lovers not

he thinks of me
when he's with her
and talks to me
instead of lie with her

he tells me things
she'd hurt to hear
and pines for times
that couldn't be

i pity her
for she's not me
i pity me
for i'm not her

holiday spoiler

i first had my encounter with the book the celestine prophecy by james redfield when i borrowed my mom's copy a looooong, long time ago.  (i checked the copyright, it's 1993.  so that must have been around a decade and a half ago.)

all i remember from the book now is that there are no coincidences.  everything that happens has a significance, we just oftentimes don't realize right away.

well, i am at my parents' place now and i decided to re-organize the books on the shelves which have fallen in some sort of disarray after having been taken out and piled just about any which way with the house repainting which ended just yesterday.

well, i again came across a copy of the book.  i flipped through the pages trying to find that coincidence message which has stayed with me since.  guess what, 246 pages, i was able to locate it right away.  hmmm...

i re-read.  and now i have so many questions, so many thoughts.  why is this person in my life?  should i really keep distance?  isn't that decision keeping us from moving to a higher and better plane?  how about this other guy?  and that one, too.  how do each of us fit in the big puzzle?  why this?  what that?  ugh!

i'm thinking now instead of reading these books maybe i should just concentrate on the bible.  but then i somehow always feel guilty whenever i am reminded of the what-God-hath-joined-together-verse...  : (

my, my, my...  it is a holiday.  i don't want to be thinking real think at all.  i want things to be light and easy.  next time, i'll limit myself to glossies...

happy not sad

i came across something in facebook that made me break out into uncontrollable laughter.

my sister saw me and asked what the source of my amusement was.

i tried to tell her but i couldn't talk straight as laughter kept on interrupting my story.

she left me awhile telling me to calm down a bit then later came back chuckling herself.

she tells me she just told our mom her daughter (me, haha) has gone crazy.

our mom reportedly asked why.

my sister said it's because i was laughing all by myself.

our mom's reply?  'well, that is better than crying.'

yup,  definitely true, mom...  cheers...  : )

what i do online

i post pics in  picasa
upload vids on youtube
read articles in yahoo
search in google
mail in gmail
chat in ym
play no more in myminilife ->  they've since shut down the site  :'(
look at posts in tumblr ->  no i don't have an account
follow on twitter
blog in friendster
answer questions in formspring
interact on facebook

i live  : )
and love  ♥