' there's some pain in my ring finger...  it's a little black and blue...  : }

i slipped yesterday, while walking on a rain-soaked road.  i was so thankful i was wearing shorts and not a dress.  i was so thankful i was able to get up not feeling any pain except for this numbness on my ring finger.  i was so thankful i did not at all suffer any scratches.  i was so thankful it happened behind a parked car.  i even found myself chuckling at how someone who just slipped could have so many things to be thankful for, hehe.

what i find really striking, however, is how something that seems to be a really bad fall could leave someone so unhurt.  my karate lessons came to mind.  i think they were teaching us how to fall then i just have forgotten.

well, yup, not all falls should hurt...  you can actually come out unscathed...  hmmm...

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