on point

neighbor asking why i said she's greedy.

she's driving her father out of his own house.

it's the father who wants to leave.

the father? or she?
[within three months from his death, the daughter has built a new house on his property.  she's been wanting to do that for the last two years of his life.]

the father because of the building across.

the annoyances from that establishment have been there for more than a decade.  he never left.
his sister offered to have his house rebuilt years back.  everything free including rental for his temporary living quarters during construction.  he declined the offer.  even then he did not leave.  now he will have to move out?

the dad declined the sister's offer because of pride.

pride?  or he found it too bothersome to pack?

packing, too.

free house and he did not want to pack.  now he will? 

the neighbor said she told her dad not to make packing a problem.  they'll put his things in balikbayan boxes.

why can't he just stay put?

the house has to be fixed.  the roof leaked, etc.

he has experienced so many typhoons in that house.  it's not the first time his roof leaked.  he never found that reason to leave.  isn't she aware he was feeling pressured to move out?

daughter not aware.

when was the last time they talked?

daughter says she does not remember.

the dad and i?  on his birthday, just days before he unexpectedly passed away.  just birthday greetings.  but lengthily, as in, more than an hour, less than three months before he died.  he was feeling pressured to leave.  he was anxious about how he could meet the rent with his budget.

dad should not make rent a problem because they gave him P10,000 for that.

succeeding rents?

they intend to pay.

how come he still seemed so anxious about rent?

dad has so much pride he wanted to return the money.

so he does expect to pay the rent from his own pocket!
at 73 years old, he suddenly has to move out and find a place to rent?!

daughter says during cousin's birthday (two months before he died), the dad said he'll just go to <province>.

ouch!  i rest my case.

the dad has been a city-resident for all of his adult life.  he VERY RARELY goes to the province.  suddenly he has to stay there?

assuming for the sake of argument that, as the daughter likes to say nowadays but contrary to what she was telling me years back, it's the dad who wants the property's title transferred under her name, where does it say that goes with it is that he has to move out of the house?  can't that wait till he dies?  isn't having the property in your name gain enough?  can't you stop there?  you really have to expand that to making the transferror move out of the house?

i say that's greedy.  someone explain to me why it's not.

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