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there is this orange juice that i've been drinking everyday.  i don't take vitamin capsules/tablets and i consider it a regular source of my vitamin C.

i started leaving a bottle at my parents' place last year.  i offered my dad a glass and for the longest time he wouldn't try it.  then one day he did.  and it turned out he liked it.

i thought it was just a regular like.  today i realized it's probably a little more.

so my parents were having snacks and right next to them is a cabinet with my dad's usual drinks.  my dad tells me to prepare him a glass of the juice i usually prepare ("ipagtimpla mo nga ako nu'ng juice na tinitimpla mo.").

me:  'the orange?'

dad:  'yes...'

me:  'aw!  there's none right now...  i'm supposed to buy tomorrow...'

dad:  'oh...  never mind...'


i've always had a bottle of that juice everyday for years!  the day that i don't have is the day my dad asks for one!  uuuhhhh!!!

the only reason i haven't bought was because i had another juice that was expiring and to force myself to finish it, i didn't buy my other drinks.  even then, i was already set to buy tomorrow as i'm scheduled to go someplace near the supermarket and i intended to pass by after.

ugh!  ugh!  ugh!

i usually schedule my outings to cover as many to-dos as possible.  i even think out the most efficient route.  if it's just one task, i delay whenever i could and try to lump it with something else.

this afternoon, however, i made an unscheduled trip to the supermarket.  i bought the juice my dad was asking for (plus a loaf of bread) then went home right away.

my dad likes that juice.  i promise he'll always have a bottle every single day of his life.

little things mean a lot...  <3

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