an end in sight

there is a logical progression to things.  some antecedents have to be completed before you proceed to the next step.  this morning therefore, was i surprised to learn that up to now, these certain endorsements that were supposed to have been among the first have not yet been given. to prevent a stall, jumps were instead made with the intention at least of going back again later.

normally, something like this would have irked and dismayed me.  guess what, i found myself just chuckling it off this time.  hmmm...  hmmm... hmmm... yup, things are so much different when you know you won't have to deal with certain situations for long...  : )

optional vs mandatory

i was discussing some technical stuff with a friend and then he veered toward something i was not really familiar with.  there he was trying to explain this and that and there i was merely hearing what seemed like random words and sounds.  yikes!  i told him i really do not quite know about those things  : }

hmmm...  good thing it simply falls under the nice-to-know category for me.  could you imagine if it were something i was supposed to be knowledgeable about and there i was unable to make sense of the terms and concepts he was talking about. uh-oh...  that would be really baaad...  : (

attributing their idea to me : }

i prepared a document last month which i was supposed to submit to someone.  but before i do that, i had to give a heads up first to a few other people.  ok.

talked to this and that and that.  done.  off to the penultimate recipient.

before i got to said person, i was told that the previous persons i talked to wanted to talk to me again.

oh, ok.

so i go there and they tell me that they've raised it with the person who was my next stop.

yey!  thanks...  : )

then they ask me about dates.

i told them what i had previously told them, even showing them the printout of the document i had earlier prepared.

then they ask why that date.

oh, take 2?  no prob.  i again told them what i had earlier told them:  this certain thing is supposed to start on this certain date and i'm just going to see it through and then i'm going to avail myself of certain internal credits and after that that's it.

oh, so that is your basis?


how about this other thing, aren't you going to utilize it?

will you allow me?


are you sure???

yes, that is yours.

hmmm...  will this other person allow me?

why not?  you've earned it.

wow, good then.  'twill be easier to do that than to collect.

so this time, we ended with them telling me to revise the doc, mentioning this particular term and specifying a different date.

ok.  so revise the doc i did then presented to them.

guess what, they were surprised the revised date was too far ahead telling me such couldn't be.

i said that is precisely the reason i did not choose that option before, reminding them they were actually the ones who brought it up.

the retort almost made me fall off my seat.  they said i was the one who brought it up, quoting my statement about utilization being easier than collection.

huh?!  i said that is something i said AFTER they raised the utilization option.

they told me they just followed my lead.

what???!!!  i showed them the earlier printout i was supposed to submit to the penultimate recipient.  the date i placed there would show that i was not going to go the route of utilization.

regardless.  they still maintain i was the one who brought it up.

ugh!  my original printout and my earlier verbal pronouncements would show otherwise.  i told them i'll just submit my original printout.

they agree emphasizing i better just collect.

ok, ok.  that was my original intent, duh!

too much

i was on the phone with someone and the guy was asking whether his eggs (the salted ones he gave, haha) were good.

i wasn't able to try them but my sister beside me did so i asked her.  she said they're good and kidded i could tell the guy he's welcome to give some more.

i was relaying the message but reached only up to the part where i was saying they're good.  the line was cut before i could get to the welcome to give again part.

haha...  it's a sign  ->  don't abuse his kindness, girl... ; )

better luck next time ; )

i need to haul some stuff from my place to my new place that wouldn't fit in my or my siblings' respective cars.  my sister therefore suggested that i borrow my dad's AUV.

now my dad is an ├╝ber-caring and -worrying dad.  i guess it hasn't really sunk in to him all this time that his kids are not kids anymore but adults way past the toddler stage.  you borrow his car, he worries and worries and worries, as much for the car (?), haha, as for the fact that it's not yours and you're not really used to driving it.

i told my sister, 'you ask him.'

sister:  you do.

me:  let it be you.

why me?  you.

it was a verbal tug of war and finally we both ended up asking my dad.

guess what?  after all the hewing and hawing, the car was not around.  my sister-in-law beat us to it, haha...

mystery guy

last week, i picked up a cake from my favorite bakeshop, estrel's.  well, someone from the shop told me, one time i had an order, another customer saw my name and told her to tell me "love ko pa siya"  ->  'i still love her.'

huh?! who's the guy???

she doesn't remember the name.

ugh!  i was curious!!!

since the guy said "pa" ('still'), i tried to figure out which of my exes (haha, not that many, ok) would go to estrel's.  this, this, that?  nah, i don't think they'd bother to come over.

i did introduce someone to estrel's...  nope, not an ex; future, i wish, haha... but then i don't think he needs to say something like that.

anyway, i couldn't come up with anyone so i just left it as is.

then this evening i saw that i have missed calls from the cake shop.  ei, i did not order a cake.  i called back but since 'twas already past closing time, no one was answering the phone.

hmmm...  what could those calls have been for?  maybe they now know the name of the guy?  goody-good!  i can't wait to call again tomorrow...  : D