funny face

whenever i bring the baby to the mirror she bursts into laughter...  i dunno whether it's her reflection or mine that makes her laugh...  ; )

search yourself

looking for my phone so i could charge it...  i've checked my shoulder bag...  i've checked my laptop bag...  i've checked my pouch...  i couldn't find the phone...

then it suddenly occurred to me, i'm talking to my best friend  ->  on the phone...  it's in my hand, right beside my ear...  uuhhhh!!!  : }

go for the real thing

aunt:  'which is better, krispy kreme or'

niece:  'well, has more flavors...  they have tea...  pizza...'

aunt:  'why would anyone want a pizza-flavored donut?  it's donut...  if you want pizza why don't you just buy pizza?'



got off the car...  my best friend took the baby...  my male friend took the bags...

me to friend:  'i'll just carry those bags...'

friend:  'i will...'

me:  'i don't have anything...'

friend:  'it's ok...'

me:  'let me carry the ladies' bags...  you take care of the baby bag...'

friend:  'i'll handle everything...'

me:  'but those are women's bags!'

friend:  'i'm confident about my sexuality...'

me:  'you're already sure you're gay?'

joke!!!  peace...  :*

change the sitters

singing to baby...

friend:  '♩ ♪ in a cavern, in a canyon,
excavating for a mine,
dwelt a miner forty-niner,
and his daughter, clementine.

oh my darling, oh my darling,
oh my darling, clementine,
you are lost and gone forever,
dreadful sorry, clementine.  ♫ ♬

you know how she died?'

me:  'how?'

friend:  'landslide...'

me:  'oh...

♩ ♪  in a cavern, in a canyon,
excavating for a mine  ♫ ♬

well, this is what i've been singing to baby...

♩ ♪  in another life
i would be your girl  ♫ ♬

LSS from max's last thursday...

you know the video of that song?  the guy died so

♩ ♪  in another life...  ♫ ♬

aw...  how come we're singing about dead people?'

friend:  'let's try something else...'

me:  'sing dancing queen...'

friend:  'dancing queen...  i'm a guy!'

me:  'that's what her dad used to sing to the baby...'

friend:  'the song doesn't suit my voice...'

me:  'she's a baby...  she wouldn't notice...'

friend:  'how 'bout this?

♩ ♪  my grandfather's clock
was too large for the shelf
so it stood ninety years on the floor
it was taller by half than the old man himself
though it weighed not a pennyweight more.

it was bought on the morn
of the day that he was born
and was always his pleasure and pride
but it stopped short
never to go again
when the old man died  ♫ ♬

ooops...  dead again...'

: }

it's not me, it's you

phone call...

friend:  'how come the line's choppy?  where are you?'

me:  'at the house...'

friend:  'you're at the house?'

me:  'yes...  i'm still in bed...  you?'

friend:  'e. rod...'

me:  'you're driving?'

friend:  'yes...'

that's why!  \m/

the ides of march

i was changing calendars at the start of the month and the moment i saw march, 'the ides of march' immediately crossed my mind.

and so it was that through the days, the ides would every now and then fleet in my thoughts.  i dunno why.  nothing personally significant to me about it at all.

and then last monday, i was talking to someone over the phone and i mentioned march 15.  guess what, the guy remarked it's the ides of march.  whoa!  i've been talking to several people earlier and march 15 was part of the conversation but not a single one raised the ides.  for a second there, i had brain freeze.  then my heart smiled and i had this silly grin...  :")

one-and-a-half years ago, shortly after i met this guy, he sent me e-mail work hours ('i'm in the office; my trend of thought is a bit interrupted, but i just had to tell you...').  part of his message read:

'seldom do we meet someone who we can engage and converse with intelligently and funnily; ..., we connect pretty well...'

mind and body...  heart and soul...  if only we can have it all...  </3

what for?

checking out hello kitty merchandise...  saw a cute one still folded and wrapped...

me:  'miss, what's this?'

saleslady:  'house bag, ma'am...'

me:  'house bag?'

saleslady:  'yes, ma'am...'

me:  'what's a house bag?  may i see?'

the saleslady showed me...  'twas a bag shaped like a house...

me:  'oh...  i thought it's a bag you use inside the house...'

y'know...  gym bag, school bag...  house bag...  ; )

fall in line

at the supermarket...  row of cashiers have a queue except for one...  i walked over and was second in line...

when it was my turn, the cashier went:  'elite card, ma'am...'

ooops...  i backed out...  ' am just hoi polloi...  ; p

go ask

' bought something at the supermarket.  no occasion but i thought it would be nice if i had the item wrapped instead of handing it as is.

i know my purchase did not meet the minimum price required for free gift wrapping but still i went to the counter and asked whether they could wrap it for free.

the girl asked her supervisor and it was a 'yes.'

sometimes all you have to do is ask...  : )

quando, quando, quando

talking restaurants over dinner...  mom ribs dad:

he likes to say, 'next time, we'll eat there...'

then we pass by the place and he goes, 'no one's eating maybe it's not good...'

we pass again another time and he says, 'there's too many people...  too crowded...'

; p

second childhood

friend tells me his free gerber sample pack has arrived.  i remember when i requested him to play this online game so he could get a sample pack, he asked, 'can i taste it?'


men will be boys...  ; p

give it a try

giving my mom peanuts...

mom:  'i don't like...  thanks...'

me:  'just try one piece...'

she gets one...

after finishing it, she gets another...

she reaches for a third and goes:  'that's good...  what is it?'

me:  'pinattsu...  garlic & salt...'

; )

i'd rather

baby awakened by a plane...  what i did was put my face very near hers...  she looked at me  ->  and immediately went back to sleep...

nyahaha...  dream better than reality?  toinks!!!  ; )

the thoughts materialized

at different times of day yesterday, four things i haven't seen in quite a while entered my mind:

1.  my camera's spare battery protector
2.  my thin belt
3.  my yellow plastic filing envelope
4.  my beige miscellaneous pouch

well, this morning i put my new registration documents in the car (i scanned them last night).  for some reason, i decided to open the trunk (something i rarely do).  i saw this black drawstring bag which used to be just in my backseat but apparently either my dad or my brother (they regularly check my car) transferred to the trunk.  i pulled it out from the organizer and guess what, my filing envelope and my pouch were there.  ei, goody good!!!  : D

i put the bag in the backseat and fixed this blanket which i use to cover the seat.  lo and behold...  my battery protector was there!  what more, i also saw this cute box where i keep my belt and yup, the belt was there...  : )

all four 'missing' yesterday...  not one, not two, not three but all four found now...  isn't that great?!!! : D

how many (wo)men...

along the lines of the 'how many men does it take...' jokes, let me ask, 'how many women does it take to count traffic?'

well, today i saw four. along Aurora Blvd., between World Citi and Hi-Top, there's this tent with four ladies in orange DPWH-NCR shirts seated / standing behind a DPWH - Traffic Count desk. hmmm... one to count, the second to double-check, the third to secure them and the fourth is their manager. wahehe... JOKE!!!  ; )

peace, sisters... smile... : )

online and off-

logging in to do online banking.  i entered a wrong password on my firs attempt.  i tried again and i'm not sure whether i typed the correct password the second time.  anyhow, a pop-up appeared saying my account has been suspended and i should contact the bank.  huh?!  uh-oh...

my password was eventually reset and i was able to log in.

i was telling the customer service assistant i thought you had to make three unsuccessful attempts before your account gets suspended.  he had some logical explanation on what probably happened.  hmmm...

that got me to thinking:

we shouldn't bank on second chances.