the ring on my finger

thrice this month i've been asked, "how come you're still wearing your wedding ring?"

the latest was just last night at our high school reunion by no less than pido jarencio, my high school batchmate  ->  ha-ha... a little name-dropping there... hi, pido : )

anyway, thrice, too, i had to explain that the ring on my finger is actually not my wedding band but a tricolor i-love-you ring given me by my mom years back when i was still single.

i don't know but the question and my reply has made me realize that no matter what rings i may start or, contrary to my hopes and expectations, stop wearing, my mom's i-love-you ring will always be one ring i could go back to anytime and won't ever have to refrain from wearing.  such a comforting and heartwarming thought...

i love you, mom... thank you for the ring... thank you for your love... thank you for everything... : )

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