find ways

so my mom tells me this story:

monday last week (february 5), she was at the sm cubao branch of banco de oro.  she made deposits consisting of a check, bills and five peso coins.  the coins were wrapped in paper.

she said the teller while attending to her was at the same time exchanging pleasantries with another customer at the next teller.  when her teller unwrapped the coins, they fell to and got scattered on the floor.

the teller picked them up then told my mom five pesos was lacking.

what my mom did was to just give the teller another five pesos so she won't have to look for the missing coin anymore.

the teller processed her deposit after which my mom left the bank.  this was around noon.

around 6:40 p.m.,  my mom received a call from the teller saying her deposit is short by ten pesos.  the teller was asking my mom to go back to the bank to settle the ten pesos.

my mom says she asked the teller how come when she accepted and counted the money when my mom was still at the bank she found them correct.  she told the teller if it's true the money is short, the teller can just deduct it from my mom's deposit.

my mom says the teller was so apologetic and told her she cannot do that.  the teller told my mom she cannot close the transaction with the P10 shortage so she will wait for my mom.


ten pesos and the teller is asking an 80-year-old long-time customer of the bank to come over?!  during rush hour at that?!

what happened to brains?
what happened to heart?
what happened to customer service?
can't she just for the meantime borrow ten pesos, if she does not have such amount, from someone close by?  is common sense really not common anymore?

well, my mom says out of pity for the teller she acceded to her request.  (ugh!  there's the heart...  too much of it!)

she says the teller even made a follow up call a few minutes later asking if my mom is coming.

she told her she sent my brother to bring the ten pesos.

due to traffic, my brother arrived past the bank's closing time of 7 p.m.  the guard would not let him in until he told him the teller was waiting for him.

my brother spent time, effort, gasoline and paid parking.  that's so much more than ten pesos!

the bank's slogan is "We find ways."  in this instance, they found the wrong way.

it was impractical.
it was irrational.
it was inconsiderate.

keep looking and render better service next time.

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