making a call

there's this someone i've months back told to stop calling me.  that was not an empty bluff, i sadly meant it.  well, things have a way of not going your way and up to now, more than five months later, the communication hasn't stopped.  nope, it hasn't been continuous.  there really have been attempts to totally cut off but for some reason the cold treatment does not last long.  we just keep on resuming and building up where we left off.

and when i made the mistake (?) of chiding the guy for not keeping his part of the bargain and breaking his promise never to get in touch with me again, he countered with, 'but then didn't you wish that i would un-promise?'  ugh!  yup, in my heart i was hoping we could go on but i've had so many desires before that i did pass up.  just because you want it does not mean you go for it.

anyway, irony of ironies, a couple of weeks ago, he pissed me off when he failed to send me a single text message when just the day before he told me he would call.  nope, i actually do not require nor expect any call from him.  i, in fact, haven't stopped trying to get him to stay away from me.  the thing is, you tell me you're going to do something, i expect you to make good your word.  (yeah, right!)  anyway, that oversight cost him ***BIG*** time.  blessing in disguise, i would say.  hah!

he was apologizing and explaining and appealing but sorry, baby, i was really piqued.

nevertheless, we agreed to remain friends.  hmmm...  he really did not agree.  i imposed it on us, haha.  i find it amusing though that he does not like it when i call him 'friend.'  we were on the phone and i called him 'friend' and he immediately objected.  he said i could call him anything but that.  oh?  how 'bout 'enemy' then?  toinks!!!  ; p

this afternoon i received a call from him.  did i almost drop my phone when he opened with, 'sorry, i wasn't able to call you this morning...'  huh?!  wo-wo-whoa!  with a chuckle i told him i really was not expecting a call from him.  i mean it.  we've already exchanged messages, there was no need to call.

actually, i already got a pleasant surprise this morning.  his call was a totally unexpected surprise in the afternoon.  my day is doubly made...  :")

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