Metro Manila Shake Drill (#MMShakeDrill) 1 p.m. today. earthquake preparedness. #DuckCoverHold.

i received notification SMS from NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) and MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority).

my sister tells me she received SMS just from NTC.

me: 'you don't have MMDA?'

sister: 'none...'

me: 'are you sure?'

sister: 'yes.'

me: 'why don't you have MMDA? isn't that a cell broadcast message? aren't they supposed to send it to everyone [in metro manila]?'

sister: 'MMDA?'

me: 'yes...'

sister: 'maybe only to those driving...'

me: 'that's disaster preparedness...  it"s not just for those who drive... plus how do they know whether you're driving or not?'

sister: 'maybe if they've caught you for a traffic violation...'

nyahaha.... ouch! ;"p

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