good excuse

delivery at my parents' house.  i asked the courier whether he liked the [swiss miss] gift i gave him for christmas.

his answer made me very happy.  it was an enthusiastic, "ay, oo, ma'am!  lalo na pag natutunaw na yung marshmallow...  lasang uulitin!"  ('oh, yes, ma'am!  especially when the marshmallow is already melting...  [it's a] taste you will go for again!')

me:  'oh...  you chose marshmallow...  i don't like marshmallow but the plain ones i love...'

[i got three different flavors:  milk chocolate, dark chocolate and marshmallow.  i brought out the boxes then made the couriers choose.]

courier:  'oh, you don't like marshmallow?  marshmallow is good!'

me:  'good then that i got marshmallow, too...  i was thinking people would have different tastes so i did...  i'm glad you liked it...  sorry about the cup though...  the color cracks...'

courier:  'what cup?'

me:  'didn't i give you a cup?'

courier:  'no.'

then i noticed on the envelope he gave me that he is my mom's courier.

me:  'oh!  you don't do deliveries for me so i just gave you a box, hehe...  it's okay...  the cup just came free with the boxes...  the color cracks though so it's better that you did not get one...  i actually feel embarrassed having given it...  the quality is not good...  but the drink is fine...  it's just the free cup that's not...'

i intended for my own couriers to have a more special gift than the other couriers...  the additional freebie might have diminished the quality of the gesture for them though...  : (

next time i'll keep the freebies...  nyahaha...  toinks!!!  ; p

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