thoughtful ; )

last friday, i attended a meeting at a batchmate's house.  those of us present have already taken our fill of the generous spread on the table and were just having small talk while waiting for the meeting to formally start.  after a while, i went:  'may darating pa ba?'

batchmate2:  'si <toot>.'

me:  'sino pa?'

batchmate2:  'siya na lang.'

me:  'may kasama siya?'

batchmate2:  'mag-isa lang.'

me:  'wala nang iba pang darating aside from <toot>?'

batchmate2:  'wala na.'

me (looking at the 2 pieces of chicken left on the plate):  'puwede akin na lang 'yung isa pang chicken?'

natawa si <batchmate2>...

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