at the bank this afternoon, i had to go to the teller past my queue number...

me:  'sorry, i'm late...'

teller:  'i was calling you earlier but you didn't come...'

me:  'i was assisting the old lady at the kiosk...'

teller:  'yup...  you were assisting her there...'

me:  'ei, but i wasn't the one who keyed in the amount, huh!  it was him.'
(i pointed to another bank employee.)

teller chuckles:  'they entered the account number...'

me:  'oh...  so that's why!  i was so surprised,  the amount was in the millions!'

(the lady's check was only for a few thousand.  the guy did say the teller will correct the entry when the lady goes to the counter.)

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