bad to worse

sometimes when you get hurt,
you do certain things to sort of get even...
sometimes when you get even,
you end up getting hurt even more...

not for sharing

guy to me:  "will it be in the blog?"

huh?!  i was taken aback by the question.  this is supposed to be serious, really serious stuff, and that's what he asks?!

anyway, i mumbled:  "in general terms...  or maybe not..."

i've said this so many times before, the sweetest things, the most special ones, they're not on the wall, they're not in the blog, they're in the heart.

keeping the peace

i was okay...  as in, really ok  ->  fine, happy and everything and then i receive a call from a number i know and the caller does not speak and suddenly i get queasy all over...  much as i would like to, i could not help fretting about it...  : (

i don't like this...  seriously thinking of changing my numbers again...


classmate to me:  "how's <toot>?"

me:  "huh?!  why are you asking me?"

guy laughs:  "i'm just asking how he is..."

me:  "i dunno...  ask them..."

guy asks someone else then turns to me:  "see...  she did not react...  how come you had such reaction?"

ooops...  uhm...  ah...  whatever...  : }

my knight not quite in shining armor

' did something really stupid...  well, someone so unexpectedly is coming to my rescue...  ' am definitely thankful...  not sure i'm happy though...  mixed emotions...

nothing special

saying goodbye on the phone, guy goes, "take care...  love you..."

suddenly, there was a smirk on my face...  such words from him used to make me feel so happy, so special and so, uhm, in-love before...  this time, however, it was just, "yeah, right.  and after we hang up you're gonna say the same thing to someone else."

peddle your ware somewhere else, guy.  i'm not buying this time.

goodbye vs. good night

someone with an unusual username adding me in YM...  first syllable same as the first syllable of the name of someone i've been trying to stay away from ...  first two syllables like a combination of our names...  dunno whether i'm just reading something that is not really there...

i normally so quickly decline add requests from strangers...  this one though i am sooo tempted to accept...  ugh!  i know i should resist said temptation...  otherwise, if that were him, i'd again be back to square one...

leaving yesterday behind

been turning down something without really knowing what was being offered...  well, this morning the guy calls and asks again.  (i had just minutes back declined in a text message.)  i ask why me.  i ask what it is.  he tells me.  ooops...  i'm flattered but then all the more that the answer is no.

some things in your past you don't really want in your present.

pinoy henyo

on the phone...

me:  'what's that noise?'

friend:  'guess...  pinoy henyo...'

me:  'i don't play pinoy henyo...  just tell me...'

friend:  'just try...'

me:  'i don't want...'

friend:  'i won't tell you...'

me:  'ugh!  ok...  hmmm...  girl?  jumping up and down?'  ; p
(this friend and i have a long-running joke about some girl sitting on his lap.)

friend chuckles:  'no!'

me:  'person?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'thing?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'is it big?'

friend:  'define big...'

me:  'arm-length?'

friend:  'could be...'

me:  'wide?'

friend:  'how wide?'

me:  'as wide as a body?'

friend:  'a regular body, yes.'

me:  'is it square?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'round?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'moving up and down?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'sideways?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'grandfather clock?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'round, as long as my arm, as wide as my body, moving sideways, makes a sound and it's not a grandfather clock?!'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'is it on the ground?'

friend:  'what do you mean on the ground?'

me:  'on the floor as against attached to the ceiling...  is it on the floor?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'electric fan?'

friend:  'yes!'

me:  'yey!!!'

friend:  'but you didn't beat my time...  i guessed mine in 29 seconds...'

me:  'oh, yeah?  what's the word?'

friend:  'guess...'

me:  'again?!  just tell me...'

friend:  'no...  you guess...'

me:  'ugh!  ok...  ok...  is it a person?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'a thing?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'place?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'not a person, place or thing?  is it a song?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'a book?'  (haha...  my lapse...  a book is a thing...)

friend:  'no.'

me:  'a show?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'not a person, place or thing...  not a song, not a book, not a show...  what is that???'

friend:  'oh, the categories that you have...'

me:  'hmmm...  what else?  an animal?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'is it big?  as long as my arm?'

friend:  'bigger.'

me:  'does it have a trunk?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'does it have a long neck?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'bigger than my arm...  no long neck, no trunk...  hmmm...  whale?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'is it on the water?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'on air?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'eagle?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'bigger than my arm, on air, not an eagle...  is it a seagull?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'an owl?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'huh?!  does it fly higher than an eagle?'

then i break into song:

'♩ ♪  i can fly higher than an eagle... ♫ ♬'

friend chuckles (winces? ; p):  'no.'

me:  'lower?'

friend:  'no.'

me:  'not higher, not lower...  so it flies just as high as an eagle?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'but it's not an eagle?!'

friend:  'no...  not eagle.'

me:  'but it's a bird?'

friend:  'yes.'

me:  'hmmm...  what other bird is that?!'

friend:  'give up... you're beyond two minutes...  it's agila.'

me:  'agila is eagle, duh!  so i was right!'

friend:  'no...  you have to guess the exact word.'

me:  'really?!  sorry, i didn't know...  so next time i should ask whether it's english or tagalog...'

friend:  'yes...'

hmmm...  not sure i'm looking forward to a next time...  : }

stop it

landline call from a number not in my address book...  i took it but the line was cut...  i was thinking it could be my sick friend calling from the hospital so i rang back...  guess what, it's from a certain school...  misdialed?  or someone trying to check me out?  if the latter, leave me alone, will you?

long life

phone call from a friend...

me:  "why is your voice like that?"

friend:  "i'm sick..."

me:  "oh!  where are you?"

friend:  "at the hospital..."

me:  "huh?!  that bad?!"

friend:  "no...  just for check up..."

me:  "are you ok there?"

friend:  "yes... i'm ok... everyone dies anyway..."

huh?! waaahhh!!!

oooops, wait... you have a long life ahead of you guy... bad grass lives long...  ; p

the other way around

waaahhh!!!  i had notification that someone wanted to be friends with me on wayn...  we had a mutual friend, so i accepted...

then i suppose i unintentionally clicked on something (i haven't really been in wayn in a long while) and what i thought was another friend request came up so i again accepted, or so i thought.  and then another one came up, i again 'accepted'...  and another one...  and another one...  and another one...

wait, how come there's so many?!  suddenly i realized in this case i'm the one inviting all these people (guys!) to be my wayn friends.  aarrrrggghhhh!!!  i'm not into that!  is there a way to take it back???  ' am sure the notifications have been sent out!  ugh!!!

knowing what you have

i was supposed to take a picture of this group when they requested me to join in.  i therefore checked around for something on which i could place my camera.

first a glass, but it was too low.  then a saucer on top of the glass, not high enough still.  i went, 'i guess i'll have to get my tripod...'  (it's just in my bag on a nearby table.  it's a mini-tripod, 15 cm. extendible to 20.)

then someone in the group told me to just use hers.  they handed it to me, it's similar to mine, and i pulled out the base to extend the legs.  i set the camera on timer and joined the shot.

guess what, my friend was telling me the owner was telling her she's had that tripod for so long and she didn't even know you could extend the legs.  ooops...

sometimes it takes someone else to bring out and make us realize the full potential of something we have but don't quite know.

we wish!

friend setting up something for valentine's day:  'wait...  don't you have a date with <toot> on valentine?'

huh?!  ahahaha...  no...  i don't think so...


a love to last a lifetime

heard on kristv...  sorry no attribution, i wasn't really watching so i dunno who she's quoting from among her interviewees:

'bakit ka papasok sa relationship kung hindi rin lang panghabangbuhay?'
->  'why go into a relationship if it's not going to be for life?'

precisely my stand and the reason i've been trying so hard to stay away from this someone i really like but can't have for keeps...

dying in the future

my mom was telling my dad that this certain someone just recently passed away...

mom:  'he died january 24...'

dad:  '24?  that's next week yet...'

mom:  'oh?  hmmm...  then maybe either last december 24 or january 4...'

that's more like it...

just dessert

i was talking serious stuff with a friend...  we could not quite agree on a certain course of action and i was so frustrated already my tears were about to fall...  with this, the guy went:  'you want leche flan?'  (my fave)

huh?!  what the...  my voice cracked and at the same time i burst into a half-amused chuckle...

guy:  'are you laughing or are you crying?'

me:  'both!  grrrr...  what on earth were you thinking?  not everything can be fixed by leche flan!!!'


a not quite clean cut

trying to clean up but there's only so much i can do...  i guess sometimes you really get to leave loose ends...  ' can't obsess with that...  i just hope it doesn't trip anyone over down the road...

the next best thing

hahaha...  my niece was borrowing a two-piece from me...  for their school presentation...  i thought she needed a real bikini...  turns out she's referring to the bikini shirts i have for my photobooth...  gives you a sexy bod, hehe...  ; )

btw, i asked permission from the artist, a professional digital artist from russia, to use it in my business and he authorized me...

i'm sooo happy and sooo thankful...  : )

welcome deviation

my policy's no call or text before 10 a.m. ...  now this guy's been texting me early two days in a row now (yesterday 'twas 9 a.m.; this morning 8:30)...  normally i get grumpy...  but this one's fine with me, welcome even...

i guess it depends on the rule-breaker...  depends on the reason for breaking the rules...  the timing, etc.  ...

yup, sometimes deviants are okay...

spoiling his moment

text exchange with someone who says he'll keep on pursuing me...

"Am really hoping 4 d impossible, cynthia"

"Impossible is nothing
- adidas

hehe  ; )"


text message:  "Am in a smwht diff zone, very oftn ka on my mind. . .cant get u off my mind. . ."

yeah, right...  and two minutes later you'll say the same thing to someone else...

IKR, duh!

= = = = =

GM = general message
IKR = i know, right


saturday night, my sister-in-law called to say i have a package... she says i wasn't around earlier so they received it for me...

i open it and it contained an hermes purse plus something very special from someone very special... ugh! suddenly my heart ached...  </3

i was perfectly ok...  fine and happy...  and then i receive this package and now bittersweet memories i'd rather leave behind keep on popping in my mind and tugging at my heart...  :"(

i'm back to square one...  but i don't expect to stay there long...  i've been recovering from heartbreaks surprisingly fast...  dunno...  i guess i'm a veteran by now...  not sure whether that's a good or bad thing...

an aesthetic pair

i have yellowish teeth...  i've long been wondering actually how come it's like that...  i brush regularly, oh, so vigorously...  i've never smoked...  i don't drink coffee, etc.

my dentist told me long ago the teeth that i have are the strong ones...  i think he's right...  i have a complete set of teeth which until about two years ago was all natural until a teenie-weenie piece broke and, ugh!, was replaced with a far from tiny porcelain filling (that is another story).

anyway, yesterday i think i've found the explanation.  another dentist was telling me my teeth are yellowish because i am so fair.  she said that's usually how it is.  when you're dark, you have white teeth.  when you're fair, you have yellowish teeth.  hmmm...  seems aesthetically sound...

maybe i should get a tan...  joke!  ; p

later but not late

i was going to pay my BIR business registration fee at the bank this afternoon.  guess what, the guard told me they're not giving out queue numbers anymore as it was already past their cut-off.  it was 1:30 p.m.  i asked what their cut-off time is.  he said 10:30 a.m.  huh?!  that early?!  uh-oh...  : }

he said i should just come back tomorrow.  he consoled me by saying deadline's january 31 yet anyway so i could still pay later.

i was disappointed.  anyway, ok.  i just proceeded to the city hall to pay my business permit for the year.  guess what, they had a table there where i could pay my BIR registration fee!  goody-good!  pay i did and i was sooo happy...  : )

yup, sometimes missions are accomplished not right there and then but at another place at a later time still producing the desired results.

the right guide

i was wrapping some gifts this evening.  ( yup, late christmas presents...  : O )  so this wrapper was too big for my gift so i cut it.  to my dismay, the portion i made came out a bit small...  : }

the wrapper had gridlines...  i had checked the line where i was going to cut...  i thought i was cutting along that line...  turns out i was using the wrong guide...  hmmm...  i must have been distracted in between...  took my eyes off the guide...

i was just thinking, we should double check our guide every once in a while...  we might already be following the wrong one  ->  and then we will come up short...


i ordered a couple of small mirrors over the phone yesterday.  the guy i was talking to quoted them to me at P30 each.  i was actually surprised.  i didn't expect the price to be that low.

anyway, this morning i went to the shop to pick up the items.  the store staff computed the price for me, using this standard price per inch list that they have, and came up with P45 each.  uh-oh.  i had with me only P60.  yup, exact!

i don't really bring cash.  the most that i have with me is P200; a lot of times lower ; sometimes none at all.  i've been like this for decades.  my mom is aghast...  : }

i usually have my credit and ATM cards with me though.

this one, however, the shop is only two blocks away from my place.  i just walked over with nothing but P60 in my pocket.

i asked the store staff how come the guy gave me a quote of only P30 yesterday.

she was surprised.  she went, 'that's the price our boss gave you?!'

i said yes.

she asked the boss.

the guy said he indeed quoted me the mirrors for P30 each.

with that, the staff told me, 'if that's the price our boss gave you then that's the amount i will collect from you.'

yey!  so i paid only P60 for something that normally would have cost P90...  : )

ei, i did not ask for a discount when i was talking to the boss.  i didn't even know he was the boss.  i simply inquired and that was his reply.

that's a 33% discount, guys.  what a way to start the year.  i am sooo happy...  : )))

password security

i was at the bank this morning and the Express Assist machine would not accept my account number.  i informed a bank employee and they said the machine has hanged.  they said they'll re-set it.


now imagine my surprise / horror when the two bank personnel who were resetting the machine not just once but thrice said the passwords for resetting the two machines aloud, as in, even informing the other from across the room.  whoa!

i was already at the counter depositing some money so i told the teller to tell her co-employees not to say passwords aloud, especially in the presence of so many non-bank personnel.

one of the passwords was so easy to remember.  i can still recall it up to now.  the other is not as easy but i still remember the first 3 letters.

there were around seven of us customers at the bank that time.  this is a big bank.  don't they orient their personnel about password security, etc.???  baaaddd...  : O

in his shirt, in his arms

friend:  'why are you wearing a guy's shirt new year?  that means he'll be embracing you the whole year...'

really???!!!  hmmm, i'd like <toot>'s shirt, please...  ; p

eye candy

me:  'from there let's go to my house...  but then there's no food there, ok...'

friend:  'it's ok...  i'll just eat your stuffed toys...'

huh?!  ahahaha...

uhm, there's plenty of 'food' in my place:  cakes and burgers and fries and fruits and drinks and ice cream and so forth...  they're not real though  ->  magnets and miniatures and stuffed toys...  feast, not for the stomach, but for the eyes...  ; p

the one

ushering in the new year hours back, my cousin asked me:  "how come you don't have polka (dots)?"

me:  "my shorts is full of hearts...  lots of love for 2012... ♥♥ "

not different loves, ok  ->  my one true love...  i hope he finds me this year...  :")