bought a card but the camera won't read it.

me:  'what sort of card did she buy?'

niece:  'what do you mean?'

me:  'what capacity?  some cameras can read only up to a certain capacity, for example, up to 32GB only.  if it's older, only up to 2GB...'

niece:  'her camera's new...'

me:  'hmmm...  what brand did she buy?'

niece:  'adapter.'

wahehe...  no wonder...

adapter to microSD:
"you complete me."



i'm not sure whether i just wasted three hours last week.  they say time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.  well, this one was not at all enjoyable.  i think it's safe to say not just for me but for the other person as well.  the other person is the neighbor.

anyway, i'll speak for myself.

i had to put up with propositions dropped midway because the logic could not be sustained.

i had to make do with i-forgots and i-can't-recalls.

i had to settle for selective discussion.  if the neighbor says an issue should be brushed aside then be prepared to hear nothing.

yet i had to hear out statements that skirted the issue and missed the point.

i had to bring up the remainder of fragments she chopped out from a whole.

i had to endure stories that began where the neighbor wanted them to begin and ended where she wanted them to end.

i had to listen to discussions of analogies instead of the actual matter.

i had to correct misattributions.

i had to watch in disbelief as the neighbor kept on confidently (!) making statements that were inconsistent with one another.

i had to raise objections as she so blatantly kept on applying a different rule for herself.

i couldn't help but cringe everytime she uttered a statement she intended to strengthen her argument but on the contrary weakened it.

it was frustrating.
it was exhausting.
it was a severe test of patience.

amidst all these, as in, sandwiched in between (!), the neighbor asked whether i'm not going to say sorry.

eh?!  i'm the one being truthful here!

there i was looking at her funny then was i startled when she suddenly started apologizing profusely.  it was a touchy-feely apology.  after that she asked whether i'm not going to say sorry myself.

hmmm...  okay.  one word.  no hands.  sorry.

i'd like to think the apologies were sincere but, maybe because of the way they unfolded, it felt weird.

at some point i asked the neighbor why she suddenly became 'kind' ("ba't bigla kang bumait?").  she used to be so aggressive and dismissive.  in her last message and our last talk she was markedly toned down.

is it because i've been exposing her in my blogs?

she said she does not read my blog.

oh...  so that's why she keeps on spouting the same falsehoods.

anyway, why the change?

she said it's so tiring to be quarrelling with the neighbors.  (they have figured in conflicts with the other neighbors as well.  not just recently but even from long ago.)  she says it came to a point where she already wanted to sell the house.

oh...  okay.

peace based on fatigue...  i'll take it...

false memory

for years now this neighbor's statements have been failing on so many checks:

- fact check
- chronology check
- completeness check
- logic check
- consistency check
- relevance check
- analogy check
- legality check

[if she or her husband unilaterally (they disable replies) pops in my inbox again, i'll blog concrete examples down the line.]

last week, she added another one:
- re-enactment check

she tried to add to her previous explanation (from three weeks back) on why she did not come out to talk to my dad.  she said it was because i called her like a dog and it was insulting.

she demonstrates how i supposedly called her:
-  right arm outstretched
-  palm up
-  three fingers and thumb circled together
-  index finger moving in a semi-circle as if stroking something
(not sure i'm painting the picture correctly but it's just like the seductive way of calling a lover except this one is supposed to be insulting.)

i go, 'huh?!  i don't do that!

i do this
[i stretch out my arm with my index finger pointing]

or this
[i stretch out my arm with all digits straight, hand flapping]...'

defensive mode:
i think i acquired the habit of pointing through decades of taking pictures.  i'd take a group shot and check that everyone's face is visible by going through each head from afar with my index finger.

anyway, i was telling her i pointed to her when i was telling my dad she was there.

she insisted i did the, what i'll call here, insulting-come-here.  she repeats the gesture several times.  she said it's actually the real reason she did not come out.

i go, 'real reason?!  how come you mention it just now???  if that's the real reason then you should have told me the very first time i confronted you [on january 9 about not coming out to talk to my dad in december].'

she said it didn't occur to her that time.  she said it came to mind only when she was already thinking about why she did not come out to talk to my dad.

hmmm...  i'd say that makes it being the *real* reason questionable.
(she actually reverted to some other reason after all this.)

anyway, i tried doing what she was doing.


me:  'it feels awkward and uncomfortable!  i don't do this!'

she says she very well saw me doing it ("kitang-kita ko").  she adds her friend saw it, too, and stopped her from going out because i called her like a dog.

i go, 'maybe she mistook the pointing for upward.  'i am responsible for what i said.  i am not responsible for what you understand.''

she was saying i said, "halika, halika" ('come, come').
her maid initially seconded her statement.

i tell them i don't really use "halika."

the maid modifies her statement and goes what i said was, "labas ka. labas ka."  ('come out.  come out.')

ahahaha...  get your act together!

i tell them i pointed to the neighbor when i was telling my dad she was there then afterward was just repeatedly saying "sandali lang" ('it won't take long') when i was trying to convince her to talk to my dad but she was refusing to come out.  i said i posted what transpired in my [january 29, 2018] blog.  i told the neighbor to check.  and i reminded her, she knows how i try to be as accurate as possible.  as in, she experienced it again just recently.

after some hemming and hawing, she eventually agreed that i just pointed her out to my dad, palm down, not up, no curly fingers.  she even said, without me asking, she'll tell her friend and her cousin and the rest.  (ahahaha...  she has spread the called-her-like-a-dog story to her pals!)


then the maid says she saw me do the insulting-come-here, too.  she demonstrates it just the way the neighbor was doing it earlier.

the neighbor goes, 'there!  there are already three of us who saw you!'
she says she doesn't really want to say it but it's in the bible, if more than one sees, it's true ("pag hindi lang isa ang nakakita, totoo 'yon").


well, if before trying the gesture i already knew i didn't do it, after having tried it, i was doubly certain i did not.  i asked for a re-enactment.

we went to the gate.  (their gate consists of vertical bars 3 1/2 inches apart.  you can see through it.  it's 49 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches above the ground.  i'm 5'1 1/2".)  ta-daaannn!!!  if it was awkward and uncomfortable without the gate.  all the more that it was with the gate!

the neighbor tried it herself.  she moved backward. she moved forward. back again.  forward again.  she was trying to get a position where she could do the insulting-come-here.

backward was too far.

she settled for the gate midway under her forearm.

i tried it.

ahahaha.  it was unnatural!  you would have to do a bit of arm acrobatics to get to that position!

what more, if you really did see it, you wouldn't have to try different distances anymore.  you already would have an idea where to position your arm in relation to the gate.

we go back inside.  this time the neighbor says she didn't see me do it.  her friend just told her.  (ahahaha...  version 2.0...  what happened to "kitang-kita"?)

i wait for the maid to finish what she was doing and then we, too, went to the gate for a re-enactment.

right after going out, i stopped and stood next to the gate.  in fairness, the maid said i was actually more to the left instead of the center.  hahaha.  i said the gate is the same height all throughout.  anyway, for accuracy, i moved.

i tried it with the maid.

it really was awkward and uncomfortable for me.

the maid, too, could not find a suitable position.  she tried different ways until she ended up modifying her description of what i supposedly did.  arm not straight anymore.
- upper arm now close to the body
- forearm perpendicular, forming a slanted letter L with the upper arm
- three fingers and thumb circled together
- index finger moving in a semi-circle as if stroking something

she settles for that and says, "ganito..." ('like this...')

nyahaha...  who calls someone like that?!  and if anything, that doesn't look insulting, it looks timid.  and, uhm, stupid.

so, what is it now?

first there were three of them who supposedly saw me doing the insulting-come-here.  the neighbor demonstrated what she saw.  she also demonstrated what she said her friend saw.  the maid likewise demonstrated what she saw.

then there were just two who saw.  the neighbor didn't see it anymore, just her friend and the maid.

then now the maid modifies the arm position that she saw.

ahahaha...  drop it.  it doesn't pass the re-enactment test!

it didn't end there though.  the maid suddenly remembers i had a camera.

hmmm...  i couldn't remember then whether i had a camera or not.  my camera and i, we're a pair.  it's like a natural extension of my hand.  maybe that's why whether it was present or not did not float in my mind.  (i checked for pics later.  i did have).

now why did the maid see my cam?  she was the one who came out to talk to my dad.  it was the three of us who checked the gutter together.

well, if i had my camera then, all the more that i can't do the insulting-come-here.  i'm right-handed.  i carry the weight of my camera with my right hand.  (i don't use a neck strap.  as in, it's not even attached to my cam.)  i can point with my cam in my hand.  but to do the palm up, curly finger insulting-come-here with the cam would be pushing it.

re-enactment test, with or without camera:  Failed.

now this demonstrates the pitfalls of substitution.  i was saying "sandali lang."  the neighbor substituted it with "halika, halika."  the maid, with "labas ka.  labas ka."  paired with "halika, halika." and "labas ka. labas ka," the insulting-come-here would make sense.  but with "sandali lang," it would be off.

these people fed on and reinforced each other's inaccuracies coming up with a false story that would not have been a logical progression had they built from the truth by retaining the original wording.

the neighbor has multiple experiences of me trying to get her to quote as closely as possible.  (she has a tendency to alter the meaning of statements with her supposed quotes.)  she's been finding it frustrating and exasperating.  with this latest occurrence, she better now understand why.

on point

neighbor asking why i said she's greedy.

she's driving her father out of his own house.

it's the father who wants to leave.

the father? or she?
[within three months from his death, the daughter has built a new house on his property.  she's been wanting to do that for the last two years of his life.]

the father because of the building across.

the annoyances from that establishment have been there for more than a decade.  he never left.
his sister offered to have his house rebuilt years back.  everything free including rental for his temporary living quarters during construction.  he declined the offer.  even then he did not leave.  now he will have to move out?

the dad declined the sister's offer because of pride.

pride?  or he found it too bothersome to pack?

packing, too.

free house and he did not want to pack.  now he will? 

the neighbor said she told her dad not to make packing a problem.  they'll put his things in balikbayan boxes.

why can't he just stay put?

the house has to be fixed.  the roof leaked, etc.

he has experienced so many typhoons in that house.  it's not the first time his roof leaked.  he never found that reason to leave.  isn't she aware he was feeling pressured to move out?

daughter not aware.

when was the last time they talked?

daughter says she does not remember.

the dad and i?  on his birthday, just days before he unexpectedly passed away.  just birthday greetings.  but lengthily, as in, more than an hour, less than three months before he died.  he was feeling pressured to leave.  he was anxious about how he could meet the rent with his budget.

dad should not make rent a problem because they gave him P10,000 for that.

succeeding rents?

they intend to pay.

how come he still seemed so anxious about rent?

dad has so much pride he wanted to return the money.

so he does expect to pay the rent from his own pocket!
at 73 years old, he suddenly has to move out and find a place to rent?!

daughter says during cousin's birthday (two months before he died), the dad said he'll just go to <province>.

ouch!  i rest my case.

the dad has been a city-resident for all of his adult life.  he VERY RARELY goes to the province.  suddenly he has to stay there?

assuming for the sake of argument that, as the daughter likes to say nowadays but contrary to what she was telling me years back, it's the dad who wants the property's title transferred under her name, where does it say that goes with it is that he has to move out of the house?  can't that wait till he dies?  isn't having the property in your name gain enough?  can't you stop there?  you really have to expand that to making the transferror move out of the house?

i say that's greedy.  someone explain to me why it's not.

take it slow

a lady joined our queue...  she looked to me like a senior citizen but i'm not sure...

i was thinking whether i should tell her seniors can go straight to the counter...  she'd jump 17 people if i did...

hmmm...  hmmm...  hmmm...

if she is, she'll finish faster...

if she's not, she'd know she's been mistaken for someone older...

i chose to keep quiet...  ;")