honesty is the best policy

our priest related this story
of a time he was invited
to celebrate mass at a town feast day.

he asked and was told
the patron saint of the town
was Our Lady of the Pillar.
he therefore prepared a sermon
based on the Lady.

on the way to the town, however,
his companion told him the patron saint
was Saint Martin de Porres.
while driving therefore
he came up with a sermon
based on the saint.

upon reaching the town,
he saw on the arch
that the patron saint
was actually Saint Vincent Ferrer!

he wasn't familiar with the saint
and didn't anymore have time
so he just checked the image of the saint.
he saw that it had wings
so probably an angel
and he talked accordingly.

when he went to check later
he found out that none of the things he said
matched the story of the saint's life.

why did this happen?

he realized it's because he had the wrong priority.

his priority that time
was to not let people know
that he does not know.

his priority should have been
to be honest.

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