dad and his mistahs scheduling a get-together at this restaurant...

me:  'why don't you go instead to <buffet1> or <buffet2>?  you'll have more food choices...'

dad:  'you know, we don't like standing up...  we prefer to have our food served at the table...'

oh...  old soldiers never die, they just prefer to sit down...  ; )

baby and babe ; )

on the phone this morning...

me:  'what time will you bathe the baby?'

housemate:  '8...'

me:  'ok...  i'll pick her up 9...'

housemate:  'up to you...'

me:  'she's taking a bath 8...  what time will she finish?  i'll pick her up after her bath...'

housemate:  'oh...  it only takes 10 minutes to bathe her...'

me:  'that quick?!'

housemate:  'yes...'

me:  'i take an hour in the shower...'

housemate:  'she's a baby...'

ooops...  hehe...  right...

timing's off

i return missed calls on my phone...

***  caller 1 ***

me:  'you called?'

friend:  'yes...'

<blah>, <blah>, <blah>...  <blah>, <blah>, <blah>...  <blah>, <blah>, <blah>...

me:  'how come the line's not clear?'

friend:  'i'm taking a bath...'

ooops...  bye...

***  caller 2 ***

me:  'where are you?'

friend:  '<usual place>...'

me:  'how come line's not clear?'

friend:  'i dunno...'

me:  'and i heard breathing...'

friend chuckles...

then i hear a female voice...

ooops...  ♩ ♪  i did it again ♫ ♬...  ; p

that's why

accompanying my mom's laundrywoman to the drugstore...  (her two-month-old grandson has an infection and needs medicine)...

me:  'let's just go to the mercury branch across labor hospital so 'twill be quick...'

laundrywoman:  'is there a mercury there?'

me:  'yes...'

laundrywoman:  'ok...'

nearing the store, i go, 'there's mercury...'

laundrywoman:  'oh...  i didn't know there's mercury there...'

me:  'there is...'

laundrywoman:  'this is new, right?'

me:  'not really...'

laundrywoman:  'no, this is new...'

me:  'that's been there for sometime... <sister> and i bought something there quite a while back...'

laundrywoman:  'how come i've never seen it?'

me:  'do you pass this way?'

laundrywoman:  'no...'

hehe...  ; )

where to wear

mom giving me an ornate set of jewelry...

me:  'i don't wear jewelry, mom...'

mom:  'these are nice...'

me:  'yup...  but it's not me...  i prefer plain gold, if ever...  no stones and colored gems...'

mom:  'the ring fits your finger...'

me:  'yeah...  but where will i wear that?'

mom:  'you can wear this to a party...'

me:  'let's throw a lavish party...'

; p

worth the breach

friend wants to make the baby (7 months old) taste some chocolate...

me:  'don't...  that's not good...'

friend:  'just a teenie-weenie bit...'

me:  'she's not yet allowed to have chocolates...'

friend:  'just a very small piece... the size of a grain of rice...'

me:  'no...'

friend:  'you just don't want to give her some...'

me:  'it's not that...  that choc is not good...  nothing special...  you're going to make her eat something she's not supposed to have yet, might as well give her something really delicious...'



uh-oh...  i requested a password reset and a customer service officer e-mailed me a password that normally wouldn't pass basic security checks...  for one, it's a company name associated with the provider...  two, it's only seven characters...  three, it's all letters...  : }

keep it simple

meeting someone on behalf of a friend...

me:  'i'm wearing denims...  then my top is, hmmm, what color is this?  some shade of green...  i don't really know what you call this...  anyway, the sleeves are like those in the gown of elvira, mistress of the dark, you know that?'

guy:  'no...'

me:  'hmmm...  the sleeves are like a bat, the one that flies...'

guy:  'how 'bout this, maybe 'twill be easier for you to recognize me...  i'm wearing white...  i'm with my wife and my son and my son is wearing blue...'

better...  ; )

says who?

phone call from <toot1>:  '<toot2> says let's get together, picture-picture...'

after that, phone call from <toot2>:  '<toot1> says let's get together, picture-picture...'


oh, well, i won't be surprised if it becomes 'cynthia wanted us to get-together...  picture-picture...'

; p

the whole summed with its parts

paying my phones in advance...

there was a different cashier, a reliever, at the counter and i told her i receive only two statements, one for this number, another for these other numbers.

she told me my statements have yet to be generated.

i said it's ok.  i've been paying without them for the longest time.

guess what, i got to pay more than double my usual bill!  i was asking the cashier what made the bill so high.  she said she cannot see the details since my statements are yet to be generated.  she said i can wait for them before paying anyway it's not due yet.

i said i'm already in the area so i'd rather pay already.  i asked her to double-check.  she said that's really the amount.  hmmm...  ok...

well, it turns out she billed me double for certain numbers.  first she billed me the total.  then she billed me again for components of the total.

advance double payment...  maybe i should wait for my statements next time...  or the usual cashier...  ; p

ask yourself

my dad saw a pic posted by someone on facebook and wanted me to include it in the photobook i'm making.

i told my mom it looks like i was the one who took that pic.  anyway, too long ago, i couldn't really be sure.

i downloaded the pic and it was low-res.  uh-oh...

i checked my files for a similar pic and guess what, i have the original pic!  it was my shot after all...  to think i had intended to ask the 'owner's' permission before publishing said pic...  : }

it's all in the past now

me:  'you went out earlier?'

mom:  'yes...'

me:  'where'd you go?'

mom:  'we watched a movie...'
me:  'what movie?'

mom:  'les misérables...'

me:  'was it good?'

mom:  'yes...'

me:  'which is better, the play or the movie?'

mom:  'it's a musical...'

me:  'yup, it's a musical...  but which one did you like better, the play or the movie?'

mom:  'i've forgotten the play...'

me:  'we watched it together...  of the so many plays we've seen it's one of my favorites...'

mom:  'i know we watched it...  but i don't remember it anymore...  when was that?'

hehe...  apparently, too long ago...  ; )

why i was late ; )

family gathering at 6:00 p.m. ...  theme was Sunday Dress on a Saturday (yup, our family often has themes for our get-togethers)...  i planned to be there 6:30...  the thing is, my sister had so many things to say about the dress i was going to wear...  office dress...  not for party...  too formal...  <blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah>...

huh?!  i wasn't asking anyone's opinion!  oh, well...  choose your battles...  i ended up wearing this casual floral dress...

so i was already about to leave...  ta-daaan, my parents arrived!  oh...  of course, i decided to wait for my mom so we could go together...

well, she still had to pack foodstuff she wanted to bring to the party...  she still had to freshen up...  she still had to change...  7:40 p.m. and we were still at the house...  : }

next time just get your outfit and run...  ; )

the audacity of knowledge

on the phone with someone i've seen only a handful of times in my life and have been trying, with all my mind, against my heart (ugh!), to avoid.

i was telling the guy, unlike my sister's, my face is not smooth as i have this tiny pockmarks from high school pimples.

the guy goes, 'i didn't see because i wasn't able to get close to you.  and if i did, i still wouldn't see because i'd be too close...'

huh?!  cocky!!!  \m/

you wish it were what?!

waaahhh!!!  i asked and Photobook tech support said if i reinstall Photobook Designer, the Page Styles templates i created will remain intact.  i was asked to first remove the PBPH folder under AppData/Roaming/Photobook Designer for proper reinstallation.  guess what, i deleted the folder, reinstalled the software and, ta-daaannn, my templates are gone!!!

i've backed up the PBPH folder.  the thing is i'm not sure what will happen if i rename the new one and restore the backup.

office hours have ended.  i can call again monday yet.  uuuhhh!!!  suspense!!!

i never thought i'd long for weekdays...  : }