joining the bandwagon

i am all alone in the bedroom and i was laughing to my core.

earlier, i texted my two city guys i won't be able to text them for the meantime as i was going to take a shower and then going to hear mass.

upon arriving home, i share with them the priest's homily.  the response of one of them brought me unexpected laughter.  he said he couldn't share with me the homily in the mass he, too, attended earlier, even if it was good, because... it was in the local dialect.  he said he knew it was good because the churchgoers were smiling so he, too, smiled... even if he did not understand a word.  ooops... ha-ha-ha-ha...

the earth shook

i am not a text person.  i rarely send SMS, at least, on a personal level.  if you text me, i either call you or text you to call me.  if there's no info needed, i actually don't even bother to respond.  baaad : }

today, however, i was texting from morning till night.  my first time ever, ha-ha.

i have four pairs of personnel going to different parts of the country for some installations.  6:30 this morning (!), i receive a call from one of them requesting that an activity scheduled for monday be moved to today.  huh?!  it's a saturday, supposedly a non-working day.  well, they're bored to death where they are.  these are two city guys i just sent to the provinces.  now they don't know what to do with their weekend, ha-ha.

i try to check whether our office in the next province is open/can be opened today.  i get no response  : }

i tell my city guys to entertain themselves by surfing the web. they tell me there's no wi-fi.  i ask whether they want me to send them an internet card.  they say the phone line's in the hotel reception area.  i tell them to roam around.  they say there's really no place to go.  i tell them to go to the market and check out the people, the merchandise.  one of them goes and comes back with liver spread.  later, the other goes and comes back with movie DVDs.  they saw at least 3 movies today!  i am amused, ha-ha-ha.

throughout the day, i kept on exchanging text messages alternately with the two of them  ->  about anything and everything.  at one point, one of them thanked me for being the only one who bothers to reply to their messages.  he says it's their only link to the "real" world as where they are seems to be in another dimension altogether.  huh?!  i reply i actually don't like pressing on the cell phone's small keypad but i do because i feel guilty tiring them (on weekdays where they've worked late into the night) and now boring them, ha-ha-ha.

8:06 pm i receive a text from one of them telling me there was an earthquake in their area.  "Wahh.  Lumindol d2 ang lakas.  Hahaha."  my initial reaction was to ask whether they're kidding.  they're not.  i move to fearing for them and being concerned for their safety.  they assure me everything's okay.  having that settled, i end up thinking mother nature probably lent me a hand in easing their boredom by making the earth tremble where they are...

; )

Someone's watching

guess what, my mom brought home a cake.  it's a chocolate roll.  i normally would have taken a slice right away, except that i feel full and do not have an appetite for anything right now. (i'm not feeling quite well and have just taken glasses and glasses of pineapple juice.)

i have in mind, however, my goddaughter's comment that i eat cake nicely and am curious now about how i do it.  i'm thinking of checking it out in front of a mirror (ha-ha) but then if i do i might fall victim to the observation-changes-the-observed phenomenon.  oh, well.  just let it go.

something to keep in mind though:  just when you think no one is looking, it could turn out someone is.  actually, Someone, always is.  another favorite:

          There was a young man who said "God,
          I find it exceedingly odd,
          That the willow oak tree
          Continues to be,
          When there's no one about in the Quad."

          "Dear Sir, your astonishment's odd,
          For I'm always about in the Quad;
          And that's why the tree,
          Continues to be,"
          Signed "Yours faithfully, God."

good thing

i was at an aunt's birthday and, of course, there was cake.  so i was eating and eating and my cousin calls me over.  she then laughingly tells me that her daughter, my inaanak, just asked her, "mommy, bakit si ninang maganda kumain ng cake; ikaw, hindi?"

i go, "huh?!  bakit?  paano ba ako kumain ng cake?"

i didn't know my godchild was observing me!  suddenly, i got self-conscious getting the next slice through my mouth, ha-ha-ha

actually, i have some out-of-the-norm eating habits:

1.  from childhood up to now, i've been eating with a fork and teaspoon, not tablespoon

2.  i eat dessert first

3.  i like to use straw on my soup : }

4.  i like to drown my rice in soup

5.  i 'drink' peanuts.  yup, not at all the dainty way where you pick up a piece or two.  i get a pack and, head tilted, chin up, i pour a LOT through my mouth and chew and chew and chew

so many not-to-be-imitated ways and my godchild chanced upon a good one.  we both got lucky this time... : )

the reason

it is raining and i am reminded of one of my favorites:

   The rain, it raineth on the just
   And also on the unjust fella,
   But chiefly on the just, because
   The unjust steals the just's umbrella.

; )

not "only"

last night, we had a get-together for a high school classmate who was visiting from the netherlands.  so there were stories of all sorts and the topic veered toward marriage and husbands and wives.

a pretty, pretty classmate related that her husband sometimes introduces her as "my one and also."  ha-ha-ha... 'twas my first time to hear the phrase.  was i amused  ; D

fortune smiles, er, laughs

a cabinet secretary came to our office today.

before his arrival, the organizers handed employees a rose each, with the instructions that we are to give it to him and then kiss him afterward.

i blurted out, "aay, hindi ako nagpapa-kiss!"

no problem, stay out of his way.

so the secretary arrived and, in every floor, employees would shake his hand and then give him a kiss.

at the third floor, spacious as it was, many as we were, he passed my way, i shook his hand, and then, he moved his face toward mine, apparently expecting a kiss!

what could i do?  i gave him a peck!

when he left our floor, i got a ribbing from my officemates:  "huuu!  hindi raw nagpapa-kiss; 'yun pala siya 'yung ki-kiss..."

: }