the law of... gravity ;)

i have this little advocacy...  i change old bills for new and stored / loose coins for bills...  the old bills and coins i deposit to the bank...  i've been doing this since college...  uhm, quite a long time...  ;")

yes, i do it for free...  but don't come knocking at my door, ok...  i do it only for relatives and friends...

well, actually, i've done it for a handful of strangers as well...  we'd be at the cashier and i see a fellow shopper take out an old bill, i ask whether she'd like to change it for new...  so far all of them have been happy to change...  but yup, it has crossed my mind that these random strangers might think i'm up to something fishy so i've been ultra-selective...

anyway, this afternoon, i was at the bank with bills and around 300 (!) pieces of five-centavo coins.  the coins were wrapped in paper, 100 coins per roll.  a bit long.  so i placed them on the counter and after totaling the money and giving me my transaction receipt, the teller picked a roll up, holding it at the middle (???!!!)...  :O

me:  'careful!  it might spill...'

ta-daannn!!!  it did!

me:  'be careful what you say...  it just might happen...'

teller chuckles:  'it did happen...'

verbalize to materialize...  \m/

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