coming around

i've been sleeping late lately, uhm, early mornings actually, because of Dota...
nope, i don't play, never did...  i've just been binge-watching vids i don't even understand on youtube...  :O

it started when i chanced upon this spicy noodle challenge video...
(for years now i've been wanting to do the samyang fire noodle challenge but none of my friends are willing to take it with me : ( )
the demeanor of the girl through it all impressed me...  she was so sweet and quiet, stark contrast to the guy with her...
i love spicy food but if this really were spicy on a different level, i was thinking i myself would most likely be so noisy and hyper trying to finish the bowl...

then later i find out that the couple in the video were wil dasovich and alodia gosiengfiao...
wil was Influencer of the Year at the Influence Asia 2017 social media awards
and Vlogger of the Year at the 2018 Shorty Awards...
alodia is a cosplayer with more than 6 million followers on facebook...

so i was moving from video to video...
from wil, i got to alodia;
from alodia, i got to cer.mike;
from cer.mike, i got to shoutcasting;
from shoutcasting, i got to the The International 6 (TI6) Dota 2 Championships match
where the philippine team TnC scored a major upset over the european team OG,
the underdogs eliminating the odds favorites in day two of the six-day Main Event!

TnC subsequently lost to Digital Chaos (DC)
which ultimately placed second to TI6 champions, Wings Gaming.

the prize pool for TI6?
->  this was in 2016 and it was one of the biggest prize pools in eSports history at the time.

the champions Wings Gaming brought home $9,139,002.
second place DC, $3,427,126.
sevent place TnC, $519,262.
ninth place OG, $311,557.

i never thought Dota had such prize money!

to think i used to scold a friend (i've given up) for playing till the wee hours of the morning even during workdays.  he's not there for the money and i don't think he's competition caliber (wahaha, sorry!) but i could see how something like that could consume you.

i've checked the heroes and the abilities and the talents and the items and whoa!  information overload!
you're good at that, you are good!

i don't think i'll ever play the game but i must say i am now impressed, not just at the memory but at the strategy and teamwork of these gamers.
i get excited just listening to the shoutcast, what more if you're actually the one playing.

now i understand why
"Girlfriend is life but Dota is lifer."

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  1. My daughter gave us this challenge. Not knowing exactly how it works (I thought it was purely a race) I slurped my bowl as if it was nothing . My kids were so disappointed with their dad's stoic face