i was running a fever last night.  on top of that, i had a runny nose :}

i would have skipped the office today except that we had a dance presentation in the afternoon.  my morning meeting i could have made someone else attend; the dance, however, would really have to be me.

in spite of not feeling well therefore, i still showed up at the office.  i attended my morning meeting, partook of a birthday lunch after, then participated in the dance in the afternoon.  the meeting was in another building within our office compound, the lunch and the dance in still another building also within the compound.

by the time i got back to my office, i was just so pooped.  i told my officemate i was just going to rest awhile.

i sat on my chair and rested my head on my desk.  my phone rings.  it's the manager of some project asking whether they could go to my office to discuss some things.  oh... ok.  so we met and discussed and adjourned.

i told my officemate i really wanted to lie down.  i formed three chairs into a makeshift bed and told her i was just going to lie down awhile as i felt like i was about to collapse already.

i haven't been there 5 minutes when someone comes in telling me that a korean was looking for me.  i thought it was one of our inter-agency project consultants.  ' turns out it was the malaysian from one of our other projects.  (yesterday my officemate told me that a taiwanese was looking for me.  i didn't know any taiwanese we have dealings with so i was wondering whether it was the taiwanese my best friend met while stranded in bangkok. but why on earth would he be at my office?  when i came out, it turned out to be the same malaysian.  he's so fair and chinky-eyed, malaysia's not really the first thing that comes to mind when you see him.)  anyway, we discuss some things and then he leaves.

soon after, i had to take the call of the head of one of our data centers.  much as i wanted to, i couldn't go back to my 'bed' after we hung up as some other officemate has dropped by and i didn't want him to see me lying down.

i was so happy when he left and i rushed to my 'bed' right away.  i haven't been there awhile when my phone again rings.  ugh!!!  it is again the malaysian.  we talk and after the call, i tell my officemate, 'i don't want to lie down anymore!!!'

she amusedly tells me, 'yup.  something always crops up when you do.'

i therefore spent the rest of the workday on my toes, eagerly looking forward to going home.

then my brother calls, he wouldn't be able to pick up my sister.  i would have to be the one to do it.

i tell my officemate i was going to pick up my sister at 5:30.  she reminds me, 'but you're coding today!'

ooops...  i forgot!  my car's not supposed to be on the road until 7 pm.  aaarrgh!!!  i couldn't wait that long!  i was going to drop dead already.

i told my officemate if i get apprehended i'll just ask the officer to touch my neck so he would feel my fever.  i suppose he'll let me off the hook that way.

my officemate tells me, 'what if he asks you instead how come you're driving when you're not feeling well?'

waaaahhh!!!  times like this i couldn't help but long for someone special in my life.  someone i could call and say, "sweetheart, i'm not feeling well.  kindly pick me up please..."

i wonder when he'll come.  i hope it will be soon...

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