i should have done this earlier

i have a $20 bill that's been lying around for years.  i'll forget about it, find it, forget about it again.

well, last week, while sorting my stuff, i stumbled upon it again, with an additional $6 to boot ($5 bill and $1 bill).  i don't even remember anymore why i have those dollars.

this morning, i decided to deposit the bills to my mom's dollar account.  at least it will earn interest in the bank.

no more 'losing' this time.  found, kept and harnessed...  : )

not once but twice

my dad wanted to talk to my cousin so i called him in the province then passed the phone to my dad.  was my dad surprised when they started talking.  it turns out he wanted to talk to my city cousin with the same name.  ooops...

a while later, i hear my dad telling my mom that he needs to go to the barangay office.  i tell him that's actually where i'm going and asked what he needs from there.

my dad went, 'you're going there???'

me:  'yes.  now.'

dad:  'what are you going to do there?'

me:  'i'm going to pick up something.'

dad:  'what barangay?'

me:  'our barangay.  near the plaza.'

dad:  'oh...  i need the barangay in the province.'


lightning struck twice...  ; p

it's complicated

whoa!  i just got hold of my phone to register for something when it suddenly rang.  the guy on the other end says he is about to go to my area (not my place/house, no guys allowed there) so he could see me.  ei, such short notice, huh!

good thing he did not spring a surprise and instead called before leaving.  i'm actually at the opposite end of the metro as ' am at my parents' place and not mine.

oh, that's better for him, nearer.

he asks me where i want to go.

i tell him i've been craving mojos and actually had that in mind shortly before he rang.

that's it?  ok.  he'll treat me to shakey's.

yey!  goody-good!  : D

talk about perfect timing and pieces falling into place...  : )

if only other things were like that as well...  :'(


i wanted to ask a friend how much he paid and how long it took for this particular service.

the original SMS i typed ended with, "Hw much urs?  Hw long?"

and then i suddenly went, uh-oh...  seemed, uhm, too personal, hehe

i modified a bit by sending instead, "Hw much urs?  Hw long w8?"

hmmm... not much of an improvement but somewhat better at least...  : }

midnight joke

text message at 12:03 a.m. from someone i was with less than an hour back:
"Dto n k bhay.  Kaw?"
->  '' am home now.  You?'

i was surprised at the question.  well, i was home but i replied,
"Haha... Labas p, d8...  ; p"
->  'Haha...  Out, date... ; p'

the guy's reply:
"Hndi na. Antok na. D n k mkbangon."
->  'No more.  Already sleepy.  I can't get up anymore.'


"Haha...  Antok ka na nga.  Sagot ko yun sa tanong mo 'Kaw?' e"
->  'Haha...  You really are sleepy.  That was my reply to your question, 'You?''

some jokes fall flat...  \m/

the judgment of the heart

i was out with someone when a snow-white-fair, smooth-skinned, pretty young lady in a mini-skirt and low neckline suddenly sat directly in my companion's line of sight.

i broke out into a sheepish grin and the guy asked why i was smiling.

i said he had a nice view.

the guy chuckled then turned shifty trying to avoid looking at the pretty young thing right in front of him, hahaha.

i told him he should enjoy the view.

the guy replied, "mas maganda ka pa diyan."  ->  you're prettier than her.

me:  "huh?!  mas maganda 'yan, 'no!"  ->  she is prettier!

the guy insisted i looked better.

i countered, "hindi ako bulag, ano ba!"  ->  i am not blind!  hello!

still, the guy went on to extol how i looked.


guys, you don't have to lie to me about these things.  i suppose, i hope, i am not ugly.  but i am realistic enough to know that i am far from gorgeous.  there are so many others out there definitely better-looking than me.  i can handle that.  i know when it comes to matters of the heart, it is not about who looks best.

i know it from experience.  i meet cute guys; i meet, uhm, not so, or even not at all, good-looking guys.  the cute ones don't always generate a spark.  sometimes the heart falls for ugly...  ♥♥

out of town

guy:  one of these days let's go out of town.

me:  ooops...  i don't go out of town with guys.

guy:  just somewhere near.

me:  no.

guy:  just one night.

me:  eh?!  i had in mind only a day trip and i was declining what more overnight!

= = = = =

guys, guys, guys...  win my heart first, ok...  and then all these things shall be added unto you...  ; p