i don't have a TV anymore.  last night, my parents went to our village with a rented truck to haul away stuff from my sister's house. it's unoccupied and has been burglarized thrice!  first was in may 2003, then june 2003, then again this month, october 2009.

i've decided to give my tv away.  i've turned it on only thrice this year and just as rarely last year.  better to send it someplace where it will be useful.  maybe i'll just buy a small one.  or maybe do away with one altogether.

i was thinking i should have given my microwave and gas cum electric range, too.  i don't like microwave; my range is too much for me.  it has an oven and rotisserie -> i haven't cooked in a loooong time.  my gas is actually 2 1/2 years old.  i wonder whether it will still work  : }

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