the logic of sisters...

my car is coding tuesdays (here in the philippines, that means it has to be off the road from 7 am to 7 pm) so mondays i sleep over at my parents' place then ride with my brother to and from the office the following day.

this morning, my brother dropped me off at the office as usual. after office, i am surprised to see him walking, instead of driving, toward our building to pick me up. it turns out he forgot the keys inside the vehicle. no problem, we take a cab. he'll just come back for the vehicle later.

on our way, we fetch our neighbor (same office as mine) and then my sister (nearby office) who both regularly ride with him home.

in the cab, i was seated at the rear, behind the driver. i was looking out the window when i see an officemate in the jeepney in front. i break out in a wide smile and enthusiastically wave at her. now, what do you know... the guy beside her smiles and waves back at me.

i blurt out, "yikes! so embarrassing! the guy thought i was waving at him!"

my sister so coolly retorts, "oh, that's ok. he's cute anyway..."

talk about logic... :}

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