surprise me

i was checking out stuff at a store earlier when i heard someone asking the saleslady where they could find a pay phone.

i butted in and asked whether they're calling a landline.


i offered my phone (my plan gives me unlimited calls to landlines).

so call they did.


then i went out to go to another store.  after that i sat in one of the benches in the hallway to check something on my phone.  type, type, type.  scroll, scroll, scroll.  type, scroll, type, scroll.  then i stood up.  was i startled to see someone right in front of me asking, 'may i make a call again?'  she was one of the women to whom i offered my phone earlier and now we were standing so close face-to-face.  oh, hehe...

ok.  i handed her my phone.

again she made a call.


i went my way flitting from store to store.  hmmm...  weird.  as i was doing so i was amusedly thinking, i wonder whether they'd show up here again.  well, i'd readily lend my phone again.  but no, i did not see them anymore.

; )

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