so it turns out this neighbor who for some reason likes to pop up in my inbox spoiling my happy times again sent me a message in facebook last january 5.  i got to read it only last january 8.  unlike the harsh and impertinent messages she and her husband have been unilaterally (they disable and burn replies) sending me earlier, this one was markedly restrained and even peppered with numerous pos.

so she starts by saying she does not like discussions and quarrels anymore.

good.  so please you and your husband stop unilaterally popping in my inbox annoying me with your illogical and insensible statements and then refusing to read my logical and sensible reply.

then she says she and this friend of hers (i rarely see!) are already okay.

1.  i didn't even know they were not okay.
2.  it's really none of my business whether they're okay or not.

i don't really understand what sort of criteria this person uses to disclose information.

she told me about her own child's misuse of tuition money and about the money her sibling owes their uncle and about the issues of her cousins both of whom i don't really know.  (well,i know their names and i know their faces but that's about it.  frankly, i don't want to hear about their problems.  i actually lent this neighbor 'The Secret' by rhonda byrne for months!)

yet she failed to mention that my very own cousin has been trying to collect money from her for years!  that is relevant to me because she has been charging amounts up to P100,000 per transaction to my credit card!  she even volunteered my credit card for use by her friends, two of whom i don't even know and one, just days after i told her not to (yup, this person has such gall).  she said she'll guarantee it.  she couldn't even pay my cousin in full!  what makes her think she is qualified to do guarantees???

now she justifies the omission by repeatedly insisting she and my cousin are okay.  ugh!  that is not the point.  the point is she withheld material information while at the same time supplying irrelevant ones.  maybe, just maybe, i would understand her failing to mention that if she also did not tell me about the others.  but she did.  all the more then that she should have told me about herself and my own cousin.

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