a former officemate has written a book about his hometown, Pateros.  he's now writing another book about the neighboring city Taguig.

me:  'wow, Taguig!  i lived there even before market!market!, serendra and venice piazza were built...  do let me know once you finish the book...  then could you please write about Laguna, too?  that's my province...'

he says yes.



me:  'wait!  i'm not gonna fund it, ok?'

he agrees, hehe...  :"D

after our get-together, our companion told me:  'you should be the one to write the Laguna book...  you're from there...'

me:  'Laguna?!  that's too big!  maybe Pakil...  but then i don't really know much about Pakil...'

friend:  'you write Pakil; i'll write Kalibo.'

me:  'oh?  for real?  okay, if you write [a book about] Kalibo, i'll write [a book about] Pakil...'

or no deal?

we'll see...
or won't.


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