mound of peanuts on the table..

guest: 'are peanuts cheap here?'

me: 'aw... i dunno... these came from my aunt...'

eating salted eggs sometime later...

guest: 'how much are salted eggs here?'

me: 'aw... i dunno... those were just given to my mom...'

a while later, trying out infanta's suman...

guest: 'where can you buy these here?'

me: 'quezon...'

guest: 'but it's available here?'

me: 'aw, i dunno... these were brought by my cousin-in-law...'

guest: 'food just keeps coming in, huh!'

and we are thankful...  : )


at an eatery...

me: 'what's their specialty?'

mom: 'haven't you eaten here before?'

me: 'swarm tells me it's my third time here... actually i thought it was just my second... but swarm has the dates... it's my third...'

what i forget, swarm remembers...

thank you, foursquare...  : )


at a garden center...

me: 'what do you call this plant?'

seller: 'heart plant...'

me: 'heart plant?'

seller: 'it's heart-shaped so it's a heart plant...'

me: 'doesn't it have another name?'

seller 2: 'hoya...'

if you don't know what to call it, describe it... ; p

the WHOLE truth

you know how when someone texts you something and then you react and then they text you again modifying their previous message to make them look nicer?  i know the drill.  the second is the one they'll show to others.  the thing is, i have both messages and more.  and i know what to do.  boo!

us and them

dropped by a friend's place...

upon seeing my car, she blurts out:  'this is one way!'

me:  'oh?  i didn't see any sign...'

friend:  'there's no sign...'

me:  'how would people know it's one way if there's no sign???'

friend:  'those from here already know...'

eh?  hahaha...

me:  'how 'bout non-residents?  tell them to put a sign!'

friend:  'okay.'

that's more like it...  ; )

one to tree

swarm friend taking a while to reach her target 100 mayorships (she now has 84)...  she says she keeps on getting ousted...

well, i thought i was ensconced in my mayorship of the acacia tree at U.P. town center until, ta-daaaannn!!!  someone took my crown!

hahaha...  tree's company...  ;"p

for a change

so i replied to a friend's comment on a photo i posted in facebook...

he reacted with a crying face emoji...


i wondered what was sad about my reply... ' turns out another friend had the same thoughts and asked...

the one who reacted with the emoji said he's tired of laughter (the laughing emoji) so the seldom-used tears this time...


wahaha... change for change's sake logic be damned?

hmmm... i haven't used the eye roll emoji... lemme react with that...  🙄😉

head over heels

told someone i was having lunch with i should have arrived earlier except that it took me long to get a clear (not many people) pic of this food-themed pedestrian lane (foodestrian art lane).  instead of mere horizontal lines, it had ice cream cones...  <D

she said that's where they crossed. (it turns out we parked in the same area.)

suddenly she checked out my shoes.

then she squealed, 'oh! so that was you! i noticed your shoes! those are those shoes!'

haha...  okay.

sometimes your shoes are more eye-catching than your face... heels over head...  ;"p


in january, someone friended me in swarm...

i accepted...

when we met (for the first time), she told me when she saw my points, she started wondering whether she made a mistake in adding me...  i've been dominating her leaderboard, hehe...

i told her she could unfriend me...

she didn't want to...

now i usually hit my high-coin-yield streaks late in the week...  early in the week, i trail the leaderboard, often with zero points, wah!

one time, i sent her a screenshot of her on top of my leaderboard...
she told me she just savors those days because she knows by the end of the week 'twill again be me on top...


it's not how you start, it's how you finish...  : )


i was at the garden center this afternoon.  last month, i was there, too, and i wanted to check in in swarm. i asked the storekeeper for the name of their stall.

i heard "mindy's."

hmmm... i could not find the venue in the app.

i confirmed with the storekeeper, "Mindy's, M, I, N, D, Y, apostrophe, S?"

she said, yes.

i really could not find it.

i therefore created the venue then checked in.

last week i was at the garden center again. there are many stalls there and not all have a signage. i asked the storekeeper, a young man this time, what the name of the store is.

he said "Mendez <blah-blah>" then proceeded to give me a business card.

again, i could not find the venue in the app so i created it.

guess what, i realized later that Mindy's and Mendez are one and the same!

wah! haha...

okay, superuser...  merge!  ; )


going to the commercial center...

asked my sisters if there's anything they want...

one requested me to buy her three more of this plant.


i went home to get dressed. suddenly i remembered that i already went to the garden center this week.

i therefore texted my sister i'll just buy her plants next week so when i check in in swarm i'll get additional points for a Garden Center streak.

ahahaha... the life game i play... ;")


wait for me

i was the third vehicle at an intersection... the traffic light turned green and the number that appeared was 2...

me: '2 seconds?!'

the driver in front of me was rather slow to move...

i muttered: 'hurry, please... hurry!'

haha... as if he'd hear me...

well, even if he was slow i still was able to drive off to the other side... the timer stayed awhile at 1!

hmmm... is that supposed to be minutes and not seconds? the other stoplights show seconds on the timer...

are traffic lights not consistent?
or did i just get lucky?  :")


mistakenly recalled someone's name to end with a V and an S. ' turns out it's just a B.

aw... V bariation? just like an ep depect and a fi complex... ;")


went over my dad's bunches of tools, stored in different nooks around the house, trying to find something i could use to cut this metal thingy...

when finally i got hold of a saw for metals, i hurriedly picked up the object i was going to cut.  well, it fell to the floor and, ta-daaaannn!!! the portion i was supposed to cut off broke off!

hahahahaha... that easy?!  i should just have tapped it on the floor instead of searching for tools.

anyway, sometimes things look tough but they're actually fragile.

don't dim your luster

i love caramel and i like m&m's. when i saw m&m's caramel therefore, in blue packaging to boot (my fave color's blue), i got excited.

i immediately popped some in my mouth but, contrary to expectation, i was underwhelmed, wah!

supposedly the whole would be greater than the sum of its parts. this one, at least for me, was less.

some things are better not together. don't force a join. keep them apart.


mentioned to a friend that i'm going to the mall the following day...

she asked what time...

i said depends on what time i get to shower...

she said she's busy but will have to swing by the telco because her phone bill will be due.

i offered to pay on her behalf.


it was march 31 when we were on the phone.

april 1, i paid her bill.

i kinda hesitated realizing it was april fools day, wahaha. what if she pulls a prank and does not pay me?

nah... not our type and i am thankful...


i was at the mall today when i received a text message from my mom telling me that a guy approached her (also at a mall) introducing himself as a classmate of mine.

my mom said she felt doubtful because it took awhile before the guy was able to reply "college" when she asked him where we were classmates.

my mom texted me the name the guy used to introduce himself and i told her i don't know anyone by that name.

my mom says the guy wanted to go to my house right away supposedly to give me something.

my mom didn't give him my address so it didn't push through.

some people are up to no good.
take care everyone.