to each according to his need

at a birthday party...

me:  'the servings here are too generous!  i think i'm not going to eat for a week anymore...'

my tablemates look at my plate then go:  'just yours...'

i look at theirs and, true enough, they have regular portions...

me:  'were you the ones who got that?'

tablemates:  'they...'

me:  'mine, too, 'twas them who put on my plate...

how come mine are guy portions???
[wahaha...  sorry, guys...  no offense meant]

may tinitingnan at may tinititigan
[ ->  there are those you look at and there are those you stare at
~> some are more special than others]...'

tablemate:  'they thought you looked famished...'

nyahaha...  feed me?!  ;"p

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