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so i again had an argument with the neighbor about their garbage which for years now i've been cleaning.  they dump it in public areas, even right under a big all-caps sign that says, "PLS. DO NOT THROW YOUR GARBAGE HERE."  then it gets scattered near and within our place and i have to clean it up.

the neighbor's excuse before was that her maid is young.  well, it's been going on for years, through different maids, regardless of age.  the maids actually say it's upon her instructions.  i myself have heard her.  in one instance, she gave the instructions at least three times within a span of not even ten minutes!

they're not content with public places.  they also throw trash within our property.  she says my dad has told her they can throw their garbage there.

me:  'so does that mean you're not going to get your own garbage bin anymore?  did he tell you it's okay for your trash to be in the gutter?'

neighbor:  'we don't throw tons of garbage...  i've seen <the other neighbor> before, she threw tissue in your [garbage] sack...'

me:  'is your garbage, too, mere tissue?'

she tells me to stop minding their trash.

me:  'but it ends up in the gutter...  i'm the one who cleans it!'

she says the leaves from our trees also end up in their area.

me:  'that's scattered by nature!  yours are thrown by humans!'

(they, too, had a tree before that was shedding leaves profusely.  i was sweeping the fallen leaves.  i NEVER complained.  it's litter caused by people that irks me.)

she blames someone else for the plastic cups to which i called their attention recently.
(actually this neighbor has a finger-pointing mentality.
it's her maids.
it's the boys.
it's her daughter.
it's her husband.
it's her brother's family.
it's her uncles.  the uncles don't even live in the area.)

then she tells me i was calling and i was banging their gate and i was saying i'm going to post in facebook.

aha!  so she was there that time!  why didn't she respond at all?

the facts:
1.  they had litter that was again moving toward our place and i again would have to clean it.
2.  i saw her maid go in.
3.  i called the maid from the gate.
4.  the maid did not go out.
5.  one of the boys playing basketball rushed inside their house making noise with their gate.
6  i then called her.
7.  she did not respond.
8.  i said if no one comes out i'm just going to post in facebook.
9.  no one came out.
10.  i uploaded pics in facebook.  (i have photos of their antics, through the years (!), currently with restricted access.  at the right time i will make the pics visible to more people.)

anyway, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah.

later, she apparently tells my mom.

(this neighbor does undesirable things then frantically tries to paint a good/aggrieved picture of herself.  i know.  during the time when my patience has not yet run out, she used to request me to edit letters she wrote trying to wiggle out of the mess she gets herself into.

one time i asked her, 'how come this sentence is here?'

her reply:  'para kunyari [blah-blah-blah].'
->  to make it appear that [this-and-that].


i struck it out.

i told her to make sure she does not put lies in writing.  she hasn't learned.  one of the last messages she sent me was full of statements that are not consistent with facts.)

my mom asks me:  'why did you tell <the neighbor> to move to the squatter['s area]?'

me:  'because she told me if i don't like garbage i should move to corinthian [a posh village]...  did she tell you that?'

mom:  'no.'

me:  'why is her story incomplete???'

anyway, i would like to apologize to those living in squatters' areas.  i did realize right away and so did tell the neighbor the squatters probably have better sense than them.

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  1. Somewhat similar story with my next door neighbor. My patience ran out after several years (literaly), called him out, sent him banging across his gate with a front kick. Meekest lamb he is now :)