luck lack

last year, an officemate told me he was scheduled to go out on a date.  on the day of the date, i texted him to wish him luck.  later he told me that it didn't push through...

this year, a supplier told me he was going out on a date after office.  nearing the hour, i texted him to wish him luck.  guess what, he, too, told me the date was not pushing through.

i related this to the office saying i don't want to wish anyone luck anymore when they have a scheduled date as the two previous times i did the dates did not push through.

now guess what.  whenever i talk about going out, they sheepishly wish me luck!  aaargggh!!!  so mean...

what's in a name?

we have several provincial deployments this week.  delays were encountered in the first site so by the time the one assigned to the task got to the second site, the office was already closed.  we've made prior arrangements, however, so the one in charge left numbers for our technical personnel to call once he arrives at the site.

i was on the phone with the technical personnel checking how he is and when he told me about the persons to be contacted, i said i'll just be the one to call.  he gave me a name and number and call i did.  it was a mobile number so when i called i right away went, 'john, good evening, this is cynthia...'

the one who answered said he was not john.  oh, ok.  i therefore asked to speak with john.

he went, 'john can't speak, ma'am.'

i was puzzled, 'you mean he can't come to the phone?'

the reply was, 'he cannot talk, ma'am.'

i asked, 'is he sick?'

'he suffered a stroke, ma'am'

'huh?!  just now?'

'last august, ma'am'

ooops, i was coordinating with the one in charge only a few hours back.  why would she assign to us someone who suffered a stroke in august yet?  hmmm...

i ended the call and resumed talking with our technical personnel on the other line.  i confirmed the number he gave me.  it was correct.  i told him john had suffered a stroke... in august yet.

he goes, 'ay, hindi pala john, ma'am... joe.'



i blogged just last week that i don't want to be absent so early in the new year and here i am today on sick leave from the office  : }

i just felt sooo tired this morning all i wanted was to stay in bed.  i wasn't able to rest this weekend as, in addition to mass, i attended, too, two parties and tackled over a month's laundry : }

it's not really the washing that gets me, it's the hanging part.  i simply soak my laundry in detergent overnight, drain, soak in plain water a few hours, drain again, soak again a couple of hours, and then... the tiring part  ->  hang.  i don't spin.  neither do i squeeze or dry.  i like to hang them dripping wet.

i normally would just skip other activities whenever i do laundry but the parties were for two of my closest friends.   my own party i skipped (yup, i was a no-show), but these two, i could not not attend.  super-effort if i must.

from the laundry hanging last saturday, i just rested a bit, took a shower and then went to pick up a cake.  now, i take hour-long showers.  my grandmother used to say i shampoo one by one every littlest strand of hair on my body, ha-ha-ha.  combine that with distance (i was coming from my place) and traffic and for the first time ever, i wasn't able to get to the bakeshop before closing!  they close at 7 pm, i got there 20 minutes late.  i texted them that i was running late and they oh so graciously allowed me to instead pick up the cake at the house beside the shop.  i am soooooo thankful.

sunday when i picked up the cake for the second party, this time, my best friend's (the saturday one was for my dear friend's daughter), i made sure i was there early.  they close at 5 pm sundays, i left the house 3 pm.  OA actually as this time i was coming from my parents' place which was way nearer than my origin last saturday.

anyway, this afternoon, i received a call from my best friend.  what do you know, she, too, was absent from the office  : }  she said she felt soo exhausted when she woke up this morning.  and why not?  she was out of town on official business thursday, came back late sunday morning, yet still had her party sunday evening.  i was telling a batchmate had it been me i wouldn't party anymore.

oh, well... at least, we were able to rest today.  i'll be expending energy on work and not on parties the rest of the week ; )

alcohol and i love yous

a few weeks back, i was with a guy (not just the two of us but with friends) who, from the time we arrived at the place, to the time he fell asleep on his seat (ha-ha-ha), kept on telling me how much he loved me.  i was a combination irritated and amused, telling him to stop it as he was just drunk.

i've been told that, in at least two separate occasions, in his sober state, when i was absent, he was talking instead about my boobs and my butt (let me emphasize here he has not seen me unclothed, ok). this initially led me into thinking that this guy does not really love me but is simply lusting after me, ugh!  on second thought, however, it occurred  to me that liquor is supposed to draw from one candor in reckless abandon so if in his drunken state he talks about love and not physical stuff then maybe, yup, it is love he feels and not just lust.

and then last night, my dear friend was walking me to my car and she, too, (yup, she!!!) started showering me with i love yous.  huh?!  ha-ha-ha... it was her daughter's birthday party and she seemed to have had one drink too many.  (btw, her i love yous were not of the romantic, lesbian kind but of the friendly, caring kind.)

i don't drink so i don't really know but now i'm thinking maybe it's not really about honesty and candor.  maybe liquor simply makes one feel loving or in love.  it's the feelings one has when the intoxication has worn off we should trust.

let's drink to that... cheers!

; )


i used to write poems when i was young  ->  the mushy, tacky poems of the heart written for and about the seeming loves of your life.

this morning in bed, something crossed my mind and i found myself unexpectedly blurting out someone's name.  this one's for you, guy:

yours is the name that's on my lips,
the face that's in my head.
you are the torment of my soul,
and the pain that's in my heart...


low to high to low

this morning i wasn't feeling quite well and felt like staying home but did not as

     1.  i didn't want to be on leave so early in the new year;

     2.  my big boss was out of town and won't be able to preside at our weekly meeting.  i was thinking the day wouldn't be as stressful therefore (ooops, just kidding, ha-ha).

on the contrary, however, i had a what?!-huh?!-ugh! workday, from the time i was still at home, through the time i was driving to the office, to past regular work hours.  much more than the usual issues cropped up : }

the day would have ended quite well had i gone home immediately after my last meeting, the outcome of which i was very, very pleased with.

but then i stayed at the office some more and ended on a low note as a consequence.  i needed some information and called, instead of the one i would normally ask, three other guys.  the one i was sure could provide me the information i needed was on leave because of family and i did not want to disturb him.  (actually, i do not normally disturb people past regular office hours.)  well, of the three guys, one did not pick up his phone; the other could not be reached; the third one was unable to give me the correct information  : }

next time, quit while you're ahead...


i was part of a dance presentation mid-december last year. sometime after the presentation, an officemate told me he had a video of the dance.

i said good, i'm going to check it out sometime. we'd see each other at the office and he'd mention it but we were both busy with other things so 2009 already and i haven't gotten around to seeing the video yet.

then this afternoon, he dropped by my office, flash disk in hand. i copied his clip finally. well, guess what, when i watched the video was i surprised to see that his shot was focused on me! as in, he wasn't really taking a video of the group, he was taking a video of me, complete with zoom to my face. aaaww, that is sweet. thanks, ok. highly appreciated. too bad he's not really a he-he. he's a she-he, ha-ha. nothing romantic therefore ; )

good guide

i overheard my sister-in-law chiding my nephew, "oi, littering. is that good for the body and soul?"

ooops... the question at first does not seem appropriate. but going deeper, yup, it's a good measure for the things we say and do. shades of WWJD (what would jesus do?).

good thing to live by... : )

not now

i received a totally unexpected call new year's eve.  someone from my past wanted to hear mass with me new year's day.  huh?!

two years ago, i heard mass alone first day of the year.  the church was so near; the mass only one hour.  yet he couldn't squeeze me into his schedule.

now two years later he wants to traverse so many cities just to hear mass with me?  ah-ah.  that is something i neither expect nor want at this point.  there is such a thing as too late...

season's greetings

i was sending out this new year's text message to contacts when my smart phone's load ran out:

u & ur fmly
a Blessed
& Happy New Year!

my sun line is still good (very, very good actually  ->  unlimited calls and texts sun-to-sun plus a couple hundred free text to other networks) but then i don't really want to disseminate said number too much.  i'd rather not mix my contacts for the two phones.

to those in my smart list who do not receive a new year greeting from me, kindly just check out the above.  i would have sent it to you had my load not run out : }

and while we're at it, i'm including here the christmas text message i sent out as well:

May love, peace, health,
happiness, safety, prosperity
n all d blesings f d Almighty
b yurs ds xmas n lways

merry christmas, happy new year!!!