it's over </3

guy:  i was supposed to call you when i was there.

me:  huh?!  you weren't calling me here, why would you call me from there?

guy:  what am i doing now?  [i.e., i am calling you now.]

me:  now, yeah...  but you haven't really been calling me lately.

guy:  i didn't want to 'disturb' you then.


yup...  i can be 'disturbed' now...  :'(


my niece logged in to her facebook account, saw 41 friends online and grumbled, 'so few!'


i have 3 active chat windows and i feel besieged...  : }

let go and let God

hard as it may be for others to understand, i really am sincerely happy for an old love.

three things:

1.  i've had the following sentiment long before i even came across this quote from halle berry:

"You realize you are not meant to go the distance with everybody..."
(vogue, september 2010)

it's not about him.  it's not about you.  it's about the two of you together.

2.  i've always liked "one man's meat is another man's poison."

just because we're not good for each other does not mean we're no good for everyone.

3.  at this point, i am in a pretty good place myself...

i'm happy...

looking forward to happier...

and hoping everything will be in order soonest...

there will always be one regret, however.  it is not everyday that you take a vow before God.  and it has pained me deeply that, with all His blessings, the very rare time that i did, i was not able to make good.

but i cannot dwell on that forever.

you hurt...  you ask forgiveness...

you let go and you let God.