i do it for you

at my dad's favorite restaurant...

me:  'i'm sooo happy!  i've been checking in here with the [venue] name not quite right, now it is already correct...  you know who helped me change it?  a czech superuser...  yup, czechoslovakia!  he's SU8; i'm just SU3...  so what i could not effect with my powers, he was able to...  i've been cringing everytime i check in; finally, i'm grinning...  on my 24th check-in!'

sister 1:  'how did you know it's 24?  you counted?!'

me:  'no...  Swarm tells me...  or i can check in Foursquare...  here [i show them the venue stats]...'

sister 2:  'i'm only 11?  i've been here more than that!'

me:  'yeah...  but you don't check in so you don't have it in your lifelog...  those 11 of yours?  we were together so i checked you in...'

it pays to hang out with a Swarm fan...  :")

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