i was amused

i was at my best friend's place this evening. we uploaded some pics.

i told her i was going to leave at 9. well, pic upload done by then but not girlie talk so we overshot 9.

i told her i'll leave at 9:30. well, we again overshot 9:30.

i told her i'll definitely leave at 10. guess what, as i was getting ready to leave, my phone rang. the caller has to be up early tomorrow so instead of postponing the talk to after i got home, i stayed on the line.

as we were talking, someone popped in my facebook chat. i requested my best friend to reply to the guy. ooops... i can very well see the exchange and felt i had to butt in at certain points. my best friend would type something, i'll add something. ' must have confused the guy in chat : }

anyway, my friend on the phone wanted me to say goodnight to the friend in chat for him. i asked what for. (they are not exactly friends.) he said, 'just say goodnight for me.' hmmm... obedient me, i relayed the message.

the chat friend's reply made me chuckle: 'it's morning here' (he's in a different time zone)

i relayed it to my friend on the phone.

his response: 'it's nighttime here'

oh... hahaha...

i relayed it to the friend in chat. his reply: 'cool'

good repartee... i like that... : )

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