make good

my mom had lab exams wednesday morning and was told the different results will be available at different times that same afternoon.

instead of waiting or coming back later, i told my mom i'd just return for the results the next day.

turns out i'll be running some other errand at the hospital today, friday, so instead of going yesterday, i just went this afternoon.

guess what, when i was claiming the lab results i was told i'd still have to wait awhile as they haven't been signed.

me:  'oh?  my mom was told they'd be ready last wednesday yet.  it's friday and it's still not available?  good thing i didn't go yesterday.'

my sister had a very similar experience also today.  she brought something for repair to the seamstress and it was supposed to be ready for pick up last wednesday.  she went there this evening and, well, it still is not yet finished.

isn't it supposed to be 'under promise and over deliver' not the other way around?  : }

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